Do You Use PLR Content in Your Business?

One of the biggest tools I use for helping me with building my websites is by using PLR content.  PLR, is an acronym that stands for "Private Label Rights".  An author, typically a top writer, will write a set of articles and sell them in a bundle or pack.  They will license these article for personal use. How to Use PLR Content Problably the quickest and easiest way to use PLR content is to … [Read more...]

Good Content is NOT Hard to Find

Whenever you decide to build a business online, whether it's one blog or a whole bunch of web sites, you find yourself needing good content. And many times you need a lot of good content. Remember your blog isn't the only content you need to worry about, don't forget about your email list!! When I say content, this can can be anything from articles, pictures, audio mp3's, video's or just … [Read more...]

How Do You Market on Facebook?

Everyday Facebook seems to be in your, well uhh  Face.  And with its current growth and flexibility, it's no doubt that it is the biggest internet craze of the past several years.   And unless you have been living under a rock, you know what kind of massive traffic Facebook get and the massive  marketing potential that exists there too. The crazy things is that EVERYONE is using … [Read more...]

80% Off Web Hosting at Hostgator this Black Friday

The Hostgator Black Friday Sale starts this Friday and it is HOT!! This has got to be the coolest deal in web hosting history! On Friday morning Hostgator will be slashing all of their products from 50% up to 80% OFF!!!   This will be the best DEAL in 8+ years of web hosting for Hostgator and you really don't want to miss it! Starting this Thursday at midnight (Friday 12:00AM CST to be exact!) … [Read more...]

The Curse of Being Unemployable

As you start seeing success as an affiliate marketer or in any area of Internet Marketing you start to see a change in yourself and the way you look at the world. That entrepreneurial spirit bites you and things  just aren't the same anymore. Going to work becomes much more of a chore, and it's not the job so to speak, it's just the fact that you've become unemployable! You're Unemployable I … [Read more...]

How to Change Your DNS in Godaddy

Making DNS changes can be scary if you're not sure exactly what to do.  Many people use Godaddy as a registrar for their domains and often have problem or questions when trying to change DNS in Godaddy to point to their web site or web hosting provider. In this video I walk you through the exact steps that you need to do to change your DNS in Godaddy to point to your Hostgator account.   Watch … [Read more...]

Coaching with Brian Johnson Review – Halloween Super Affiliate

There are a lot of coaching programs available to help you be successful in Internet Marketing. But there are only two people I would recommend that have proven to me that their methods work. The first one is Josh Spaulding. He is one of the most honest guys you will ever meet who will go out of his way to help you. All of his material is well thought out and well written... And work! The … [Read more...]

Free Internet Marketing Course – ShoeMoney Extreme

I wanted to get this short post out quickly as I think it will be VERY helpful to anyone who is interested in Internet Marketing and trying to make money online.   Jeremy Shoemaker from ShoeMoney Blog fame is giving away his 12 (twelve) week Internet Marketing course absolutely free!   I just signed up and I'm very exciting to get a look at it. Each week Jeremy will be sending out a different … [Read more...]

How Soltaire Showed Me the Secret to Succeeding in Business

Have you ever played the game solitaire? Its a card game where you play by yourself (hence the name solitaire). The game involves laying cards out on the table with a goal of sorting them numerically. It can be a frustrating game that you certainly loose most of the time. So, if you know your going to loose, then why play the game at all? Is it the thrill of the chase? Is it the thrill of … [Read more...]

Web Hosting Comparisons – Finding Top Rated Web Hosts

Before you choose a web hosting service provider who is perfect for all of your needs, you may not need to do any research at all. Just log on to the web and look around. Within minutes, you'll find a ton of hosting providers eager to make you their customer. Some of them even offer free web space to go along with the deal! Really – Webmasters have it easy when it comes to opting for a web … [Read more...]