Keyword Tools

keyword tools help you find the low hanging fruitFinding good keywords, “the low hanging fruit”, can be a challenge. To help you find them you need a keyword tool. One free keyword tool you can use is course Google’s Adwords keyword tool

But using the free Google keyword tool doesn’t necessarily give you the entire picture and eventually you will come away frustrated saying to yourself how “All of the GOOD Keywords are taken!”.

Personally I use two paid keywords tools that really help me find not only whats being searched for in Google, but also Bing, and Yahoo!

These two keyword tools are Jaaxy and Keyword Canine. They do both cost money but I have to say they are worth it!


Jaaxy is relatively new, put out by the guys from Wealthy Affiliate.  I like Jaaxy and find myself using it regularly.  It’s not perfect, but if I use it in conjunction with Keyword Canine, it’s a perfect recipe for identifying keywords that I know I can easily rank for.

I also Use Keyword Canine

Keyword Canine

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So far I’ve seen some great results using these tools. I’d like to hear what you think. Give me a shout and leave a comment, let me know what you think!