Easing the Hassles Of Managing Passwords

Managing passwords can be a chore.   Everyday it seems we have a new account or a new web site some where that we need to log in and have a user id and password to access some crucial information we need. In our day to day lives alone, keeping up with passwords is a hassles, but as Internet Marketers it is exponentially worse. Multiple Wordpress sites, cPanel, email, etc. The bigger your … [Read more...]

A Free Gift for You! Happy Holidays!

Today is Christmas Eve here in the U.S. It's a very exciting day in our home. Our kids are up early, cleaning their rooms, all without any arguments. They are truly on their best behavior today. It's not the norm trust me. Usually my wife and I get all kinds of grief when we make the kids do their chores. But I can tell they are both super excited for tomorrow to come. For me, I find … [Read more...]

Free WordPress Christmas Themes

Hey everyone, Over the past few weeks I have been really busy working on some cool new info products targeting all types of niche markets.  Some of these niche sites target seasonal niches like  Christmas / Holiday niches. Well working on all of this cheery Christmas stuff got me to thinking. I wanted a way to give back to everyone who has visited my site over the past year and so I thought … [Read more...]

Using Trends to Build Money Making Websites

Have you ever wanted to build a niche website but you weren't sure which niche to target? A lot of people hit this wall and start wasting a lot time building niche blogs that either have too much competition or the niche is not hot enough to make any money. The Guru's out there will try to convince you that you need to buy their cool new "secret sauce" or spend a bunch money on their new … [Read more...]

No Photoshop? Don’t Worry Get Gimpy

This post is another in a series of posts I'm doing on free stuff! Every one loves free stuff and today I'm going to show you how to get some cool free image editing software. Everyone who has ever setup a website or done any kind of work on the Internet has, at one time or another, needed a good image editor to either create a cool graphic or edit a cool graphic.  Whether you simply need to … [Read more...]