Good Content is NOT Hard to Find

Whenever you decide to build a business online, whether it’s one blog or a whole bunch of web sites, you find yourself needing good content. And many times you need a lot of good content. Remember your blog isn’t the only content you need to worry about, don’t forget about your email list!!

When I say content, this can can be anything from articles, pictures, audio mp3’s, video’s or just about anything in between. But for todays topic I’m mainly referring to articles… good articles.

But where do you find good content to put on your blog or web site?

There are three ways to get good content. You can either write or create the content yourself, outsource the content or use PLR content and rewrite or edit it.

For articles and blog posts, when I’m stuck and having trouble thinking up good articles to write about, I always turn to PLR content, wait, let me clarify that… well written PLR content. I do this for a couple different reasons.

  • A good PLR writer will have limited copies sold
  • Good PLR lets me get a jump start on good writing
  • Good PLR is well thought out and researched
  • It’s also usually well formatted and well paced

One of my favorite PLR authors/businesses is Nicole Dean and  She is absolutely the best! Not only does she provide some great PLR content but also provides some excellent tips and advise from her own blog.

Her latest post on her blog discusses taxes and how to reduce your taxable income.  This is so important to home business/internet business.

To give you an example of the great writing Nicole does, she has graciously agreed to write a guest post for us today.  

So without further ado… let me introduce Nicole Dean!!!

When Life Gets Crazy – How to Connect with Your Lists
When you Don’t Have Time To

by Nicole Dean

Life is madness. At least in my house it is. People are always asking me “Nicole, you have 2 kids, 2 dogs, you take in foster dogs, have a husband who you actually like, and you run several very successful online businesses. What in the HECK?!”

I think there’s a compliment in there somewhere.

The things that I do in my business every day fall under four areas…

Growing my List and Connecting with my Readers

  1. Increasing my Traffic
  2. Building Relationships on my Own Blog
  3. Developing my Products and my Other Offers (like PLR stuff, and private coaching and consulting)

Anything that doesn’t fall directly under those four areas must be put aside until I’ve tackled those.

Now obviously, I could write an entire report about this, so in this post, I’ll focus in on your mailing list.

Your list is your livelihood. At least it can be with some love. However, it takes time to write your newsletters or connect with your list, in general. And, coming up with ideas on a regular basis can be brutal.

Life happens. (Thank goodness!) So, you need some shortcuts for when you just don’t have time or don’t necessarily feel inspired to connect with your lists.

Here’s where the magic happens. I have tons of tricks, but I’ll just start with three ideas to get you off and running.

  1. Outsourcing
  2. Planning and Batching
  3. PLR articles


First of all, outsourcing. There are several ways you can outsource when it comes to your list.

If you have a virtual assistant (or a teenager in your house), write and send an article to him/her and have that person compile your newsletter for you. A side benefit is that it will require you to plan in advance, which can be a very good thing.

You can also hire a virtual assistant to seek out articles in places like or that you can use in your newsletter, rather than having to do it all yourself. Find a few authors that you like (who are considered experts in their fields) and just have your virtual assistant grab one of their articles whenever you’re behind.

Recommended Resource:

  • I teach a course on Outsourcing since so many people have asked me how I do it so well.
  • You can sign up for my free “Outsourcing Mistakes” ecourse here: Outsourcing Mistakes to Avoid


Second, let’s dig into planning a bit. I find it much easier to plan a month at a time or more than to sit down in front of the computer and try to brainstorm. Can you plan a series of emails to send to your readers?

Perhaps a set like “7 Ways to …” That way you’re set for at least the next seven emails. If you look at my ecourse above “Outsourcing Mistakes to Avoid” – you’ll see how I used a series to create that ecourse. You can model yours after that one.


PLR articles can be such a huge shortcut. If you’re not using them yet, you are in for a treat!

Here’s a definition of PLR (in case you aren’t familiar with it):

Let’s talk about how useful this is. I mean, honestly. Let’s say your niche is romance. If you purchase a set of ten PLR articles, you have everything you need for 10 newsletters immediately – and, guess what? You can reuse them again the following year or year after.

Not only do you not have to come up with titles, you don’t have to even draft the articles yourself.

Simply copy and paste the articles into your newsletter, tweak them to have some of YOU in them – either by including examples, personal stories, or some of your own tips and ideas, and you’re set.

Recommended Resource:

I started one of the most highly regarded PLR sites on the web back in 2006 and made it my personal goal to change the PLR industry for the better. I like to think that I’ve accomplished my goal.

See for yourself here: Quality PLR Articles

Now, the next time you’re thinking “I really need to send something to my lists, but what?” you don’t have to panic now that you have these shortcuts at your disposal.

Thanks so much for reading! Please share your thoughts below.


Nicole Dean

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