Brian G. Johnson – Questions and Answers at Practical Profits

One of the main reasons I attended Practical Profits in Orlando this year was to see and meet Brian G. Johnson. I have been following Brian ever since I first got into Internet Marketing and everything Brian has shown me has always made me money or helped my business in some way.

Brian is one of the most honest and ethical marketers I have had the pleasure to come to know.

During the Question and Answer portion of Brian’s presentation I was able to take some video to show you some of the great information Brian shared with us and how cool Practical Profits was.

Here is the Q and A with Brian Johnson!
This is raw video taken from the back of the conference- it’s a bit shaky (sorry)

In this Q and A session, Brian explained the best way to put video on the web and get the most exposure was to self host your video.

He strongly recommends that you self host your videos to get the best use out of Google universal search. He also recommends using Amazon S3 for self hosting your videos. Its very easy and super cheap. The trick is to upload your video to Amazon S3 and then also upload it to YouTube. Most people just upload it to YouTube but what this does is only give YouTube all of the traffic. With Brian’s method you drive traffic to your website as well as your YouTube channel and can potentially rank both at the top of Google.

Brian also suggests several plugins that will make things easier when putting your video’s on your website.

  • Host them with Amazon S3.
  • Use a WordPress plugin called Google Video Sitemap. This helps Google find and rank your video’s within the Google index.
  • Use S3 Flowshield to protect your videos (I use S3 media vault that does the same thing – but S3 Flowsheild is better).

There is also a Firefox plugin called S3Fox that can greatly help the upload and organize your files on Amazon S3.


  1. Great to meet you at Practical Profits, Joe!

    It was fun to hang out by the pool. :)

    Appreciate you posting the video in this post… it brings back tons of fond memories of Orlando!

    Ronnie “The PLR Guy”

  2. It was great to meet you Ronnie! Those Airius guys were some crazy folks. And I finally got to meet Nicole Dean too. She was awesome!

    I’m hoping to get out to Vegas in August and do it again!

    Talk to you soon.

  3. Shaquita Harary says:

    Thanks for the great reminder.I had a question, do you use any wordpress plugin to cloak your affiliate links to Amazon?

  4. I use phpBay which works great. It is a premium plugin and will cost you some money, but you will easily make bake your money.
    Check it out –

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