Backup Your WordPress Blog to Dropbox

Are you backing up your WordPress blogs?!?! If not you really should be. It is fast, easy and free. Here’s a cool way to easily backup your WordPress blog to a Dropbox account for safe offsite (read: third party) storage for free.

Lots of people use Dropbox for backing up important files and documents, but did you know you can actually backup your WordPress blogs to Dropbox? You can with WP TimeMachine. WP TimeMachine is a WordPress plugin that will backup your WordPress files and database to a remote storage provider.

backup wordpressThat’s right! Remote storage of …

1. All of your data
2. All of your files (and uploads) — everything in your wp-content folder
3. Your .htaccess file
4. Plus it includes instructions for a quick recovery

Check this out. To get started you will need an account with Dropbox. If you don’t have one yet, you can get it here. Its free and comes with 2 gigs of storage.

Next you need to go out to the WordPress repository and download WP TimeMachine. It’s free too. Of course donations are appreciated. The easiest way to install this is directly from the plugins page in your WordPress dashboard.

backup wordpress

backup wordpress

Once you have WP TimeMachine installed you simply need to configure it with your Dropbox account information. Simple add your dropbox username, password and the name of the folder you want to store your backup.

backup wordpress

Once you’ve entered in your details simply click the “Generate wp TimeMachine archive” button. Wp Time Machines will begin to package your WordPress blog into a zip archive and upload the files to Dropbox.

backup wordpress

When the backup is finished and success WP TimeMachine will let you know.

backup wordpress

After everything is complete, if you back in to your Dropbox account you will see a new folder created with your newly uploaded archive of your blog files.

backup wordpress

WP TimeMachine is great for not only backing up to Dropbox, but it can also save your WordPress files to Amazon S3 or to any other server you may have via FTP.

So what are you waiting for? Protect yourself and your business and make sure your blogs are getting backed up. Get WP TimeMachine and a Dropbox account and stop worrying!


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