Godaddy Pushes .CO Domains with New Superbowl Commercial

For all of you domainers out there, it would seem that is ramping up for a big push on .CO domains. Using the same tactic that rocketed their business from 16 percent market share to over 50 percent of all domains registered today, Godaddy will be airing a new 30 second commercial during this years Superbowl.

“Like the rest of the world, we’ve watched Go Daddy translate its Super Bowl commercials into tremendous results, in terms of new customers, sales records and lots and lots of buzz,” said Juan Diego Calle, CEO and Founder of .CO Internet S.A.S.

A television debut for the .CO top level domain, the 30 second spotlight is expected to be seen by over 100 million viewers. To be televised on the FOX television network there are high hopes to breathe new life into the relatively unknown domain name.

”We think this new commercial will do for the .CO domain what our first Super Bowl commercial did for Go Daddy,’ said Go Daddy CEO and Founder Bob Parsons

My feelings on .CO domains are a bit different

I have no doubt that a cool Godaddy commercial will increase sales and new registrations for .CO domains, but the reality of it is that .COM is still the king and always will be the king!   The best properties in virtual real estate are going to continue to be .COM domains.

Plus the biggest barrier to getting the .CO domain to take hold is the price. At $29.95 I just don’t see people jumping on it like a .NET or a .ORG… even .US or .INFO domains are super cheap these days.

All in all I think the best strategy is to pick up a couple .CO domains that have some serious long term income potential. Grab them up just in case.  In this crazy Internet world you never can tell what kind of gold mine the future may hold for .CO domains.

To check out Go Daddy’s Super Bowl commercials and photos, visit

What do you think of .CO domains.  Does Godaddy’s Superbowl commercial change things in your mind about .CO domains?


  1. The .co extension is going to become much more valuable after GoDaddy (one of the most known domain companies) features it in their Super Bowl Commercial.

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