Are Your BANS/ePN Affiliate Links Working?

I want to thank Mark Hansen At Niche Store Builder for alerting me to this issue. But it seems that eBay has changed up something on their end that is causing link cloaking in Build A Niche Store (BANS) web sites to fail. If you have any BANS sites up I encourage you to take a look and MAKE SURE YOUR AFFILIATE LINKS ARE WORKING! I found every single one of my sites that are running BANS to pull … [Read more...]

BANS-WP Christmas Theme

For most affiliates and internet marketers, the holiday season is definitly the most busiest time of year.  Most of us have our Halloween sites up and running by now and are hopefully making a bit of money.  Now with Halloween in full swing we begin to focus on the big kahuna of retail shopping seasons and thats Christmas! Many of my websites are WordPress-BANS sites where the content is … [Read more...]

Review: Build a Niche Store

When I first heard about Build a Niche Store, or BANS as many people call it, I was extremely curious to see exactly what it was and how it could help me monetize some of my stagnant domains that I owned. You see, when I first learned about BANS I was actually looking for a domain parking script. Many of my domains that I owned were simply parked with GoDaddy until I could get the time to build … [Read more...]

How It All Began

Well, to be honest, I never intended to venture into affiliate and Internet marketing.  I really was just looking for a good domain parking script. I just wanted a way to display ads on my unused domains and not have Godaddy get money for traffic going to my domains. I happened to be lucky enough to run across a really great domainer and Internet marketer named Brian Johnson - … [Read more...]