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Google Changes Hurt Exact Match Domains
The Final Nail in the EMD Coffin? This past weekend Google released another SERP algorithm change where EMDs got hit HARD and are no longer ranking.  What we do know is that EMD's were not de-indexed in anyway, but were cast out into the nether reaches of the search engine index. It seems like this last change for Google is the final nail in the coffin for Exact Match Domains (EMD).  We can [...]
Google Slap Happy Again
Google is once again cracking down on websites that are using, what in their eyes are, illegitimate back links to mini-sites or micro-sites. The Big "G" had annouced a few months ago about this new strategy. The unfortunate thing that i've seen is any site that has back-links from Say Linkvines, LinxBoss, Backlink Ninja, etc are getting a big slap. I've seen this on some of my sites that were ranking [...]
Link Wheels Work!
You may have heard the term Link Wheel, Link Carnival, Blog Carnival, Mini-net, etc.   Basically this is where you setup a whole bunch of web 2.0 sites, like blogger, hub pages, squidoo, etc and link them all together as well as link back to your money site. The concept is kind of gray hat and I was a little on the fence on whether or not I should use something like this.  I have to tell you, [...]
Optimizing On Page SEO with SEOPressor
SEOPressor—Do you Really Need an SEO Tool? I was a little apprehensive when I first took a look at this search engine optimization tool, mainly because I was already another tool, Scribe, and it did a fantastic job. I didn't need another seo tool. But there was one draw back to Scribe and that was it's a monthly service and charges anywhere from $27-$97/month. I really hate monthly fee's. So [...]
Automated Link Building
Building back links is probably one of the most important things you can do when building a successful blog or website.  I'm always on the look out for new ways to build back links to my sites.  The best way to build back links really in my opinion is the old fashioned way. By emailing the webmaster of a site that you like (that is also similar to the site you would like to promote ) and ask nicely [...]
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