How Soltaire Showed Me the Secret to Succeeding in Business

Have you ever played the game solitaire? Its a card game where you play by yourself (hence the name solitaire). The game involves laying cards out on the table with a goal of sorting them numerically. It can be a frustrating game that you certainly loose most of the time. So, if you know your going to loose, then why play the game at all? Is it the thrill of the chase? Is it the thrill of chance? Or is it simply the fact that you KNOW eventually you WILL win? In my mind this is the exact belief you need to have when you start a business.

Starting a business isn’t an easy task. Even as easy and as cheap as it is starting a online internet based business, it can still be very daunting. The fear of failure alone is enough to paralyze most people from even beginning to start a business. And if you let that fear consume you, you never start.  If that happens you HAVE certainly failed.  The key is to just start and see where it leads you.

Like in Solitaire, you know you may loose but if you never start you will never know if you would have won.

I have started multiple online and offline businesses. So far every single one of them have failed. In the late 90’s I started a free web based email service that was similar to Hotmail or Yahoo mail at the time. I had 45,000 email accounts in my system running out of my bedroom on small server I built from scratch. All of this was running through a Comcast cable modem. Well, eventually Comcast found out and banned me from their system. I literally became a server gypsy toting my email server from one friends house to another. I didn’t’ have the money for hosting which at the time was around $200/mo and Paypal didn’t exist, so there wasn’t any way to monetize the site. Needless to say that business was doomed.

Thinking back to when I was kid, I tried to start a lawn mowing business and that one failed too. There were many others too.  I tried to start a hosting business, an IT consulting business, and a software reseller business. Each one failed.  So why did I keep going? Because I knew eventually I would win.

Its not a matter of can you succeed, it is a matter of when you succeed.

Today, I run a small affiliate marketing business. It doesn’t make much much money, honestly last year it made around $6000. Its not much but the business IS making money and every single cent that comes in gets re-invested back into my business.

And this business may eventually fail too. eBay, Google, or may change and those affiliate checks may stop coming in. But that’s okay, because each step of the way I’m learning, and each time I’m getting better.

In business, just like in Solitaire, if I keep playing, I’m patient, and persistent, I know I will win… and you can too. You’ve just gotta play to win.

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