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Many of you may have heard about the FREE BACKLINKS that Mark Mason was offering at  Well unfortunately his promotion is over and is no longer offering this to his readers. This was a bummer to a lot of folks who may have missed it.

Well I’ve got good news for you. I spoke with both Mark and Jon Leger and I’m going to pick up where Mark left off and offer the same promotion to anyone who still would like to try out 1 Way Links.

So the deal is exactly the same as Marks.  I’ve even swiped some of his copy (thanks Mark!)

This is for anyone who would like to take a test drive of 1 Way Links and check it out for yourself. I’ve got about 6-8 slots available and will set you up on a first come first serve basis.  If this works out well I will reopen the offer next month.

So here’s the deal

30 Free Back Links From 1WayLinks

Here’s how you get 30 free do-follow back links to any 3 URLs that you choose (10 links to each of 3 URLs).

  1. Link to this post from somewhere using some great anchor text like  “free backlinks”.  This gets me some much needed link love.  Thanks!  If you don’t have an easy way to generate a link (like a blog), then digg this post instead.
  2. Twitter the link to this post and tell others about this offer.  This gets some traffic to this promotion.  More Thanks!
  3. Stumble this post. More traffic.  Even More Thanks!
  4. Leave me a comment on this post indicating that you intend to participate.  I will confirm that you are “in”.
  5. Write a good article that includes 3 links to 3 pages of your choice.  Use whatever anchor text that you like.   Use PLR content if you like, but do not violate copyright or plagiarize.
  6. Use plain text HTML only. Use anchor tags in your plain text.  No fonts, no paragraph markers, etc.  Just plain text, carriage returns, and anchor tags.  Here is a tutorial on anchor tags if you need it.
  7. Email me at proving that you have done 1-3 and include the post text.  Use “free links” in the subject line.
  8. I will post your article to 10 blogs in the 1WayLinks Network.  This will result in 10 live posts on the net, each containing 3 links for a total of 30 backlinks for you!
  9. Be patient. Every post on the 1WayLinks network is approved by an actual human.  Network security is the top priority.  It will take a few days for your posts to go live.
  10. I will email you with the list of backlinks.  This list is confidential.  You may not share the URLs with anyone ever.
  11. Buy 1WayLinks (if you want). If you like 1WayLinks, I respectfully request that you buy it through my affiliate link.

And that’s all there is to it.   You get to check out 1WayLinks for “free” and get some backlinks too!  I get some traffic, backlinks and maybe even some sales (if you like it).

One last thing – Your post needs to be family friendly – no gambling, hate, warez, no non-family friendly type sites.

Pretty easy stuff.  Mark ran this exactly offer and I just fell in love with 1WayLinks.  Its that cool!

So here’s some rules so things go smoothly —

  1. This can expire without notice.  I only have about 8 spots so once they’re gone .. they’re gone.
  2. One offer per customer.
  3. First come, first served.
  4. Whatever I decide goes.  If I cannot post your content for some reason you won’t be able to participate.  Don’t worry I will explain why if that happens.
  5. I can change the rules whenever I want (in case I am forgetting something).
  6. Post, sites and links must be 100% completely non-religious and family friendly.  No exceptions.  1WayLinks has very strict rules on this.  No profanity, porn, religion (includes Christmas, St. Valentines Day, etc), hate, etc.  They control this, not me.  If you are worried about that, ask me first.
  7. Feel free to use PLR for your content if you like.
  8. Posts on legal, accounting or health topics must include a disclaimer.
  9. Do not put all three of your links at the bottom of the post.  Mix them throughout the content naturally.
  10. Do not bold your links.
  11. Again, you may not reveal the location of your posts.  That information is confidential.  I will tell you, but you cannot tell anyone, ever.

That’s it.  I want to thank Mark Mason who first came up with this idea and for letting me continue the offer. Also thanks goes to Jon Leger who made 1WayLinks and for letting me make this offer to you.

If you have any questions let me know! and thanks!


  1. Wow this sounds a good deal! I’ll think over about it. Thanks.

  2. I’m going to give it a try. Just three back links to this page.

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