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How Do You Market on Facebook?
Everyday Facebook seems to be in your, well uhh  Face.  And with its current growth and flexibility, it's no doubt that it is the biggest internet craze of the past several years.   And unless you have been living under a rock, you know what kind of massive traffic Facebook get and the massive  marketing potential that exists there too. The crazy things is that EVERYONE is using Facebook! Everyone [...]
Cool Podcasts for Internet Business
Everyday I get up in the morning and drive to work.  For the 30-45 minutes each way to work, I sit in traffic and  need something to take my mind off of things... keep me motivated,  inspired and help me with my pre-occupation of making money online. Last year, for my birthday my wife gave me an iPhone.  I was blown away but also very terrified.  Sure they're cool and all,  but they are also [...]
Tweet Out Your Blog Posts Automatically
Twitter is really catching on like wildfire. People love it because it's so simple. You just type in a short little text message and you broadcast to everyone what your up to. There's no drama of which friend is at the top of your freinds list, no snow ball fights, no one emailing you back, no chat, ... none of that. Just a simple one way communication from you to your friends. Website owners and [...]
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