Interview with Andrew Macleod

interview with andrew macleodI’ve come to know Andrew Macleod from buying some of his best WSO’s (Warrior Special Offers).  Andrew created a product called Profit Storm that I felt was one of the best products you could buy.

And since I was doing an interview series on product creation, what better person to have included in the series.  My only fear was whether or not he would agree to the interview.

I took a chance and sent Andrew an email asking if he would be interested.  I explained what I was doing and how impressed I was with his product.  The next thing I knew he agreed and I was on my way to interviewing him.

In this interview with Andrew, he explains his method of product creation, some of his background and some of his influences.  He is a super nice guy and if you ever get a chance to pick up one of his products I highly recommend it.

Here is the Interview with Andrew Macleod

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Joe: Hi this is Joe Wilson from Today I’m interviewing Andrew MacLeod, and I’m interviewing Andrew in a special interview series on marketing breakthroughs and how to make ten thousand dollars creating your own products that will rocket you to success. So, Andrew, welcome to the call.

Andrew: Oh, thank you Joe, it’s a, pleasure to be here, and I appreciate the invite.

Joe: Oh, thank you, I mean, I really appreciate your time. So, basically, the, the big premise with, our interview is, to kinda pose to you, with a lot of the products you’ve worked on, I mean, you’ve just, had a, a stellar release on warrior forums with, uh, the WSO tycoon, and you’ve had, uh, quick-bank profit storm has done really well, and, I wanna get, from your point of view, to help others, when they’re making their products, any of the, any tips pr advice you might have, um, for anyone who’s considering creating their own product.

Andrew: Yeah, absolutely. Well, I mean, just off the top, just the first couple of things that come to mind when you mention that are, number one, proof, and number two, you know, that anything that you do, with respect to product creation should be market-driven, at least initially. And so I guess, I’ll, I’ll explain those two points just a little bit. The first is, is proof. And I think that, um, especially when it comes to creating a product on the warrior forum, but, but also just generally. Um, any kind of product that you might want to create is going to sell, you know, exponentially better , and, is going to, you know, just generally be more persuasive in terms of getting people to, step forward, raise their hand and say, I want this, if you can prove that, you know, it does what you say it does, and, there’s, there are a lot of products out there that don’t actually do that, and, um, in terms of actually you know, the difference between like, you know, a single and a home-run, really I think is, is a very strong proof element, the ability to show people that, when I say that um, you know, I’ve made sixteen thousand dollars in five months with WSO’s, that I, I can have a video and a screen shot showing people that, exactly, that I have, I have done exactly that , and that, therefore , there’s a reason to believe that I can show them how to do that as well. And so, that proof element, I think, is a very large part of any product success, as for the second point, you know, it’s something that they definitely, I think, when they, when people get into product creation, or get into marketing in general, they make the mistake of, of trying to be product-based first, before they’re market-based, and, you know, many people smarter than me have said this many times over, so at the risk of sounding, like uh, a bit of a broken record, you just, you have to focus on the market first. And and, get inside the market’s head, understand what the market wants, um, understand the sort of, they way that they talk to one another, the jargon that they use, and when you have a bit of a keen understanding of that market, um, you’re in a much better position to basically listen to what they want and then give them what they want. And so. If you’re doing that, and providing proof, you really have, the key base ingredients for a home run in terms of product, creation and um, product release.

Joe: I think you said in one of your products, and I can’t remember whether it was WSO tycoon or quick bank profit storm, where, you’re saying that, one of the things when you’re creating, or when you’re going after a niche, is to not, what was it, not go after a niche that you feel like, but go after a niche that has a demand.

clickbank profit stormAndrew: Yeah, absolutely. There’s, one of the, one of the best sorta, marketing parables that I can, I can, think of in, relation to that is, uh, they classic Gary Halbert question that he posed in, one, in one of his newsletters where he said, if I was, if you and I were competing as hamburger stand vendors, and we were going to set up shop up right next to each other, and I was to give you any advantage that you wanted. You could have, the, bet-superior quality of meat, better advertising, you could have, you know, more condiments, you could have, you know, all of these different benefits, you could have as many of them as you wanted, and as long as I had only one, I would beat you, hands down, every single time. And, at the end of the newsletter, he revealed that the one benefit that he would require is a starving crowd. And, it’s really, a, it’s, there’s a, you know, there’s some very powerful truth to that. if you, you know, all the other, you know, benefits that he’s suggesting in that parable that other people might want to ask for, you know, the superior meat, or the better advertising or whatever, that’s all, that’s all in the, you know, ‘what product do I feel like’ making’ range. The starving crowd is really starting with the, there’s a demand for this, and I’m, I’m in a position to serve that demand. And when you do it that way, which is I guess what I meant initially by saying ‘market-driven’, you listen carefully to what the market wants and then, you respond to that by giving them, what they’re demanding , it’s very hard to go wrong. Usually you go wrong when you do it the other way. (laughs) and I can speak to personal experience about that myself too.

Joe: (laughs) I think I can too. But, I guess when, someone’s going through this, you know, the biggest, I guess, initial fear that most people have, is that, well, I don’t, I don’t, I can’t speak to, I have a starving audience but I can’t feed them, you know, so to speak, because I don’t, I don’t have what they, what they’re wanting. What would have, what could you say to that?

Andrew: Well, uh, I would say two things. Number one, I’ll just put this out there quickly, it’s always better, it’s always better, if possible, if you could be the person that has the experience. and the best way to do that is to go out, and, you know, if you’re in this for the long haul, to go out there and to try different methods, and to add your own twists to them, and find out what works for you, find out what doesn’t, put together something that works for you , and , you’re in a, a place of unique power, because now you’ve got something that you’ve created for you, that you’ve got proof, that you can replicate the results, you’ve got all the elements. Now if that’s not, an option for whatever reason, there are other avenues that you, that you could use to, to fulfill the need of the starving crowd, so to speak. One of which would be, um, you could be the, you know, the, sort of like the researcher than the, you know, there’s more than one way to be an expert, I guess is, I guess is where I’m going here. And, if you want, you can compile information from other people. So, for example, this interview series is, is a perfect example of saying, take the experience of a number of different people and, funnel it all into one course, or, or one project ,right? There’s a perfect example of how you can, how you can take something, where you can, leverage the, the benefits of other people’s experience. There’s other ways to do that as well. You could team up, with, uh you know, you could be the product creation end and another person could be the experience end, and as long as you have the experience, that there is experience within your product or whatever that can serve the market, you’re going to be just fine. So, whether that’s teaming with a another warrior on a warrior forum, whether that’s teaming up with, uh, somebody on, like, some kind of outsourcing site, like, you know, like o-desk, or guru, or elance, or something like that . So maybe you need, uh, an SEO expert because, you know, you’ve got this process but, you know, you need something to help you with; it. You know, teaming up with somebody on elance or guru is a perfectly acceptable way to do that as well. So, uh I would say that teaming up with someone on warrior, or uh, or, even compiling, like, uh, something similar to what you’re doing here, with , uh, number of experts sort of all, giving their advice into, uh one single product, those are great ways to go.

Joe: Awesome. Yeah, and I would agree, I mean, you know, the matter, and, I guess, to add to that , I know, there’s been a lot of times where I’ve written, personally written an e-book or something, that, uh, that I knew, I knew, the subject matter, but it didn’t sell (laughs) nobody wanted it.. and, you know, whether, and you know, there’s a number of reasons why that could be, and it could be just, I mean, the thing is, I guess, the biggest thing is just to be, getting out there and doing something, right?

Andrew: Oh, absolutely. You know, you miss one hundred percent of the shots you didn’t take right? if you’re not, if you’re not trying, and, we’ve all, we’ve all been there at some point , so it’s not, it’s not like any of us are so different that we’ve never been in that position,

Joe: Right.

Andrew: Certainly, I’ve been there too. But, if you’re not, if you’re not getting out there and trying stuff, you’re not learning. And if you’re not, uh, it was kinda like a, you know, the principle of a missile or a torpedo, it doesn’t reach its target by a straight line, it kinda weaves has it makes minor, minute adjustments on the way to its target. That’s the way, that learning almost anything is, really, on your way to success, right? You have to make little adjustments, and the way you make those adjustments is by, trying something, and getting the results back, and whether it works or it doesn’t work, you can, make little adjustments, and, move towards success.

Joe: Till you finally get there, yeah. So, what was, I guess, if you remember, what was one of your first products that you ever, created?

Andrew: Um, well, really, my, I mean, other than selling lemonade when I was five (laughs) Pretty sure that doesn’t count. My first real, my first real crack at it, to be perfect honest with you, was uh, profit storm.

Joe: Yeah?

Andrew: Which maybe isn’t, isn’t a great story to tell if you want to talk about making adjustments towards success, but in some ways it is. There’s a couple of lessons I think from profit storm that could definitely benefit people. I took a lot of the lessons in terms making profit storm, I had no idea where to start, so I just sorta made up my own way of doing it, and it, it turned out that it worked out pretty well. But the ideas that I did borrow from other people, I actually got, largely, from uh, from, Gee Kowisocky and his book, the “Art of the Start”, and he was actually, a, he was a Macintosh Apple guy, he was around, he worked with, worked with Apple when they were developing their first computers and he had all these different, you know, ideas, that he suggested. And one of them was that, that always stuck with me, was that the product does not have to be perfect. The important thing is that you release it and then you make improvements to it. Because getting it out there is the most important thing. and if you, if you, you don’t get it out there – excuse me – quickly enough, you’re in a position where, you know, someone else can come along and get their product out there, and, again, like, that a lot of people , you know, they hold back and they’re waiting for perfection, you know, like, ooh, I don’t know, I don’t think it’s quite right quite right, that kind of a feeling, the reality is that you can just get it out there and make adjustments as you go, and, certainly that was the case with profit storm. When, when I first released it I, I said to myself, well, how would I want, how would I want to learn this? Now that I have this system that, for affiliate marketing, that’s making me money, how would I want to learn this? So I said, well, you know, everything out there, that I’ve picked up is is, has been an e-book. And it’s not, the best learning format, right? If I could make videos that would be really good. And, the other thing that I, you know, the audio quality is not very good on a lot of video products it’s, you know, it’s difficult to hear, or whatever. So, I, when I first made it I actually went down to a local music shop in Canada, (), I don’t know if they have that in the states or not,

Joe: Not that I’ve seen.

Andrew: But, I’m sure that there is an equivalent, sort of a company. But, I rented a, rented a studio, you know, USB microphone, for, twenty dollars for a month (laughs) and, and it makes, the quality in audio, it makes, I think it makes all the difference in the world really. It makes it easier to listen to, easier to, you know, pick up on and all that kind of stuff. and I just worked on the videos, putting in sorta of, straightforward or logical format as I could and, you know, continued to, I’ve cont’d to improve and upgrade the course, over time so, you know, the original course, is not nearly as good as the course as it stands today , and, maybe that’s, maybe there’s something listeners can take away from that, it’s just, it’s, it is ok to release something and then to improve it over time. And I think that my customers have really appreciated that, and I think that other people’s will, as well.

Joe: Yeah, I was, I know when I, when I opened up your product and I started taking a look at it, I was like, oh wow, I was really pleasantly surprised to find that there was more there, than what I was expecting and so you, there was more value their than what I had anticipated and that just really made me, really glad about my purchase, you know, when I did make it.

Andrew: Yeah, and I think, uh, I think that’s been my general sort of, my general branding or something. I think, we don’t really talk a whole lot about branding when it comes to WSO on the warrior forum, but at the end of the day, there is, a little bit of, um, there are a few things to be said about branding and I guess the biggest one is that, when you release a product as a WSO or any product, you are branding yourself. And it’s very important to be conscious about, your personal brand promise to your customers and whether or not you’re delivering on that. So, sorta figuring out what it is, in themes of the product that you stand for stand for and, whether or not, deliver on that. And one of the, one of the ones that I’ve tried to go for is, um, you know, excellent value at a great price, and, and sorta delivering that feeling, that when people get that product they’re very happy with, with what they bought, for what they paid. Um.

Joe: Yeah, I would, I would agree. Especially on warrior forums because, you know, unfortunately the way, the economy of the warrior forums goes, you tend to, um, you almost have to, people sell their souls out there, sometimes, you know, in order to get that brand recognition and to get a little notoriety.

Andrew: Hm-hmm, yeah, absolutely. And, it’s just, it’s one of those ways you can set yourself apart. I mean, as wonderful a forum as warrior forum is, and it certainly is a valued asset for myself and many many other people, there’s good stuff and there’s bad stuff, right? There’s um, products that deliver, and there’s products that are, you know, a little, dubious, in nature.

Joe: Yeah.

Andrew: And the reality is that, that’s life, I mean, you’ll find that, you’ll find that range almost anywhere you go in life. But it’s very important that when there’re, when there are good products and not so good products, that you, find a way to make sure that people understand that you’re one of the good guys, you know. So, and um, I talk a little more bit about that in in WSO tycoon as you know, just, managing your, moderating your product threads in a friendly, patient, compassionate way, and making sure that you’re let people know that you’re a real person, and um, you’re not there to, you know, mess anybody about, you’re there to, be honest and upright with them at all times. And, and that goes a long way.

Joe: Absolutely. Yeah, it sure does. And it comes through, too, so easily, you know, people can, see through you, if you’re being fake in some way, you know.

Andrew: Yeah, definitely, I think, I think a lot of people make that mistake, or at least I-I’ve seen a couple of people make that mistake and I’m not sure that they’re aware of, that they’re making it. when they release a video with, you know trying to sell a product, or they, they sell the product a certain way and when you actually open and you hear them talking and there’s a like a total difference between like, the tone in the fail thread, and then the tone in the way they actually talk to you in the video. (laughs) Like, the fail thread talks to you like, they’re, you know your best friend, and then you actually open the video and it’s like, they’re talking to you like they think you’re a moron or something, right? And it’s kinda like, this is, this is sorta interesting

Joe: Yeah.

Andrew: You know, this individual has a little bit of a tone in their voice as they’re sorta, teaching you, something, which is kind of a, question mark. But, ah, I digress. I’m pretty, pretty famous for being all over the map when it comes to, you know, thinking on my feet here. (laughs) hopefully that’s not, I’m not talking this interview too far off.

Joe: (laughs) No, no, trust me , yeah, we, we’ve talked, in some of these other interviews , we’ve went all the way out into affiliate marketing, you know, and digressed and had to come all the way back to product creation, so that’s, not a problem. So –

Andrew: Oh good, we’re relativity on track, that’s excellent.

Joe: Yeah, we, relativity on topic a bit, yeah. So, with your microphone and some of the stuff that your using today obviously you’re using () to do a lot of your product creation and you’ve, you know, you’re using, going with an audio technica microphone still, or you, have you moved to a headset?

Andrew: That’s correct, yeah

Joe: Yeah?

Andrew: No, I still, what I ended up purchasing the audio-technica microphone and then I purchased a boom stand as well , which is just a little swing stand that, you know, sits beside the, computer table and I can, just talk into it, kinda like a, radio host, my, but –

Joe: You lay your videos first, you do your videos first and then you come back over and narrate em, right?

Andrew: That’s correct. Now I, some people might, might not want to do it that way. I just find, personally, that, I’m one of those guys that has a hard time walking and chewing gum at the same time I guess or something (laughs) I make, when I’m actually doing the videos , when I’m, writing text down or I’m actually going through a process where I’m just doing, the think, I need to focus on that , and then, I can’t actually talk about that while I’m doing, it’s kinda difficult, the audio quality in terms of the information you get would be, would be not very good. So, I go back over, afterwards, and I, I do the narration, just so that I can add as much value as I can by focusing on what I’m saying.

Joe: Yeah.

Andrew: I find it helps me, anyways.

Joe: Yeah, I know, and it comes across really well. You know. There was a couple of times were like, you had, you had, because you had so much information in the narration, a lot of times, like, the video would be over but you’re still talking and I’m like, ‘wait a minute did I miss something? What am I doing?’ So I’d rewind and then go back. But, no, it’s just the way, it was just the way, yeah, the video portion was done, and then you still had all this audio that you were still, still explaining, which is, which is, I’m not complaining in any way. I thought it was, great –

Andrew: Yeah, no, it’s just what I said, when I focus on one at a time I find that I can give the maximum value, and I think it was you that brought up, actually brought up the point that the only thing that was missing was to have the audios as a separate file that you could listen to in some other format. So that’s actually, that’s actually a great suggestion, and, I’m actually going to get on that and, you know, put, a like, a little audio section in there with just the audios, so –

Joe: Oh cool, well, I’m glad, I’m glad that was helpful. Yeah, cause I was, when I went through it, I was listening to them and, and, you know, multi-tasking as we always do. And, you know, I, I still have a day job , so every morning I get up, and I I take the morning commute, in, into the city, and, and so I have, a half-hour, forty minutes or so , you know, that I’m just sitting there, and I really can’t stand the the, morning DJ babble, you know.

Andrew: Oh yeah, yeah, gosh, those guys are awful, aren’t they? it doesn’t matter what city you’re in, they always get, you know, three or four knuckleheads on there to just, flapping their gums away about something. And it’s, it’s like, you sorta feel like you’re losing your brain a little bit as you listen to them talking (laughs).

Joe: Yeah, exactly, and and it’s, yeah, yeah, enough, yeah, exactly. So yeah, and that’s really good to know that, that we can look forward to seeing some, audio formats, from you, on those portions, cause I think that would be, really helpful.

Andrew: Yeah, absolutely. No I, appreciated the suggestion, I think it’ll definitely, make it more helpful of people, so that’s great.

Joe: Well, Andrew, do you have, let’s see, if you, if you have, if you have, a tip, or one, one shining piece of advice, so to speak, you know, that you would, or a warning or something, that you would give to somebody who, they’re, they’re starting to create their own project, they’re wanting to create their own project, they’ve been on the fence, and, would there be one, if you were like a, big brother to somebody to say, you know, ok, if you’re going to do this, I want you to do it this way, or, do you have any advice for somebody, one, one good tip for them?

Andrew: Um, my, probably my one good tip would be, when you’re first starting out the biggest mistake that you’re going to make is thinking that you have to make something new that hasn’t been made before. And it’s totally wrong, it’s, it’s not true at all. But we, live in a society and a culture that celebrates, we celebrate the innovators while, while sorta being slightly in denial about the reality of the, toil and frustration that is innovation. And, you know, everyone looks at someone like Steve Jobs, for example, and says like , you know, when he comes out with something new, like, the iPod or the iPad , I mean, what a great success, and isn’t this brilliant, and everything else , but, the reality is that, when the iPad, you know, came out, and they’ve made, it sold, very very well, but, the people that are going to make better margins are, blackberry, and other competitors , now that they already know, that there’s a hot market for the iPad, they’re going to come in with their product, which is going to cost them less to research, less to create, less to put together and they’re going to make better margins, and I guess, so, that’s a little bit of a (laughs) digression, but, so my –

Joe: No, that’s, those, that’s great, great analogy, yeah.

Andrew: My, my, what I would say to somebody, sorta like big brother, would be, you’re trying to shoot fish in a barrel here. not trying to do something that’s never been done , something that’s untested and unproven, because , even though, there is this overwhelming feeling like, that’s what you’re supposed to do, the reality is that innovators, they they fail far more often than they succeed, and the number two competitor in the market, the person that, after the innovator has actually created something, that the market wants, it’s the second guy in, the number two guy in, that creates something similar, but, with a slightly different marketing position, that gets all of the money, most of the time. So, so go after the markets that have been proven to buy things. If you’re going to make a product, you don’t have to say, you don’t have to pace around in circles going ‘what can I make that hasn’t been made before?’ because if it’s not already out there, that’s a war-danger sign, not a good sign. So, you want to look for something that has already sold, really well, at least in terms of general, product category, and then, in terms, inside that category, once you’ve identified , ok, like, I know that courses on affiliate marketing, teaching people about click bank , or teaching people about CPA have already sold really well. So, what can, what can I do in that product niche, where I can add some value, do something, you know, a little bit innovative, in terms of maybe a new twist on it, an new way of doing it, a simpler way of getting the traffic, you know, just, little innovations, in an already profitable market, that would be my, main suggestion.

Joe: So don’t be afraid of the competition, either.

Andrew: No.

Joe: Or think, that, well just because this is a, hot market, everybody’s in there, don’t make any assumptions, like that.

Andrew: Yeah, there’s always room for one more. Don’t ever be afraid of competition. Competition is how you know you’re that, you’re probably digging in the right spot. So I guess, that would be, that would be, my, my biggest tip, cause I, I would say probably the number one, number cause of failure, in terms of products, is just that they, there’s a lot of pressure, self-imposed pressure to try, to try and make something that’s never been made before, and, that’s just not the way that, not the way that it usually works out the best, in most cases.

Joe: Awesome. So I guess, that brings us around to, what are you working on today? What’s going on with, with you Andrew right now? What’s, what’s your, plan, for the near future, I know you just came out with WSO tycoons, so you’re probably, still, kinda working with that, but I’d be interested to know where you’re at today?

Andrew: Well, well, we start with the () of today, I, I’ve been, a full time internet marketer and and marketing consultant, here for, over a year now, so, I woke up, about an hour and a half ago.

Joe: Wow, sweet. That’s awesome.

Andrew: Which is, I don’t know. I’ve always been more of a, night-hawk , kind of a person, like waking up early, I’ve had jobs where I’ve had to wake up extremely early and it was never, it was never something that improved my performance in any regard (laughs). So.

Joe: Well I tell you, your story of the, when you were working on the oil rig, that was, I was, that’s actually a really good story that you, it’s part of your copy, ah, profit storm, I thought that was interesting, I mean, how you came from –

Andrew: Yeah, yeah. I’ve, it was not exactly the most fun you could ever have, but certainly a part of my life and a part of my history, yeah, too, at one point, just when, the, just just before the financial crisis started crumbling around everybody, but I was, I had been working on an oil rig for some time to, to sorta make ends meet. God, that’s not a lot of fun.

Joe: Yeah.

Andrew: It does motivate you though to find alternative options, I’ll tell you that. (laughs)

Joe: (laughs) Yeah, I would think so, yeah. Cause just reading it I was like, ‘oh my god,’ I was, no matter how bad my day is, I just, that one day on a rig just sound like it’s gotta be the worst , worst-

Andrew: Yeah, it’s absolutely brutal. And I wasn’t, I wasn’t even like a, quote-on-quote skilled, you know labor , I’m one of those, so I wasn’t a drill hand, or a motor hand, or a derrick hand, I was the, the floor hand, which is colloquially known as the rig-pig , which is the guy who stands at the bottom of the grate and gets covered in oil while he, does every filthy job imaginable, there are, quite a few filthy jobs on an oil rig, I can tell you.

Joe: Ah, gosh. But, back to-

Andrew: Yeah, I guess – oh sorry, go ahead.

Joe: No, I was just, gonna say, I was living in Texas for a while, and there’s a lot of people, a lot of friends of mine, yeah, they would get jobs on rigs, and, and various different, you know, oil projects and, every single one of them never had a good thing to say.

Andrew: Well, yeah, I mean, you make, you make decent money but it’s not, you know, it it took me a long time to figure this out, probably longer than it should have but it’s not about how much money you make, it really is about the money that you make, and then, comparing it to, you know, how you make it, in terms of, you know, the quality of life, it’s providing you with. Like if you, you could make three hundred thousand a year, but if you, like, work, eighty hours a week, like, your quality of life is pretty much, it’s questionable right? It’s very questionable. And so, there has to be that, at least for me I found that, there has to be that balance between like, making money, but also making it in a way that, you wake up and you actually enjoy life. You know, you don’t, cursing the skies every day, so (laughs).

Joe: (laughs)

Andrew: Yeah, back to, back to sorta what I’m doing, these days. I’m still, still just handling, WSO tycoon which is, you know, sold very well, so I’m, I’ve taken on a couple of, couple of copywriting projects for a few warriors that have requested that I write, re-write their, copy write for them, and, other than that, I am looking, considering, opening up my copywriting services to, members, like anybody in the forum as a separate, you know, service,

Joe: Right.

Andrew: Although I’m, I’m sorta weighing, the, the pros and cons of like, the opportunity to continue, um, improving my copy by, you know, getting the extra contracts with, with the time and intensity of writing copy, which is, it’s very, it’s reasonably time intensive, and, in some ways, that goes slightly counter to the, the goals of the IM lifestyle (laughs) so. and, you know, that’s actually that’s one of the reasons that, that I don’t offer, you know, a lot of guys offer a one-on-one coaching and all that kind of stuff, and then they try and stuff as many people in as they can, and I had, I had one customer ask me ‘why, why don’t you offer, one-on-one coaching’? I said, well, you know, the thing about one-on-one coaching is that, you know, it’s, there’s a set time, and a set schedule to it, so, you know, it’s, if you get, a reasonable number of people involved with your coaching, it sorta becomes a real job, and, that’s not really, you know one of the benefits , definitely, for me, is to be able to make money and, also, at the same time, have free time, I think, free time is like, and, disposable time, or, or, discretionary time. And is, one of the huge benefit and draws to, internet marketing, so. I like to keep mine as free as possible, (laughs), so I can sleep in, until the crack of noon.

Joe: Yeah, right?

Andrew: But, yeah.

Joe: Time is, time is like, our, that’s our most valuable asset, if you think about it, you know?

Andrew: Yeah, certainly, not everyone has come to that, you know, experience or realization yet, but, certain, certainly I’m there, and, a number of other people are as well. You only have to work a few jobs that you really hate before you realize how important time is, and how time can slow down to second by second when you’re doing something really unpleasant. So, yeah, definitely. but yeah, in terms of what else, what else is on, on the horizon here, um, at this point, not too much , just sorta, humming along smoothly, thinking about, I’m thinking about maybe creating a membership, sort of a thing, where, I, I deliver basically the same WSO quality of products and things every month but to, you know, a group of subscribers, so that, I sorta stop, advertising things publicly on the warrior forum, that’s sorta been an idea, that’s… you know, again, all of these, these things that I come up with, like the ideas that I come up with, a lot of them have to do with, you know, peo- customers or other warriors, emailing me or private messaging me and requesting these things. I get enough requests and it starts to make sense all of a sudden. So, it’s all about, what I said before, listening to what the market wants. Like when I get ten warriors that say, hey, I really like your copy, would you like to write some copy for me. It sorta occurs to me at that point, after I get beaten over the head with it, that, this might be a good idea to offer. So I think, yeah, that’s pretty much all that’s, all that’s going on right now. I have a couple of, little fun projects that I’m working on, one of which, one of which is an offline marketing, sort of a project. I, I have to admit, I’m –

Joe: A lot, a lot of people are getting into offline marketing big-time. I mean, I guess there’s a big demand for it right now. Cause I know, it’s huge, on warrior forum.

Andrew: Yeah, it’s, it’s become a very power product niche on market on warrior forum for sure, and, I think the reason why people want to get into it is pretty, pretty clear, there’s a huge market for it. The market is relatively ignorant of the processes or the process that, that drive SEO and web marketing and stuff like that. So, anytime that you have, you know, intangible value on the table you’re, you’re in a position to, within reason, name your price, which makes offline marketing very attractive. Certainly it’s, it’s not something that I’m drawing , you know, any, significant amount of income from at this point, I’m literally, I like playing around with it, so I’ve, I’ve almost started a couple of different offline marketing things but, that’s, just one of those things, I think everybody has something they like to tinker with,

Joe: Sure.

Andrew: And, even though I’ve got a couple of things that are working for me, I’ve just been tinker around with offline marketing so, whatever, whatever turns into something, I, the warrior forum will be sure to know, I’m sure.

Joe: Right. Well that, and that’s the great thing about, being at a, a position where you’re full time and, you’ve got, you’ve got your, your revenue streams that are coming into your life, and you’ve got the time to now, sit back and go, ok, now what do I want to do, what do I want to work on. What do I want to do, you know, in order to kinda, make my life better, or to, generate more income, or whatever it is you may want to have as a goal.

Andrew: Yeah, absolutely , you get to start, you get to start, asking really neat questions, that, that give you, inspiration for life, and I think that that, coming from a person that, at several periods in my life, I have not had a lot of inspiration. You know, based on what I had to do to make money. the oil rig being one of those (laughs) I, I absolutely appreciate that ability for sure. So you get to ask yourself really neat questions when all of a sudden it’s, you know, keeping a roof over your head and all that stuff is no longer, is no longer a stressor. You get to sit, ask questions like, what can I do with what I’m doing right now to leverage it even more, so that, every time I work for an hour, this process or this system or this method, it works for twenty hors, or forty hours, or, what can I do to leverage, everything I’m doing as much as possible, so that, you know, so that it not only continues to be effective, it increases the amount of free time that I have to, that I have at my, discretion. Which is, it’s a really neat sort of question because any of the answers that you come up with are gonna sorta lead you in that direction of more free time, more freedom les, less work, more fun, which is, it’s awesome, right?

Joe: Yeah, definitely. Well Andrew, thank you, so much for being on the call, and, sharing all your experiences I mean, the, WSO tycoon , I think, it was a first, I mean, Mike Lance, handing out WSO pro license, was, was amazing. And I think (laugh)

Andrew: Yeah, I was thrilled that he decided to do that, it was very generous of him, and, it was a good fit, really I think, because the WSO tycoon takes you through, you know, how to become very proficient with WSO pro, so I think it’s, sorta like the perfect pairing to actually have the license go with it, but yeah, that was awesome, I was very thrilled that he decided to do that.

Joe: Yeah, that was, and I have to, I have to be honest cause I saw, I saw, you know, you have WSO’s of the day come by, all the time, and, you see them and you’re like, ok, ok, I don’t, I’m not there, it’s a bright shiny object, I can’t, I gotta ignore it, I have to move on.

Andrew: (laughs) Totally, totally, cause there’s always, well, I mean, it’s the marketing, right? they’re always positioned in that way, Mike is very good with his headlines in terms of, being able to write, you know, a hundred characters or less that make you just have to click through to find out what it’s all about, he’s he’s very good at it, for sure. (laughs)

Joe: Yeah. But yeah, so, yeah, and so, when I saw, when I saw, he’s over, he’s over here, just like, just, blowing away, and, giving it away, I’m like, ok, alright, hold on, I have to stop what I’m doing, and, and this is a bright shiny object I need to check out, and I’m really glad I did, I really am. W’s – getting more familiar with WSO’s is always been something that’s been on my to do list of what I wanted to do , but, you always kinda like, you get excited about your own project and you just kinda throw it out there, and slap it up against the wall and see if it sticks, you know.

Andrew: Yeah.

Joe: And most of the time it doesn’t. But anyway. Andrew, oh, thank you so much, it’s been great to have you on the call, and, we look forward to, seeing more, great stuff from you, and, I know that the listeners have really had a good time here, with this interview.

Andrew: Oh thanks, thank you again for the invite, I really appreciate it, and, hopefully my, my rambling all over the place, has, yeah, given your listeners something, to, that will hopefully help them move forward in taking that next step towards, product creation and success.

Joe: Absolutely, thanks.


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