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80% Off Web Hosting at Hostgator this Black Friday
The Hostgator Black Friday Sale starts this Friday and it is HOT!! This has got to be the coolest deal in web hosting history! On Friday morning Hostgator will be slashing all of their products from 50% up to 80% OFF!!!   This will be the best DEAL in 8+ years of web hosting for Hostgator and you really don't want to miss it! Starting this Thursday at midnight (Friday 12:00AM CST to be exact!) on [...]
How to Change Your DNS in Godaddy
Making DNS changes can be scary if you're not sure exactly what to do.  Many people use Godaddy as a registrar for their domains and often have problem or questions when trying to change DNS in Godaddy to point to their web site or web hosting provider. In this video I walk you through the exact steps that you need to do to change your DNS in Godaddy to point to your Hostgator account.   Watch [...]
Web Hosting Comparisons – Finding Top Rated Web Hosts
Before you choose a web hosting service provider who is perfect for all of your needs, you may not need to do any research at all. Just log on to the web and look around. Within minutes, you'll find a ton of hosting providers eager to make you their customer. Some of them even offer free web space to go along with the deal! Really – Webmasters have it easy when it comes to opting for a web space. But [...]
How To Install a New Website to Hostgator cPanel
Hostgator is a great web hosting provider.  I've been using them for almost two years now, and I absolutely love them.  If I ever have a problem with one of my websites, they get me back in business fast.   I used to use Godaddy who was terrible for hosting a website.  My site was slow to respond, tech support was untrained and I would often wait on hold for way too long.  Don't get me wrong, [...]
How to Choose a Hosting Provider
My last article explained a bit about How to Setup a Web Site.  But before you can setup your web site you need to find a good hosting provider.  "Where will you host your new website?"  There are a lot of web hosting providers out there both big and small.  And just because they are a big operation doesn't mean you will get the most bang for your buck.  Even the little guys can provide superb [...]
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