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bkggifBuilding back links is probably one of the most important things you can do when building a successful blog or website.  I’m always on the look out for new ways to build back links to my sites.  The best way to build back links really in my opinion is the old fashioned way. By emailing the webmaster of a site that you like (that is also similar to the site you would like to promote ) and ask nicely if they would like to trade links.  Now, I can hear the moans and groans about a reciprocal link, blah blah blah.. yeah I know.  A one way link IS the best kind of link you can get,  but when you’re just starting out building a new site, reciprocal links work just fine. And I know for a fact a good recip link with bring in some decent traffic.

The problem with this method is that it takes time and a lot of webmaster’s don’t want to give up their link juice to a new website or to someone they don’t know. Now there are pay services such as Jon Leger’s 1 Way Links or 3 Way Links that I’ve talked about here on my blog.   I like both of these and they do work well.  But they cost money and a new site rarely has any money.  So what if I told you I found a site that will do 3 way links for FREE?!?  Yup for Free.  I’d say Hell Ya !

Daniel McGonagle has a great site/service called Automated Link Building that essentially can be compared to Jon Leger’s 3 Way Links.  It’s a set and forget system where you add a page to your site to host links and in return you get 250 decent back links to your site.   The best news is that Daniel right now is giving it away for FREE!!

Check it out if you can, you don’t have anything to loose and some back links to gain.

I just got an email from Danial today saying that he’s going to start charging for it soon (in the next 30 days)  so if you’re insterested in getting some free back links to your site. you should check it out.


  1. Hey Joe, thanks for posting this, I took me a lot longer than I thoight, but ALB is finally going paid now. If anyone gets to this post later on, ALB will be $3.00/month forever for those that sign up before January.

    In January it will go up to $7.00/month.

    Joe have you seen any results you’re willing to share from using ALB?



  2. Just a quick follow-up. I recently found Dan’s review site and his Automatic Link Building site. Not only is it now a paid service, the price has increased again! …

    But it’s still only $7 and a very real bargain

  3. Thanks Jim,
    Thats good to know. Dan is a good guy and I wouldn’t have expected the price to be much. Its well worth it!


  4. Joe,

    I have several (6) related niche sites using wordpress and phpbay. I have a blogroll named “related sites” in which I list them on, linking each site together. I also use link text between sites. I get alot of bouncing around between sites with this because the niches are so related. Is it illegal in Google’s eyes to do this?

  5. Hi Rob,
    No its not against any of Google’s terms of service for either Adwords or Adsense if thats what you mean. For just Search Engine Rankings its not “illegal” and there are no terms of service so to speak. You just just need to worry about the SEO of your sites. And what I mean by that is how “optimized” for the keywords and phrases your are trying to rank for are your sites.

    Things like reciprocal links don’t provide you much SEO benefit especially when you link to all your sites together and if they are all hosted on the same ip address.

    What I would do is to possibly add some additional sites that are helpful to your readers within each niche. Google tends to favor having some outbound links when doing their SEO calculations.

    Let me know if you have any other questions about ranking, SEO, or link strategies and I would be happy to explain more.

    I’ve been thinking about writing an ebook on onpage SEO to help with questions like this. Let me know if something like this would be helpful to you and I’ll write it up!


  6. These are great informations about automated link building. Thanks a lot for sharing it up.

  7. Automated link building is not a brilliant conception in SEO as the search engine crawlers can detect the process and even blacklist a website integrating this process. Manual, time oriented link building techniques can really pay your website in the longer run, so try to avoid all the automated processes to get benefited for your SEO campaign.

  8. I signed up to Dans Automated Link Building service on 18 January as I had read so many good reviews about the service, and the price was certainly very good. But, so far, I have received no back links whatsoever. I have emailed them through their support page about this and have just been ignored.

    I don´t know what the problem is with this service at the moment but I am not very impressed.

    I´ve checked on the two sites I have registered with them and they both have out going links on them but it would appear that no one is linking back to my sites.

    It is very strange because I have contact with Phil regarding up loading the resources file and he was extremely helpful.

    So I am at a loss at to why there are no links to my site. 7$ a month is a very good price if it works, but it is very expensive if it doesn´t.

    Anyway that is my review of the service so far. I will leave it longer because I really want this to work. We will see!

  9. Thanks Nigel for the feedback.

    Honestly this post is pretty old. For me, I never saw any real improvement on my efforts with this service either and stopped using it. Siince then I’ve tried Jon Jeger’s One way Links, three way links, as well as link vines… which I never saw any real noticeable results. I’m comparing this to simple article marketing where I can submit articles to Ezine and a few other directories and see some fairly immediate improvement.

    Today, I am trying out two different linking strategies to see if they work… one is Backlink Ninja(linxboss). It was recommended by John Jonas from The links from this service are supposed to be many but with very weak authority.

    The other is SENuke, which isn’t a service but a piece of software that automates article marketing, spinning, bookmarking, social networks, etc. I actually think SENuke will be extremely useful… it automates a lot of what I do today already… it is pricey though. We’ll see how these go…. It’s been less than a week for both solutions so I have no real data to report.

    thanks for your comment!

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