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Paid WordPress Themes: Should You Use Them?
In this fifth and final article of our series as we wrap up our discussion to optimize WordPress and look at Paid Wordpress Themes But first lets wrap it all up. Day 1 we improved our site with proper Wordpress Maintenance, Day 2 we setup our site to rank well in the search engines with Wordpress SEO Optimization Day 3 we changed our Wordpress Layout to make more money. Day 4 we saw how we [...]
3 Ideas For WordPress Addons That’ll Promote Your Blog Without Extra Effort
Today is day four in our five part series to optimize our wordpress websites. In day 1 we improved our site with proper Wordpress Maintenance, then we setup our site to rank well in the search engines with Wordpress SEO Optimization, next we changed our Wordpress Layout to make more money. Today we need to spread the word about our site using: Wordpress Addons   Wordpress addons [...]
WordPress Layout Tweaks That Could Boost Your Site’s Earning Potential
Today we continue our series on making Wordpress better.  In our previous two posts we reviewed: Wordpress Maintenance Wordpress SEO Optimization In this post I think its would be a good time to talk about... Wordpress Layout Although content is extremely important for the success of your website, the Wordpress layout also plays a key role in how much you can earn from your blog. After [...]
8 Free Plugins And Settings That Make WordPress SEO Optimization A Breeze
Today is our second article in our series to improve and teak our Wordpress websites and blogs. In yesterdays post we discussed Wordpress Maintenance.   Today we are going to look at tweaking our website or blog to improve it ranking in the search engines. That's right we're talking about ... Wordpress SEO optimization One of the reasons why so many bloggers and webmasters are drawn towards Wordpress [...]
5 WordPress Maintenance Tasks That Every Blogger Should Make A Habit
Today I wanted to start a series of posts designed to help you tweak and improve your wordpress websites. But before we talk about changes that you make when you first build a website, lets talk about some things we need to think about for your websites that are already up and running. Wordpress Maintenance Wordpress maintenance really isn't much work at all, thanks to its many inbuilt features. [...]
Backup Your WordPress Blog to Dropbox
Are you backing up your Wordpress blogs?!?! If not you really should be. It is fast, easy and free. Here's a cool way to easily backup your Wordpress blog to a Dropbox account for safe offsite (read: third party) storage for free. Lots of people use Dropbox for backing up important files and documents, but did you know you can actually backup your Wordpress blogs to Dropbox? You can with WP TimeMachine. [...]
WordPress Christmas Themes – Take Advantage of the Online Shopping Season
Discover How These Amazing WordPress Christmas Themes Will Have Customers Drawn to Your Web Site Like Kids to Candy Its that time of year again!  Time for brand new WordPress Christmas themes.  I just finished up 5 new themes for Christmas that turned out amazing (If I must say myself). If you're in need of new WordPress Christmas themes... for your new affiliate or adsense site, then look [...]
Make Money with Artisteer by Creating WordPress Themes
If you have ever created a Wordpress blog then you know how tough it can be finding the perfect theme for your blog.  The good news is that there are a ton of free wordpress themes to choose from.  But most of the time those wordpress themes are over used and it really sucks to be surfing around the web and find the exactly same theme on someone else's web site. So what do you do then?  Well, most [...]
Backing Up Your DataBase to Use XAMPP
In this post we are continuing our work with XAMPP to allow us to run a live website on our desktop or laptop. Today we are backing up the WordPress database as well as the website files and will move them to the local desktop for use with XAMPP as a development website. In the following video we walk through finding the MySQL database, exporting the database and coping the website files to the [...]
How to Format Your Website for Mobile Devices
More and more mobile devices are hitting the web.  With the advent of the iPhone and the 3G cellular network, browsing on the Internet with your cell phone is almost as fun and easy as from your laptop or p.c. But what does this mean - should you optimize your website for mobile devices? Here are some things you should consider about going mobile with your website: How does your website look [...]
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