Do You Use PLR Content in Your Business?

One of the biggest tools I use for helping me with building my websites is by using PLR content.  PLR, is an acronym that stands for "Private Label Rights".  An author, typically a top writer, will write a set of articles and sell them in a bundle or pack.  They will license these article for personal use. How to Use PLR Content Problably the quickest and easiest way to use PLR content is to … [Read more...]

Good Content is NOT Hard to Find

Whenever you decide to build a business online, whether it's one blog or a whole bunch of web sites, you find yourself needing good content. And many times you need a lot of good content. Remember your blog isn't the only content you need to worry about, don't forget about your email list!! When I say content, this can can be anything from articles, pictures, audio mp3's, video's or just … [Read more...]

What Are PLR Articles and What Can You Do with Them?

I've been using PLR content for a while, either when I'm in a bind and need some content quickly, or I need some help with one of my news letters, or I simply need some content for the article directories. Good PLR content is not easy to find. Much of it is old and way over sold - which seriously dilutes is value. One writer who is fantastic and that I have had the pleasure of using her PLR … [Read more...]

PLR Content

Hey everyone! I'm back. Sorry for the break in posts but my family and I had to take a break and check out the beach for a week... It was awesome! If you ever get a chance to see South Padre Island you should do it! So the next thing I wanted to talk about is Content and more specifically PLR Content.  When I first started doing this I had heard of PLR Content, but had no idea what "PLR" was!  So … [Read more...]