WP Shopping Pages – Blog Automation for WP Robot

For all of you blog automation fans I wanted to tell you about a new wordpress plugin that was just released from the makers of WP Robot.  WP Shopping Pages is a WordPress plugin that lets you build entire Amazon.com and eBay shopping pages on your blog site in just minutes. WP Shopping pages looks like its just another Amazon.com and eBay listing plugin designed to pull in tons of product … [Read more...]

Real WordPress Blog Automation

I need to vent here! My last couple of posts I wrote about the Affiliate Mage System and Master Mage Systems recently launched by Greg Jacobs.  Well the launch is out and honestly I was very shocked and I feel I need to apologize for adding to the hype. When I found out how much he is charging for this system my jaw just dropped.  Priced at $1297 I could not believe the audacity.  Even with a … [Read more...]