How to Clone Your Blog in 32 seconds – Blog Cloning Perfected

Finally Someone Got Blog Cloning Right!

If you are like me you tend to build a lot of websites.  The problem is every time you do, you need to start over from scratch.   You install the same things over and over again.  WordPress, the theme, the plugins, change all of the settings, blah blah blah!  It’s very monotonous!!

I have wished for a tool that would allow me to simply and easily copy all of my settings and files from one blog and install on another.  Simply clone the blog and all I would need to do is change the name and few other minor things.

Well finally my wish came true!  I just got off the phone with Jason Fladlien and Wilson Mattos and they have just launched WP Twin.   Let me tell you it is amazing.  It is the answer to my blog cloning problems as well as a whole lot more.

What is Blog Cloning

So to explain, Blog Cloning is the process of just copying a blog from one place to another.  Everything in the blog is copied from one website and completed duplicated on the other new site.

Why Would you Need to Clone Your Blog?

You maybe wondering why on earth would anyone want to do that?  …And what about duplicate content?

Well first and foremost.. let me ask you.. Don’t you do the same things (just about) every time you build a website or blog?  I know I do.

Would it be nice to replicate that work over and over again?

Here some other ideas that WP Twin does that can help you

  • Offline Consulting  (imagine building a site Realtors – Build just one and replicate that for ALL of your Realtor clients)
  • Flipping Sites (here’s a easy way to transfer a site when you sell it – how about charging the new owner to move it for them? Its easy now)
  • Backups (You don’t have to copy your when you clone – simply take a snap-shot and you have a full and complete backup – no more worries about getting hacked!)

There’s more to WP TWIN than just Blog Cloning.

So what does it clone?

  • WordPress
  • The plugins
  • The posts
  • The pages
  • The images
  • The comments
  • The members
  • The Themes
  • The entire databas

There are tools like this that are available right now but they have some serious problems.  The links are broken or the image reference back to the old site.  I’ve been looking for a product the will get the job done and finally I’ve found it


There are a ton of videos that come with that help walk you through how to clone your blog (It’s really really easy)

Oh and not to mention it comes with a money back guarantee so there is no risk when you buy it.

Check it out for yourself.  Leave a comment below, I’d love to hear from you about what you think of blog cloning.


  1. Hi Joe,

    How does WPtwin differ from BlogZapper?


  2. Honestly Kate I haven’t used BlogZapper so I can’t say.

    With WP Twin you upload a single file to your server (that is secured and can only be accessed if you are logged into your wordpress). When you browse to that file – its is a webpage that will then allow you to begin the cloning process. This will create a file that you can download to use to make multiple blogs or simply save it as a backup. Its great for making design changes to your blog, where you make a clone before you start and if anything goes wrong simply roll back to your clone and everything is back to the way it was. When you clone your clone, everything gets cloned, images, posts, themes, plugins…. everything. I have used it on a really big site that has a membership site and forum built in and the clone went without a hitch.

    This is one of those rare products that you can use immediately and works great.

  3. Interesting and useful article. Thank’s.

  4. I wanted to pass this on to you guys.. I had a WSO a while back on the warrior forums that was all about copying and cloning your blog for free. In my eBook I offer some tips for copying, moving or cloning your blog for free. Check it out here.

    Also in my ebook I disclosed how to automate cloning your blog — of course I recommend WP Twin! It is the fastest, easiest and most secure way to clone your blog.

    Whats even funnier – Mike Filsame who owns WP Cloner just bought it and now links to WP Twin on his sales page instead of his own product!!

    It Is THAT good!

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