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I wanted to get this short post out quickly as I think it will be VERY helpful to anyone who is interested in Internet Marketing and trying to make money online.   Jeremy Shoemaker from ShoeMoney Blog fame is giving away his 12 (twelve) week Internet Marketing course absolutely free!   I just signed up and I’m very exciting to get a look at it.

Each week Jeremy will be sending out a different pdf report that covers everything from Beginner Internet Marketing stuff all the way to how to manage your products and making money online!

Personally I think no matter what skill level you are, this course will be super helpful.  I’m really interested in using it as a sanity check and to fill in any missing pieces I may have in my business!

Did I mention its FREE?

Here’s the outline of the twelve weeks…

Week 1 – The Beginner’s Guide To Internet Marketing
Week 2 – Affiliate Marketing 101: Everything You Need To Know To Start Promoting Products
Week 3 – Market Research: How To Crush Your Competitors And Discover Hot Niches
Week 4 – Pay Per Click: How To Earn Cash With Each Click
Week 5 – SEO: How To Rank Higher And Increase Traffic
Week 6 – Site Creation: How To Build A Site With Zero Programming Knowledge
Week 7 – Content Creation: How To Create Articles That Attract Users And Increase Sales
Week 8 – Marketing: How To Use Social Media To Spread Your Brand
Week 9 – Make That Cash: 10 Ways To Monetize Your Site And Increase Profitability
Week 10 – Testing & Tracking: How To Optimize Your Site & Make Sense Of The Figures
Week 11 – Building Your Team: How To Network With Others And Find Long Term Partners
Week 12 – Launch Day: How To Kick Start Your Business And Manage Your Projects

Jason says this guide is for everyone and I’m very excited to  be able to learn from him and put into action the methods that have helped him become successful.


Check it out if you have the urge – Let me know what you think of Jeremy “ShoeMoney” Shoemaker and his 12 week free internet marketing course. Leave a comment below – I’d love to hear from you!


  1. Excellent!! I follow his blog at regularly. He is well versed and this course should be chalked full of valuable information. I signed up and am looking forward to reading the material.

    Thanks for the update. Can`t wait to get the first course.

  2. I had received my first week lesson of ShoeMoney Xtreme course last week. Though the first lesson (2.83mb pdf file) is only a preface it has covered many things that we should expect and should not expect from internet marketing.

  3. This is treating really awesome for me! Internet marketing to me can really be quite easy – you just need to know what you are doing and no blindly do something and hope that tomorrow you will see money. And once again, thank you for sharing!

  4. Wow!! that’s great. Thanks for sharing your idea. This could be very helpful in my online marketing coaching where everyone is learning and earning.

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