How To Install a New Website to Hostgator cPanel

Hostgator is a great web hosting provider.  I’ve been using them for almost two years now, and I absolutely love them.  If I ever have a problem with one of my websites, they get me back in business fast.   I used to use Godaddy who was terrible for hosting a website.  My site was slow to respond, tech support was untrained and I would often wait on hold for way too long.  Don’t get me wrong, I love Godaddy as a domain registrar.  They are great, but for web hosting, Hostgator is where I run my business and they have taken good care of me.

Hostgator has great technical support too, super fast response, and plenty of bandwidth to  run any website you can throw at them.

Hostgator, like many other web hosting providers, uses cPanel as a way for their customers to self maintain their web sites.  cPanel is a software application that is designed to make maintaining a running a website very easy.  It is very powerful and lets you do a lot with  your web site.

How to Create an Addon Website Using Hostgator cPanel

The main thing most people use cPanel for is to install new websites and setup wordpress.   Adding a new website with cPanel is called an Addon domain.  To add a new addon website using cpanel following these steps:

1. Login to your Hostgator cPanel – this is usually going to be

2. Scroll down until you see the Domains Section and the Addon Domain icon.

3. Click the Addon Domain icon

4. Enter your new domain name in the text for new domain.

5. When you tab to the next field cPanel will automatically add the Subdomain/FTP user and Document root fields for you.

6. Next enter your password and then retype your password again.

7. Then click add domain.

8. Kick back and enjoy your day – you are the master of your web empire!

It that easy!

Installing addon websites using Hostgator cpanel is very quick and easy.

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  1. I think customer service and rapid response when you it problems is vital if you want to maintain a professional web presence. The damage of your site being down or not functional for any length of time is so huge.

    I personally enjoy having a VPS server which gives me more control though my hosts are extremely helpful if I do get stuck!

  2. Thats a great point Olly, having your own virtual private server gives you a lot more freedom then just a hosted solution alone. I know hostgator has recently started offering VPS as a service but I think they are outsourcing from a different company. I’ve heard great things about Liquid Web for vps. Who do you use?

  3. hostgator + cPanel combination does sound promising. never had any problems ever?

  4. No not at all.. cPanel is extremely easy to use and easy to manage your websites.


  5. Great review! Hostgator provide the great web hosting. Thanks for sharing these installation guide. I would be glad to try it out.

  6. Super now that is added value Joe quick question how many addon domains can you have with hostgator?

  7. Thanks Jay,
    Hostgator says unlimited, but I’m sure there is a limit. I can tell you I have almost 40 domains on one of my hosting accounts, so you can have quite a bit!

    Talk to you soon!

  8. thanks a lot. this helped me.

  9. I’ve just created my first addon domain with Hostgator. Now I’d like to know if I can configure it in a way that a friend could log in only for things related with the addon domain but not mess with the main domain. Thanks in advance

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