Easing the Hassles Of Managing Passwords

Managing passwords can be a chore.   Everyday it seems we have a new account or a new web site some where that we need to log in and have a user id and password to access some crucial information we need. In our day to day lives alone, keeping up with passwords is a hassles, but as Internet Marketers it is exponentially worse. Multiple Wordpress sites, cPanel, email, etc. The bigger your … [Read more...]

A Free Gift for You! Happy Holidays!

Today is Christmas Eve here in the U.S. It's a very exciting day in our home. Our kids are up early, cleaning their rooms, all without any arguments. They are truly on their best behavior today. It's not the norm trust me. Usually my wife and I get all kinds of grief when we make the kids do their chores. But I can tell they are both super excited for tomorrow to come. For me, I find … [Read more...]

Creating an Interview Series (my story)

A couple of months ago I decided to do something that was completely outside of my comfort zone.  I decided to put together a series of interviews with other internet marketers who have created their own products and are making a successful living working full time online. This idea isn't new, as a matter of fact I really wouldn't have even thought about doing something like this, if it wasn't … [Read more...]

Micro Niche Finder Strategies

Using Micro Niche Finder to Uncover Great Niches Yesterday I had the great pleasure of getting the affiliate spotlight for Micro Niche Finder.   MNF is a great product for helping you uncover great money making niches as well as understanding keyword competition for phrases you are trying to rank for. Today I wanted to quickly review why I love this product so much and some of the strategies I … [Read more...]

The Best Spinner Just Got Even Better (the Bestest?)

I really don't like article spinners.  They are all pretty much junk in my opinion.   Manually creating the code or syntax within most spinner software is a pain, it's confusing, and hurts my brain.  All are junk except for one.  The Best Spinner.   This is one of my favorite tools for writing content. It really does a fantastic job of creating unique articles out of pre-written content. But I … [Read more...]

The Best Spinner Review – Is it the BEST spinner? – Plus 1 More

I've been putting off writing this review to let some of the hype die down a bit.   If your email box is anything like mine, last week it was lit up with everyone talking about The Best Spinner from Jon Leger.  Today I want to tell you guys my experience with this article spinning/writing tool and if it's worth the annual $47/year recurring cost. Created 40 articles in under an hour! The first … [Read more...]

ReviewAZON Review – Do We Really Need Another Amazon Plugin?

I first heard about the ReviewAZON Wordpress plugin almost a year ago.  Mark Hansen from NicheStoreBuilder.com had reviewed it and raved about it.  My first thought was "Do We Really Need Another Amazon Plugin?"  I mean really?  We have phpZon, Amazon Autoposter (now part of WPRobot), and more recently Affiliate Mage.  All of which work great for pulling in Amazon product listings to your blog.  … [Read more...]

Review Commission Ritual – Brian Johnson

Hey guys and Happy New Year.  It's been a busy beginning of 2010 for me that's for sure... and long while since I've posted here on my blog.  I hope you're doing good in your businesses and things are looking up for you! In thie past several weeks I've been refocusing on affiliate marketing and looking at my webs ites to see what can be done to better target buying customers and improve … [Read more...]

Adept Mage Membership – WordPress Mage

Wordpress Mage is going live on Monday November 23rd 2009. Before I forget, click on the image to get your FREE copy of <--Wordpress Mage Blueprint. Learn how Greg Jacobs lays out his step by step formula to create a 5 figure a month passive income online. Get 7 video training modules where you look over Gregs shoulders as he builds profitable wordpress mage sites less than 7  … [Read more...]

WordPress Mage Review

Hey guys, I try not to get too excited about product launches. But from time to time a new product comes out that really grabs my attention and this is one of those times.  It's called Wordpress Mage and if you  have ever done any type of affiliate marketing you REALLY need to check this one out. Wordpress Mage, created by Greg Jacobs, is an amazing product!  I really hate to use hypey sounding … [Read more...]