How It All Began

Well, to be honest, I never intended to venture into affiliate and Internet marketing.  I really was just looking for a good domain parking script. I just wanted a way to display ads on my unused domains and not have Godaddy get money for traffic going to my domains.

I happened to be lucky enough to run across a really great domainer and Internet marketer named Brian Johnson He had some really great information and was not trying to sell a bunch of useless software.

Brian had some great information for using a product called BANS (Build a Niche Site), instead of just using a domain parking script. Now, I had never heard of BANS, and had to google it just to get an idea of what it was about. But man, what a great product!  If you are just starting out in this business it’s a perfect way to start slow and make money quickly.

So I took several of my websites and put BANS on them. Before I knew it I was hooked. My domains were breaking even and easily paying for themselves.  Since then, it has become an obsession and my business is growing nicely.

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