300 Internet Marketers

300 internet marketersThe movie “300” staring Gerard Butler was a tale of the epic battle of 300 Greeks who took a stand against 100,000+ invading Persians.   In the coming weeks a similar historic moment will occur when Brian G. Johnson launches his epic coaching program called “300 Internet Marketers“.  In this program the 300 marketers that choose to learn from Brian “Leonidas” Johnson will learn how to conquer the search engines and free themselves from their day jobs forever!

Okay, that was pretty dramatic, but honestly the more you hear about Brian G. Johnson’s new coaching program “300 Internet Marketers“, the more you understand how incredibly powerful this coaching program is going to be.

I called Brian the other day and realized just how excited he is about his upcoming launch. He even answered the phone “This is Leonidas, how can I help you!” HAHA!  I just busted out laughing.  Thats just the kind of person Brian is.  It’s going to be a fun coaching program!

What’s included with 300 Internet Marketers?

In his 5 month coaching class, Brian is going to be offering webinars, blueprints, case study’s, premium WordPress themes, access to underground forums, as well as some very expensive software and plugins that are all designed to maximize traffic to your websites and get you making money online.  Most of the software normally would cost hundreds of dollars but everything will be included as part of the program.

300 Internet Marketers is going to be designed to take you into the holiday shopping season with an arsenal of online experience and tools to ensure you are making a lot of money online this year.

Brian is truly an ethical guy who is committed to making sure as many people as possible get the opportunity to be shown how to start a business and be successful online.  Honestly I think he just may kill himself trying to provide this level of quality coaching for 300 people.  It is a feat in itself, but again thats the kind of guy Brian is. He really cares about the people to listen to him.

300 Internet Marketers will be making money online

When talking with Brian about 300 Internet Marketers, he gets you really excited about the program. Personally, I can’t wait. Knowing him like I do and the kind of success he has had year after year, everyone who participates is going get their money back on the course several times over. It will be an investment well worth spent.

I’ll be posting more details as the launch draws closer, plus I will be offering some really incredible bonuses for everyone who follows along. So check back often to learn more about 300 Internet Marketers!


  1. hi joe, i interested with this 300 internet marketer but the problem is, i dont have a website & dont know how to build one.can this ebook help me?

  2. Hi Ben,
    Brian’s course is way more than just an ebook. It is a full blown coaching course designed to show you how to get your website setup, how to get your website to show up in the search engines (like Google), and how to make money with the website. He shows you from beginning to end how to get a website setup all the way through to making money online.

    I’ve known Brian for a while and he is a very patient guy who teaches in a way that makes the content very understandable.

    No matter what you decide I highly recommend checking out some of Brian’s videos, he gives away a lot of great information for free.

    Good luck, and let me know if you need any help. I’m also happy to answer any questions.

    Take care

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