Meet Me at Practical Profits Orlando!

Practical ProfitsIn exactly one week I’ll be heading over to Orlando, Florida to participate in my first Internet Marketing conference. Yes thats right, I’m an IM conference virgin – lol . On February 4th and 5th 2011, next week, Practical Profits will be hosting their second live conference at the Crown Plaza Hotel by the Orlando Airport.

I’m really exciting about this conference because there’s going to be a ton of folks there I’ve learned from, respect and follow. Several of these guys I interviewed on my Rockets to Success interview series.

Check out the line up:

  • Brian Johnson – Commission Ritual, Halloween Super Affiliate, SEO Press Formula
  • James Jones – Micro Niche Finder, Net Results
  • Jason Fladlien – Copyrighter, Army of One, WP Twin
  • Will Mattos – WP Twin, Webinar expert
  • Tim Castleman – Offline Marketing, How to Get Inside Your Customers
  • Matt Rhodes – Internet Marketer, Copywriter, Author
  • Rachel Rofe –  Happy Outsourcing & Crowdsourcing
  • John Rhodes – How to Generate Ultimate Traffic Using Articles
  • Keith Dougherty – Xtreme Marketing Services
  • Brittany Lynch – Adwords insider
  • Matt Levenhagen – Campaign Blast Method

Amazing huh?!?  I also found out the Byan Zimmerman and (I think) Nicole Dean?!? Will be there in attendance as well many others I’m sure!!

The conference is promised to be a “no pitch seminar”, but honestly I just don’t know how you can get that many marketers together in one place without any pitching going on…. We’ll see!

I’ll be posting here through out the conference to keep you all up to date on the happenings of the conference, pictures, and hopefully some video too!

Are you going to Practical Profits Orlando? Leave a comment below and let me know…. I hope to see you there!


  1. Robert Nelson says:

    Hi Joe,
    am at the Practical Profits course also.
    The speaker’s were amazing!
    I hope to see you there.
    After reading your post after the first day, I keep asking myself….
    Why am I taking notes… you have done a great job covering the content that was presented!

  2. Thanks Robert.. I definitely think I drank too much after hours!

    See you tomorrow for another cool day!

  3. Nice Job on all the posts! I still am recovering and need to go over my notes still.

    The seminar was great and hopefully will be able to goto the next one.

    And yes, the pool party was fun too, except we didn’t leave till 5:30 am (Ouch)

  4. HAHA! Damn – yeah I staggered up to my room by around 2:30am — it was a blast!

  5. I like that WP Incentive you have with blog commenting. Have you had alot of hits with that? Anyhow, commission coming your way once I buy tonight :)

  6. This expo was a blast!
    Thanks for the post, I didn’t comment before as I wasn’t sure I would be attending.
    If you know of any other events headed this way please make another blog post!
    I’m attending the photo shop conference next month, but looking for some more online marketing events.

    – Jessica
    Magic Store In Orlando

  7. I think it was the best conference since it was also held at Orlando Florida were one of the nice and beauty city ever from Orlando Airport down to were your destination is.

  8. Hey thanks it is nice post and information about Practical Profits Orlando! its very nice keep sharing this type of information.

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