300 Internet Marketers

The movie "300" staring Gerard Butler was a tale of the epic battle of 300 Greeks who took a stand against 100,000+ invading Persians.   In the coming weeks a similar historic moment will occur when Brian G. Johnson launches his epic coaching program called "300 Internet Marketers".  In this program the 300 marketers that choose to learn from Brian "Leonidas" Johnson will learn how to conquer the … [Read more...]

Brian G. Johnson – Questions and Answers at Practical Profits

One of the main reasons I attended Practical Profits in Orlando this year was to see and meet Brian G. Johnson. I have been following Brian ever since I first got into Internet Marketing and everything Brian has shown me has always made me money or helped my business in some way. Brian is one of the most honest and ethical marketers I have had the pleasure to come to know. During the Question … [Read more...]

Tim Castleman and Ideal Self Image

Tim Castleman was one of the amazing presenters at Practical Profits in Orlando.  In this quick post and video Tim tells everyone about ISI (Ideal Self Image).  This was a really enlightening concept that was so true. Everyone has two images of themselves.  Your true image of how you really are today.  And the image of where or how you would like to be in the future.  The image of yourself, that … [Read more...]

Practical Profits Top 21 Tips for Your Business

My head has been swirling with everything I learned from this past weekends seminar.  From the sessions themselves to the afterhours conversations.  Lot's of really great people and everyone eager to share tales of their business. So much was shared I can't even begin to write it all here. So, as I begin working on all of the things I promised I would....  Here's a list of some of the top … [Read more...]

Practical Profits – Day 2 – Exactly What You Need

Hey guys, it's day 2 here at Practical Profits in Orlando and I have to say I just saw THE best presentation all weekend. Just when I thought it couldn't get any better John S. Rhodes took the stage and handed everyone the exact formula for success. I hope the gravity of what he said comes across in this blog post -  I know I GOT IT. I hope you do too!  Thank you John! I was so floored at what … [Read more...]

Practical Profits – After Hours Practical Advice

OUCH@!@!@ That's my head throbing from a hang-over!!  LOL I think I got to bed around 2:30am?  and now we're up for another day full of great stuff. After hours here at Practical Profits was a blast.    It's really a cool feeling getting together with all of these people who have the same or similar goals and desires. Sharing your successes and failures really helps inspire and motivate … [Read more...]

Practical Profits day 1 – The Afternoon Session!

Well I'm back in my room and it the end of the day here at Practical Profits in Orlando.  This afternoon was really cool!  We kicked things off with Tim Castleman who is a blast.  The seminar definately went into over drive when this dude took the stage.  As they said before he came up, this portion is rated M for mature because Tim tells like it is! I realized I'm not taking notes as much this … [Read more...]

Practical Profits – Day 1 – Morning sessions

Well here I am at Practical Profits in Orlando!  Its warm and sunny and beautiful here. So far the conference has been great.  Meeting everyone in person is a little different then talking to them on the phone and emailing. People look a bit different then you think they might.  But everyone here has been super nice! The first person I met was Rachel Rofe.  When we finally went into the … [Read more...]

Meet Me at Practical Profits Orlando!

In exactly one week I'll be heading over to Orlando, Florida to participate in my first Internet Marketing conference. Yes thats right, I'm an IM conference virgin - lol . On February 4th and 5th 2011, next week, Practical Profits will be hosting their second live conference at the Crown Plaza Hotel by the Orlando Airport. I'm really exciting about this conference because there's going to be a … [Read more...]

Make Money with Halloween Super Affiliate

One of the biggest breakthrough's that I ever made, as far as making money online, was during Halloween. This was the big test for me and my business whether affiliate marketing would work. And it did! But it wasn't so much what I did that worked, but the process I followed to make sure it work. When I first started making money online it was through the help of Brian Johnson who first … [Read more...]