Cool Podcasts for Internet Business

Everyday I get up in the morning and drive to work.  For the 30-45 minutes each way to work, I sit in traffic and  need something to take my mind off of things… keep me motivated,  inspired and help me with my pre-occupation of making money online.

Last year, for my birthday my wife gave me an iPhone.  I was blown away but also very terrified.  Sure they’re cool and all,  but they are also pretty damn expensive!

“We can’t afford one of these things?!?! ”

Of course deep down inside  I was thrilled.  I love little gadgets like these and  I have to say I love my iPhone.

Since then I’ve been checking out the world of podcasts.  In the past I never really got the fascination with a podcast.  You download an mp3 to your iPod (mp3 player) and play it…  Whats the big deal?

Now that I have an iPhone/iPod, I never realized how easy  and convenient it was.  And there are some amazing podcasts floating around in the podcast world with some amazing information.  Amazing information for helping you succeed in your online business and its all for free!!

Some of My Favoriate Podcasts for Internet Business

I’d like to introduce you to some friends that keep me company on my commute to and from work.  These podcast are great for getting ideas and tips for your business.  Each one is inspiring,  motivating, as well as providing great updates on new technologies and how other bloggers and web site internet marketers are running their businesses.

Internet Business Mastery – This is hands down got to be the best podcast being produced for entrepreneurs starting an online business. Published every couple of weeks Jay and Sterling bring fantastic interviews with some of the biggest names in internet business.  They also share some of their own great tips on starting and running a successful business.  If you can only listen to one podcast to help you with your business, this needs to be the one you listen to!

Internet Marketing – This brilliant podcast is produced by Andy White and Kelvin Newman across the pond from the UK and Europe.  Their recent interviews with Seth Goden and Tim Ferris was as they say “brilliant”!  They also have lots of great tips on some of the latest technology available for your blog.

Press This – This is a more technical podcast that comes to us from The Netherlands where Joost de Valk (pronounced Yoast – like the word toast with a Y).  Joost is a fantastic developer of many well known plugins like Socialable and Google Analytics.  His podcast has some great interviews and discussions with other WordPress and plug-in developers, as well as SEO experts.

Late Night Internet Marketing – Mark Mason of produces this podcast clearly aimed at the part time marketer and blogger.  Great interviews and insights to blogging and running your business part time.

43 Folders – This is a new podcast I recently started listing to.  I found it through a search for Seth Goden interviews (I’m on a Seth Goden kick lately).  The interview was fantastic and I’m not a subscriber.

Duct Tape Marketing – Another great marketing related podcast that has some awesome interviews with top marketing folks.

And last but not least we can not forget Ed Dale and Lynn Terry’s Internet Marketing This Week podcast.  Both Ed and Lynn are amazing marketers and business owners.  There is a ton of great information on this podcast. You really need to check this one out.  I actually just re-discovered this podcast a little while ago.   I used to listen to this when it first came out and totally forgot about it — Bad Joe! Bad Joe!…. and thanks Lynn and Ed!

Well, that’s about it.  I’ve listened to a lot of other podcast programs but these are my favorites for sure.  These all have provided some great insight and inspiration for me in my business.

Are there any that I’ve missed?  Let me know… I’m always looking for cool stuff to listen while stuck in traffic.

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