Backup Your WordPress Blog to Dropbox

Are you backing up your Wordpress blogs?!?! If not you really should be. It is fast, easy and free. Here's a cool way to easily backup your Wordpress blog to a Dropbox account for safe offsite (read: third party) storage for free. Lots of people use Dropbox for backing up important files and documents, but did you know you can actually backup your Wordpress blogs to Dropbox? You can with WP … [Read more...]

Godaddy Pushes .CO Domains with New Superbowl Commercial

For all of you domainers out there, it would seem that is ramping up for a big push on .CO domains. Using the same tactic that rocketed their business from 16 percent market share to over 50 percent of all domains registered today, Godaddy will be airing a new 30 second commercial during this years Superbowl. “Like the rest of the world, we’ve watched Go Daddy translate its Super … [Read more...]

Link Wheels Work!

You may have heard the term Link Wheel, Link Carnival, Blog Carnival, Mini-net, etc.   Basically this is where you setup a whole bunch of web 2.0 sites, like blogger, hub pages, squidoo, etc and link them all together as well as link back to your money site. The concept is kind of gray hat and I was a little on the fence on whether or not I should use something like this.  I have to tell you, I … [Read more...]

WordPress Christmas Themes – Take Advantage of the Online Shopping Season

Discover How These Amazing WordPress Christmas Themes Will Have Customers Drawn to Your Web Site Like Kids to Candy Its that time of year again!  Time for brand new WordPress Christmas themes.  I just finished up 5 new themes for Christmas that turned out amazing (If I must say myself). If you're in need of new WordPress Christmas themes... for your new affiliate or adsense site, then look … [Read more...]

Make Money with Artisteer by Creating WordPress Themes

If you have ever created a Wordpress blog then you know how tough it can be finding the perfect theme for your blog.  The good news is that there are a ton of free wordpress themes to choose from.  But most of the time those wordpress themes are over used and it really sucks to be surfing around the web and find the exactly same theme on someone else's web site. So what do you do then?  Well, … [Read more...]

How to Clone Your Blog in 32 seconds – Blog Cloning Perfected

Finally Someone Got Blog Cloning Right! If you are like me you tend to build a lot of websites.  The problem is every time you do, you need to start over from scratch.   You install the same things over and over again.  Wordpress, the theme, the plugins, change all of the settings, blah blah blah!  It's very monotonous!! I have wished for a tool that would allow me to simply and easily copy all … [Read more...]

Optimizing On Page SEO with SEOPressor

SEOPressor—Do you Really Need an SEO Tool? I was a little apprehensive when I first took a look at this search engine optimization tool, mainly because I was already another tool, Scribe, and it did a fantastic job. I didn't need another seo tool. But there was one draw back to Scribe and that was it's a monthly service and charges anywhere from $27-$97/month. I really hate monthly fee's. So … [Read more...]

Backing Up Your DataBase to Use XAMPP

In this post we are continuing our work with XAMPP to allow us to run a live website on our desktop or laptop. Today we are backing up the WordPress database as well as the website files and will move them to the local desktop for use with XAMPP as a development website. In the following video we walk through finding the MySQL database, exporting the database and coping the website files to … [Read more...]

Run WordPress on Your Desktop Using XAMPP

This post is the first in a series of posts I'll be doing to show you how to setup and run WordPress on your desktop or laptop. You may wonder why on earth would anyone want to run WordPress on their desktop? Well there are a lot of reasons why you might need WordPress running on your desktop. One really good reason that we are going to check out here today is to create a sandbox to help you … [Read more...]

Moving BANS sites to WordPress

Ah the gold ole days.  Google would rank your sites, eBay would pay nice affiliate commissions and you could do it all by using Build A Niche Store (BANS).  Those were the days. Today its all about WordPress.  And many of us still have BANS sites out there.  But how do you migrate your sites from BANS to WordPress without making a total mess of your website?   It can be a little tricky.   So here … [Read more...]