Interview with Brian G. Johnson

Interview with Brian G. JohnsonI’d like to kick off this series of posts with the interview I did with Brian G. Johnson.  I have to tell you, Brian is one of the BEST guys I know in this business.  He is super successful and he has no problems pulling back the curtain on his business and letting you see the exact method he uses for making his business a success.

As a matter of fact his newest endevour, Marketing Easy Street is exactly that!  He shows you exactly how to make money online. And it’s completely free.

But without further ado – here is the Interview with Brian G. Johnson

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Joe: This is a special interview series on marketing breakthroughs and how to make $10,000 creating your own products that will help you Rocket to Success!

Today, I have the great pleasure of interviewing an amazing internet marketer, super affiliate, SEO expert, and mentor to me, Brian G. Johnson.

So Brian, welcome to the call!

Brian: Hey Joe! It’s Good to talk with you.

Joe: Good to talk with you too!

So Brian, as you know, I’ve been an affiliate and a fan of yours for a long while, you’re one of the first marketers I trusted when I got into internet marketing. I think one of the first things I saw from you was the video where you were promoting or talking about BANS-Build a Niche Store.

Brian: Yeah, yeah…I recommend people get into video all the time. It’s a really powerful medium. And maybe you saw me on YouTube I’m guessing. Is that where you think you saw me then?

Joe: I think it was off of YouTube, and then it directed me to your site, your net marketing course site.

Brian: Oh, ok. You were on my site somehow and I had a video embedded or something like that.

Joe: Yeah, you sure did.

Brian: Yeah, that’s really a powerful combination. I remember speaking about video years ago. I kind of had decided that was something I was interested in, and I wanted to explore it. But at the time, the technology wasn’t really dumbed down enough for me. One of the things that I think has propelled me to success is the fact that I just try to keep things really simple, and I had a feeling that where video was at the time, I was just going to spend too much time trying to figure out video codex, and cameras, and where was I going to host the video? YouTube had been around for maybe six months, so I thought, this looks interesting. There’s a little embed code and what not. And then, I remember when I got to the tilting point if you will, flip camcorders had come out. And I read a review in PC magazine and I was like, this sounds perfect. Point. Click. There’s no tape or no medium you need to buy. You just plug a USB into your computer and you can access the video, and that’s kind of how I got my start in video…years ago.

Joe: Yeah, you definitely were a pioneer in video really. I mean you were one of the first guys to adapt it to get better search engine rankings.

Brian: Yeah, yeah, definitely. Like I said, it’s kind of like a double edged sword if you will. There’s a lot of really powerful things. Like having the ability to embed video into your site makes your site stickier. People like to watch videos. I mean, let’s face it, this is the age of T.V. and relaxing and what not, and if you put a thousand word tutorial on your website and ask people to read it, or you put a five minute video, the video is going to be a lot easier for people to grasp. So once you get people on your site, it kind of creates that sticking aspect that you’re looking for. At the same time, as far as the ability to drive traffic, you have the ability to not only have your sites ranking, but videos on YouTube ranking. And I just saw it as like wow, this is going to be pretty cool.  I just started applying it in a lot of different ways, and it was really pivotal. In fact, one of the things before the interview I mentioned, I’m looking to spend some time on my marketing site…net marketing course… next year, and I’m getting ready to go after video again and use some new ideas and new tactics and what not.

I really recommend people think about video. You don’t have to have T.V. Good looks, you don’t have to be polished (laughing). Man I can show you some really goofy videos of myself when I got started, but I didn’t let that get me down. I was just like, well what do I need to do to move forward with video? It was pretty awesome!

Joe: It’s all about the content, right?

Brian: Yeah, you know it’s easy to lose track of that, but at the end of the day, people aren’t on YouTube searching “How to Make Money Online” or “The Best Affiliates”…they’re not looking for glamorous, great looking, high-tech videos. They want real information from real people.  You can look at a million PLR books on any subject you want, but do you really know that those methods really work? And I think when you can get into video, people will understand that and that’s what they connect with. I’m guessing, and you mentioned at the beginning of this call, I was one of the first people you trusted. I think that’s why. You know you can really transmit that real aspect of marketing. You know, what’s really working. Obviously this guy has had some experience and is doing some things and what not.

Joe: You’re absolutely right. There was something very genuine about the way you were presenting yourself and presenting the information that I believed you. I believed that the success that you were talking about and that you were having was possible for me. And sure enough, I put a lot of the things that you told me to in place and that’s when I started to make money. It was just amazing.

Brian: Yeah, that’s awesome! I gotta tell you that’s really so nice to hear. One of the things I share with people a lot is that I basically have three things that drive me. In fact, right now I’m sitting in my library and I’m looking at this coffee table, and it’s got three pegs that hold up the glass section where you set stuff. That’s kind of like my foundation. What I’m trying to do is really have fun, and that’s super, super important to me. I think probably a lot of people would say that’s bullshit, but if you really study some of the stuff I’ve done…I mean, when I started getting into video, I decided I would produce a cooking show in my home, and I think I produced close to thirty videos . I spent a tremendous amount of time, and it hasn’t made me any money.  That’s the bottom line (laughing). I’ve probably seen a few hundred bucks from it. But I did it because number one, I wanted to learn, and that excites me. I thought making videos sounded fun. I thought that it sounded fun to have a show on YouTube, and so I did that. With internet marketing it’s the same way. I’m really passionate about what I do and having fun, so that’s really important.

The second thing that’s really important to me is to be able to help and support people, so you telling me hey I got your stuff…I believed and trusted in your methods…it made sense to me…I started taking action and I started seeing some results… That’s awesome to be able to have fun and help people.

The third thing is to be able to make money. I try to make as much money as I possibly can. I don’t feel bad about that, but at the same time it’s not my singular motivation. I see a lot of marketers that all they do is chase money, and in some regards so often it can really curtail or short change your ability to get what your after because if it’s just about the money you end up chasing things for the wrong reasons. I can think of some marketers that started out around the same time I did and when I look at my growth I feel it’s been a slow and steady burn as far as that I came out with a product, called Revenue Domains Exposed, and I probably made $1500 the first month and that was fine. I was happy with that. I think the product you probably bought first was SEO Press Formula.

Joe: It was, yup.

Brian: In that one, I might have made $10,000 in the first month and that was fine. Right around that same another marketer, who will remain nameless, came out with a product and he sold, I think, 4500 copies. Brand new…first product…it was like 4th of July. Fireworks were going off, everyone was mailing, it was a big hoopla. Well, this guy went forward and just focused 100% on the marketing. What’s hot right now? What do people want? He started going in directions that he really didn’t know about, and he didn’t have that platform as far as helping people and wanting to have fun. He just solely chased the marketing and today he’s having a hard time. His list doesn’t trust him…it’s almost like he’s lost a little bit, so I think it’s important to really understand what you’re trying to achieve and what not. I think sometimes by just following the money you can actually make life more difficult for yourself down the line.

Joe: Yeah, I totally agree. I think we’re all in this together. In one way or another we all belong on someone else’s list and you can tell when somebody is just…when all they’re doing is marketing to you and not just carrying on a conversation.

Brian: Yeah, exactly. That’s one of the reasons like this next year I want to spend more time on my personal marketing blog and get back to some of that grass roots stuff I used to do when you kind of hooked up with me. What carries me now is that other people promote for me, they believe in me,  I built JV Partnerships, and that was really hard. Let me tell you, getting people to back you is no easy feat. But one of the things that really worked to my advantage, and if you’re… The product you’re going to be creating Joe, can you tell me just a little bit about that?

Joe: Sure! Well, basically you know every marketer has a key moment when they’re building their business. Where there was an “Ah ha!” moment or a product launch just sky rocketed them to the next level. I know for you, you’ve probably got that same moment when you were building your business. What I’m wanting to know from you is, what was your moment? What happened with you?

Brian: Well, I think, for me and how I got where I am today and that “Ah ha!” moment, was really just kind of like I said…I mean I don’t want to tell people that it’s not possible to have that big coming out party. Like there’s this new marketer and you should really check out his stuff, because that can really happen. But at the same time, it doesn’t have to be overnight. We don’t have to go from $0 to $500,000 in a year in 45 days. I know there’s a lot of messages out there on the internet, but if you really find people that are successful, and they’re making some money, they’re probably going to tell you that it took a little bit longer than that. So, the first thing I would say is that I had a pretty clear idea of where I wanted to go. And I had decided that I was interested in creating my own products, and I had a plan of attack and I stayed true to that. I didn’t get derailed and what not. And I think, for me, the reason I’m at where I am today is I tried to offer something of value to people, and when I didn’t have JV Partners and when I didn’t have those things people often talk about, I just kind of relied on my own marketing. And some of the stuff we talked about at the beginning of this interview, kind of going to that area as far as doing videos…I can tell you right now, when I had my YouTube channel I came out with SEO Press Formula and I did have some people back me, I had some support, and that was great. But, it’s like in the JV circle…if you get someone to mail once, that’s great. If you get someone to mail twice, that’s rare, but it can happen. You’ll get some people that’ll really push hard, and that’s two mailings which is kind of silly, but that’s the reality. And a month later you’re old news. So, what happens to the product you’ve been working on? Well, what I did is I basically said OK, I just created a product on WordPress. Today WordPress is the defacto. Everybody uses WordPress.  At the time when I came out with SEO Press Formula, it was something that I had been tinkering with for probably 2-3 years, and for a lot of people it was brand new. And I said, well, how can I continue to build MY brand and create the Brian Johnson brand and integrity and ideas about SEO and all that, and I just looked at what people were searching for, and I figured, well, I’m making videos about that and I’ll mention my product, SEO Press Formula. And that’s really a great way to have a … what do I do after the promotion? Ok, I’m going to create a product, and I’m gonna package it up, and I’m gonna sell it, and I’m gonna get some JV partners on board…but what do I do afterwards? I mean, sure, you can start creating your next product, but why not do some videos that really will have a positive impact on multiple different fronts to your business? You know when I have a video that gives people real information they didn’t pay for, right there I’m helping them, I’m giving them some ideas about what might work…and when I come out with another one and another one, after awhile they start wondering…well, gosh, the videos are pretty Goad, I wonder about that paying stuff must be even better. So you brand yourself, you build trust and you start making more sales, and then it starts to snowball. That’s one of the things that I really did a lot in the very beginning to get a base foundation. So that’s one of the pivotal points for me as far as product creation, and selling my own products.

I think the second tip that I would give people, and this is kind of what I did for the second part, and this basically happened about a year ago… is I was kind of the new guy coming up and I was a smaller player, and I still consider myself to be, you know, very small, but the amount of money I’m able to make is absolutely tremendous. And to get noticed, to get people on board, to get JV Partners potentially lined up, you know, how do you do that? How do you get started? Well, there’s a couple things you can do. Number one is to get noticed you can join someone’s mentor program. So, you know, if someone’s gonna help you, if someone’s gonna mail for you, the chance of that happening if you’ve hung out with them to a certain extent is probably gonna be much greater rather than if you just send someone a blind email. So, it was by chance that when I launched my first product, Revenue Domains Exposed, Alex Goad was launching a membership site about creating digital products.  I said well, hmmm, that’s kind of what I am planning on doing, that’s my goal, this guy seems to have an awful lot of buzz right now, he’s got a YouTube video, and I thought, well, I’m going to join that membership site. And I kind of started getting close to Alex, and then sure enough, when it was time for me to launch SEO Press Formula, he was one of the guys that mailed for me. So, that’s one of the ways where you can basically get in with people. Look for…don’t try to get 100 top internet marketers to promote your product. Try to find 5 or 10 people that you have respect for and that you would like to do business with, people that you would like to mail. Like, I did a promo for Mark Ling the other day, and Mark Ling is a guy that does a lot of similar stuff that I do, he’s in affiliate marketing, so that would be someone that I would be willing to mail for. So it made sense for me to try to do well for him on his launches. And when I came out with Commission Ritual I was actually able to get Mark Ling to mail for me. And the way I did that was he had a launch for a product called Affiliate Blueprint, and it was a solid course about affiliate marketing, so I did everything I could to get on his leader board. So, instead of just saying “Oh, by the way, I’ve got a great course out will you mail for me?”  That just doesn’t cut it. There’s far too many great courses on various topics today. You know, and absolutely there’s a lot of crappy ones out there, no doubt about it. But there’s plenty of guys producing a lot of great stuff. So, instead of just kind of begging, you know, I sent an email and said “Hey, by the way Mark, I’m glad I was able to push some traffic and sales your way. It was great to see my name in the top 20 JV Partners, I’m launching this thing in a couple months…” And he was open to the fact. He didn’t say yes, but that started the conversation. And he was my number one selling JV Partner. So, again, it’s kind of a way to get to know someone and almost do something for someone before you ask for a favor. I made sales for Mark, I drove traffic. I came into Alex’s program about creating digital products, and I was on the forum and I was very active and what not. And he saw that so when it came time for me to crank out a digital product, it was almost to his benefit to support me. That makes him look Goad as well. So, you know those are really a few things that have…that I’ve really based my business on in the last few years as far as being a product vendor that help me to succeed. And you know, the last I’d say Joe is that it takes a lot of time, and it takes a lot of energy, and you know for all the positive things that have happened I’ve had a lot of road blocks. And I think often times people get started with IM and they just expected it to be a smooth sail, they expect “Oh, according to this sales page…” Well, it’s a marketing message you know, and yeah, a lot of times you can find products that make your life much, much easier, and allow you to do things you could not do if you didn’t have that product, but it doesn’t mean you’re not going to have to learn. It doesn’t mean that everything you’ve ever wanted to figure out about IM is going to be covered. So, you know, yeah, I was able to get partners like Mark Ling and Alex Goad behind me, but I also had people that…I’ll mention another marketer who will remain anonymous. He had a product coming out and I basically want to do the same thing for him. I respected the stuff he had done personally, and I thought… You know, this is a guy that creates pretty solid products, I wouldn’t have a problem at all mailing for him. So, I’m going to do my best to get on board with his next launch or two and just, you know, get noticed. And he had come out with a launch, and he was in pre-launch, and at this time my list was pretty small, but I managed to send him hundreds and hundreds of opt-ins, which is not an easy feat by any stretch of the imagination for the size of the list I had. And the way I did that was I created a killer bonus and I offered it to anyone who opted-in. And they didn’t even have to buy anything, they just had to opt-in. And that resulted in hundreds and hundreds of opt-ins, and I was with the biggest guys in internet marketing…this was a year and a half ago…and unfortunately, his launch kind of failed. And the day his product went live, he had all kinds of problems with shopping carts and this and that, and I invested a lot of time and energy and it never really gelled as I had hoped. And he was just like, “Oh, what I can do? I have to take care of the partners who have made sales for me in the past and you haven’t…” And I was like, gosh, I sure would’ve! (laughing) But that’s just part of it, so I think expecting bumps in the road, expecting that’s it’s gonna take some effort, and really a slow and steady pressure wins the day. You want to be aggressive, but it’s certainly not a sprint, it’s more of a marathon.

So, those are some ideas. Probably, you know, a whole bunch of them.

Joe: No, yeah, that’s fantastic. That’s exactly what our listeners are looking for because everyone is trying to…or at least the suggestion that I have… and that’s the biggest reason I wanted you on this call and to do this interview is because you’ve produced so many great products, and I think they’re just quality products. And the people who are listening to this are working on their own products, and these tips are for them to help them make their products better, and to learn from you.

Brian: Well, that’s awesome, and I’m glad to be able to come on the call and help you out Joe. You know, that’s what It’s all about.  You’ve been with me since SEO Press Formula…that’s about 2 ½-3 years ago, which on the internet as we all know, is about 60 years or so…So, hopefully you’ll go out and do great with this. And I know you’ve got a lot of good ideas and I’m sure that’s exactly what will happen.

Brian G. JohnsonI guess the last tip I would give people is to pay attention to the marketing. That’s really important. But, in the circle of internet marketing, I feel that that’s all I ever hear about. Like, what ever happened to creating a really great product, and then worry about the marketing. I don’t hear a lot of guru’s talking about make the greatest product, it’s all about… well, you can do this to make it quicker and you can do this to make it easier for you. It’s like there’s nothing wrong with trying to find a short cut, but what I can tell you is that if you create something of true value, it will really make you stand out in the market.  And it’s certainly a lot easier to get those partners on board when you’re coming out with great products and what not. So, sales is very, very important but, you know, try to make something a little unique. Try to make something that offers a new twist. And there’s nothing wrong with taking some old ideas and packaging them together and putting your stamp on it. That’s really what I did with Commission Ritual. I took some concepts that have been around for awhile, but I just wrapped it into the Brian Johnson way of doing things, and it worked out great for me. That was kind of the course that gave me a pop in the market place.

Joe: Yeah, you’ve always talked about things that I think no one else has ever…I mean, I think you were the first person I ever heard talking about making sure you have outbound links on your site to help with the SEO when everyone else was saying “No, use no follow links..” and stuff like that.

Brian: That’s true. And I mean, you need to go on personal experience, and one of the things I’ve always based my business around…I think, you know when we  started having an interview it’s like, is this an interview about being a product marketer, or is this a product vendor? Is this an interview about being an affiliate marketer, or being SEO? There’s like a lot of different things that I do and you need to be true to yourself, and one of the things I mentioned that is common and I’ll mention it again is to just have focus and understand where you want to go and stay on that path. And when I first got started 10 yrs ago, I bought all the ebooks, I read all the stuff coming out…all the things we all do…and me personally I decided; Affiliate marketing, because I don’t want employees and I’m certainly not complicated, I can’t have that kind of a business. I don’t know how to make that work. So, affiliate marketing made sense for me. And then I needed to have traffic, and again, kind of going back to I’m not a real sophisticated guy, I certainly don’t want to get tangled up in this pay-per-click. I’ve tried it probably 4 times, and I never spend more than $20 or $40 bucks on the thing just because it gets to the point now where, you know I can be doing other things that I know are going to result in financial gain and what not. But I decided SEO and driving traffic would be the other thing I would focus on and I just studied the heck out of Google, and when you really look at what Google says about creating sites and Webmaster, guidelines and the various PDF’s that they come out with, and Matt Cutts…and I remember when Matt Cutts wasn’t Matt Cutts he was the Google guy on Webmaster World…You know, like, linking up to other sites…doesn’t it kind of make sense? If you’re trying to gain traction, I mean, obviously Google’s going to do things in a way where they look for commonalities, like what do affiliates do and let’s just build that into the algorithm. Oh, well they never link out to any sites unless it’s an affiliate link. It’s so easy to program that into the algorithm, and you do a couple other things. Like if you use a regular affiliate link you’re just pretty much dead in the water. Like, oh, there’s an affiliate link, there’s no outbound links, and that’s gonna result in not much traffic from Google unfortunately. So, that’s how that whole thing kind of came about.

Joe: I know when I first heard about it, I was like “No way Brian! You’ve got to be kidding me!” You know? And yeah, I took a couple of sites and I threw on some outbound links and next thing I know those sites were ranking. It just blew my mind.

Brian: Well, I don’t know, I think, again, what happened there? I mean, how did that happen? Well,  it’s because all the marketers talk about is the marketing. “Oh, if you have 100 visitors on your website, gosh, you’re gonna bleed page rank! Oh my God! God forbid! You’re gonna bleed…You’re gonna lose a sale!” Well, if you don’t have 100 visitors on your site, then what the hell do you do? (laughing) I mean, stuff is coming from these guys that make millions of dollars a year, are they really in there, in the trenches, trying to figure this stuff out? I mean, realistically, if you construct your site in a way, those outbound links aren’t gonna do you much damage…You know, absolutely. Are people gonna leave your site to an outbound link that doesn’t earn you money? Yeah, absolutely! Is it gonna ruin your business financially? Well, like you said, it’s probably gonna help. You know the biggest thing I always say is if you lose 20%, and you get 1000 visitors my way a month, you’re still left with 800 visitors. Can you get 800 visitors kind of using the old school way, you know, maybe. But it’s probably a lot easier doing it my way and you’re going to get ranking a lot quicker.

Joe: Absolutely.

Brian: It’s all fascinating stuff though isn’t it Joe? It’s kind of like a big game of Monopoly or Chess, and kind of turbo charged, you know?

Joe: I heard Frank Kern one time, he said one of the things he loved about doing internet marketing is because he considers it like a big video game.

Brian: Yeah, absolutely. I mean, I’m kind of wrapping up on the Halloween thing and I should ask you…tell me about your experience with Halloween. You sent me an email and the subject was something like, “Thanks for a great holiday again Brian!”.

Joe: And that’s the thing, is every year, every holiday, it’s my best time of year, is Halloween and Christmas. And like this past year, I think one of the things I learned from you was to…and it was something so simple…and it was just to, you find a good thing and you replicate it. You find it. It’s like you have tapped into a vein that is working for you, then focus on that and duplicate it. Make it bigger. Make it better. And that’s what I did.

Brian: Well that’s great! It’s so easy to try to want to create that formula again…I mean I think for, like when we talk about the big game…that’s the game. Right? Like trying to figure out how to make money. How do you actually do it? You know, like those outbound links,  and the right marketing, and the right product you’re going after…and when everything gels, it’s such a rush and it’s such an exhilarating feeling that it’s natural to want to do that again.

But the flip side of that is for all the things that I try, about 20-25% of them really get me the results I’m after. So, if that’s all I’m every doing, I’m kind of short changing my ability to earn money online.

Brian G. Johnson

How did you do this year? As far as Halloween goes?

Joe: I did pretty good! I guess I was expecting a bit more, but I got extremely busy…I still have a day job…so, my day job took a lot of my time from me. So, I really wanted to promote and do a lot more back linking than I did, and really get those up. But I did better than last year…I’ll probably make a couple thousand…which is pretty good for me. I’m really happy about it.  I have one site, that even, you know, I’m looking at the analytics and it’s just now starting to taper off.

Brian: Sure, well I can give you a tip. Get some adsense on the sites that are driving a lot of traffic right now, because the traffic should stay pretty steady all the way through Halloween and you might generate some adsense.

Joe: You know, I was just thinking that…well, product sales are going to start down about now because of shipping…no one’s going to be able to ship…but, the information is still there so adsense would be really good to put up.

Brian: Yeah, absolutely…definitely cash in in that regard. You know, I’ll tell you…and you know, I try to be the guy that’s filled with integrity…Google was brutal this year. I mean, Google was really hard this year. Compared to last year I probably did 50% of the costume sales that I did last year. And you know, it’s disappointing. I wanted to see people do better, but at the end of the day, I step back and I say, “well, wait a minute…”you know, you go to my forum for Halloween super affiliate and there’s like thread after thread “The first time I ever made money…the first time I ever made money…” and a bunch of people made hundreds of dollars and a whole bunch of people that made thousands, and a couple of guys…you know, one of my students he actually makes more than I do on Halloween. That almost might be illegal, but it’s true (laughing). So, it’s great to see, and I kind of saw what Google did this year, and it kind of happened with the May Day update and obviously to me…and I was just going into Halloween Super Affiliate, and so I tweaked some of the content for the course just to kind of reflect that. But still, it had happened so soon, so I kind of started thinking as far as where to go now.  Right now the game has started afresh for me because I’m launching 6-8 new sites, brand new, they’re going to be “authority” websites, and I’m just applying some new SEO and some new tactics and new thinking and for me, that’s the joy of it. You know, I could probably make more money just cranking out a new course and getting that to the market, but I want to come with something in 6 months, or 5 months, or 12 months that’s based on me staying in the SEO game and what not so I know I can deliver something that really will help people. So that’s really what it’s all about I think really, you know?

Joe: Absolutely. So, what are you working on these days? Do you have any new products or anything new that’s about to come out?

Brian: Well, actually, yeah, I actually have something that’s kind of interesting. And one of the things I’ve mentioned as far as just trying to offer some good content for free in the beginning. The YouTube channel was a great way to do that…having a marketing blog. I did a lot of that when I started. You know you can’t…one of the things  that has become painfully evident to me personally is that you can’t do everything, so for me that kind of went by the wayside for about 2 years. I’m hoping to do some more of that this coming year. I’m actually working on a book, an ebook… maybe I’ll put it on Amazon, I’m not sure exactly how that’s going to go down…but, I’ve got a book coming out. It’ll be free, so I guess the sales message is you should probably get it because it won’t cost you anything (laughing). I guess I don’t need to have a copywriter for that one. But I’m putting together kind of an ebook…I think it’ll really be great for kind of the intermediate level marketer. For someone at your level Joe, I think it will be perfect. For someone just getting started, you know, check out Commission Ritual, how to put up a website. But what I’m working on now is actually called Giveaway Profits. And when I think about our interview, I think it’s a perfect product for what you’re creating. Really this book talks about, instead of like, creating your first product, why not give it away? The impact it can have can be enormous financially. You can still make bucket loads of money. You can gain a tremendous following. You’re giving something away to people that fosters goodwill, people like you for that. And if you can really package something together that offers true value, then, you know, it starts to go viral. “You should get this free thing by this guy named Joe or this guy named Brian because you might find it helpful in some way.”And then as far as monetization…you know, when I do a course, I talk about a lot of different stuff, and you know I use free tools and I use pay tools. And if I can offer a pay tool to a reader, why not do that? All my products in the beginning I kind of say, “Hey, look, by the way, I’m an affiliate marketer”…and some people think you shouldn’t include an affiliate link in the ebook and I think that’s just kind of silly…You know, why not if you really and truly are recommending a product you use yourself. So you can do that and you can do really, really well.  You can kind of take that principal, it’s nothing really new, but I don’t think a lot of people do it the right way. In fact, I think a lot of people kind of screw it up. “Oh I get it. I’m supposed to have a free giveaway on my blog, and I get an opt-in form…” So, what do you think? Joe, I’m asking you the question, what do you think most people do?

Joe: Well, they’ll either find some PLR or they’ll just write up something that really not all that great and offer the giveaway to get somebody to sign up to their list.

Brian: Exactly! When’s the last time you opted in to get one of those PLR books, you know they have the nice graphics…they look kind of nice. But, it’s like, there’s no connection between you and the marketer giving it away because it’s…they all kind of look the same. So I think that’s what this book is really about. It’s about, don’t do it that way because…and this is kind of another take away for your readers… is that often times marketers and consumers that are buying this stuff, are looking for the easy button and looking for the easy way, and that’s fine. I look for those too. But not at the sacrifice of getting what I’m after, and if you’re trying to make money or you’re trying to build a list of readers, you’re gonna spend time buying PLR and creating an opt-in form and creating a list…and doing these steps when if you would’ve taken just 3 or 4 days, or maybe even a whole week, and you write something that you know about, and it’s real, and then you offer that. And then we’ll go back to the video thing…and then you’ll film a simple little video on your flip camcorder, and you’ll tell people about it and how this method helped you, you’re gonna get opt-ins. And then, people will be really grateful for the advice you’ve given them, and they’ll love the idea of buying stuff through that ebook that you give away. And I kind of did that when I got started with the YouTube channel, and with a couple different reports. You know, absolutely, I have pay products, but when I started out…I can think of right now; When I do a webinar, for a product, I give a lot of great ideas away like linking out, outbound linking, cloaking your affiliate links, understanding your key words you want to target. You know I really try to make them full of content, so that regardless if someone buys or not, at the end of that webinar they will have found something useful in that webinar. Well, I created a PDF that I use to guide myself through the presentation, and in the PDF I had some links to things like web hosting, and a couple tools or what not, and sure enough the PDF…someone might not buy the course, but they’re gonna get hosting and I make $100 anyway. So, that’s kind of what this book is gonna be about. It’s called Giveaway Profits. And really what’s interesting is the amount of money that I’ve made on the back end. So, it’s really all about back end sales and pitching sales through something that you give away. I mean, I can tell you right now…this is another thing I don’t get. I don’t understand why more marketers aren’t domain resellers?  I became a domain reseller, I took the GoDaddy prices and I dropped them 25%. I’m like, you can go buy a .com for $11-12 at GoDaddy or you can go buy it from me and I’ll charge you…I think it’s like $8.50…and I make a dime. So, you wouldn’t think…that’s certainly not a bucket load of money, but after a year you have 2000 customers in there…they love you because they’re saving money, and you’re able to make $1000 a month. Those are the kinds of things I kind of talk about in this book.

Joe: Yeah, and that’s great because you know I’m not a domainer. I’m not a domain reseller. I think my typical way is I go out and I look for GoDaddy coupons. I would’ve used your site, but I think I remember a while back you were having problems with paypal…with using paypal on your site…and I remember I couldn’t use it.

Brian: Yeah, you know some people have had problems with paypal and some people have been able to use it. I mean, I’ll be honest with you Joe, my whole thing is that if some people want to use paypal and it’s a problem, they can call… and you know this is kind of nice from my perspective…they can call a customer service representative at GoDaddy that does the domain reseller thing and they’ll help them out, or not. And it worked out really great for enough people and you know, there’s a bunch of people in there. And, the first thing that was cool was that I saved a bunch of money myself because my own domain price had dropped, and I could offer it to people. And then, you know, you pair in a good hosting coupon or something and that can generate additional money as well.

So anyway, that’s coming out maybe the first of the year or maybe December. Maybe I’ll start pushing it out in January, around the first of the year, like hey, it’s a new year, check out this thing. (laughing)

Joe: I can’t wait to read it. It sounds a lot like…I remember a while back, Caroline Middlebrook did Bloggers Bible. She…I know in the beginning, she did a similar thing where she was giving it away. She had affiliate links all inside and she was able to quit her day job with that type of model.

Brian: Yeah. It’s tremendous. I’ve made tens of thousands of dollars with that model. I can tell you, last year I made $35,000 from web hosting.

Joe: Wow.

Brian: That’s, I mean, that’s a whole lot of money. Now I’ll tell you that I’ve earned that money as an affiliate…I have a couple of sites that rank well for some hosting terms…but I would say it’s probably 45%…65%…or 45%,55%…or is it 50-50…I don’t really know exactly what it is…but I can tell you that both methods that I tap into as far as every time I put out a course, I’m like, “Oh, you’re gonna need hosting. This is a good company. I use them. You’ll save some money.” Again, if it saves people money, you can be the hero and you can make some great money yourself and you can build a list at the same time. It’s just very powerful, so…and it’s a great way. The last thing I’ll say about that method too is that for your readers that are gonna be coming out with their own product, it’s hard to get people that are going to be on board as a JV. It’s hard to do all the things that the big guys do. Like, I personally paid for my last sales letter I think around $15,000. That’s crazy ridiculous amounts of money, but when I go to my JV partner and they know I use a top level copywriter, and they know I use great graphics and I’ve got all the elements in place, it makes them feel comfortable and I have just a little bit better chance of getting them on board. However, when you’re brand new, you can’t afford that. So you don’t have the great sales copy and it’s hard to get the JV’s, so why not just give it away anyway and you’re going to get your product into more people’s hands, and you’re going to start developing more of a name for yourself and you get all those other great benefits.

Joe: That is amazing advice Brian. That’s awesome, and so true.

Brian G. JohnsonBrian: Yeah, well, I wish you the best of luck! It’s great to see you…it sounds like you’ve got some plans that are going on right now. You’re working on a product and you’re going to put something out there in the marketplace.

Joe: Yeah, you know, I think we’re all working…and that’s how the idea for all this came about…is that it seems like the best way to really break free is to come out with your own product. And I know there seems to be a lot of people struggling with creating their own product, and I think the best people to hear about how to create your own product and what’s the best way to go about it is to hear from people like yourself who have done it successfully. And I really appreciate you sharing your tips and your advice with the listeners today.

Brian: Oh, no problem Joe! It’s been a pleasure and I wish everyone success and don’t think you need to create the perfect product, because that can be defeating. Make something really good that you’re really proud of, and don’t let the naysayers get you down. That’s the last tip I would give.

So, thanks Joe for having me. It’s been a pleasure. I wish everyone out there success and it’s great to see you continuing to move forward. You know you mentioned making money with products, hey, there’s a whole bunch of money to be made. I kind of got to the point where I thought, “You know, I see these products coming out, and it seems like there’s good money to be made…gosh, I think I could create a product that would offer some pretty good advice. Why not do it?” Anyone can do it. Anyone can do it.

Joe: You’d be amazed…and to the listeners…and I was too when I first started making my own products…I was amazed at something that I think is so simple…that, ahh, I shouldn’t create a product, that’s too easy, everyone knows that…is Powerpoint! I heard that just the other night. I was on a call with Jason Fladlien…I was really amazed at how many people who don’t know Powerpoint to create presentations and things like that and I was like, “Oh my gosh”. Simple things like that, that you take for granted, that would make great products if you just create them.

Brian: Absolutely! I didn’t start using Powerpoint until about 2 years ago. Never used it.

Joe: I use Word and Excel…I hardly ever use Powerpoint. I’ve just been recently using it just in the past couple of months.

Brian: So, great stuff. Absolutely.

Joe: And Brian, what’s the name of your book that’s coming out again?

Brian: It’s gonna be called Giveaway Profits and people will be able to check that out on my site

Joe: Ok.

Brian: It’s not out now, but the books about 2/3 of the way done. It probably won’t take me too much longer…another month or so I’ll have it wrapped up.

Joe: Awesome. Well, hopefully by the time this comes out your book will be out and ready for everyone to check out.

Brian: Awesome. Hey, thanks Joe. I appreciate it.

Joe: Thank you Brian. And I really appreciate your time today on the call and it’s really been just a pleasure for me to have this opportunity to interview you.

Brian: Hey, no problem. Good luck Joe.

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