Interview with Jason Fladlien

I first heard of Jason Fladlien through James Jones and Brian Johnson. He was very energetic with a kind of cooky laugh that was infectious.  I had attended a couple free webinars by Jason where I finally signed up for one of his product creation coaching classes. I have to tell you after getting to know Jason he is the master of digital information product creation.  And if you ever get a chance … [Read more...]

Interview with James J. Jones

James Jones is another Internet marketer who has really done a lot to help people understand and build their buisness.  Jame was was kind enough to do this interview with me last year where James reveals some of this key advise to being successful online. James Jones is most know for his work with MiroNiche Finder, a great software tool for finding profitable niches.  James also put together the … [Read more...]

Interview with Josh Spaulding

Josh is another well respected marketer that I've come to know, respect and have been following for a long time.  He is another of the few marketers that aren't out for a quick buck and truly have a desire to help people. Josh himself calls it ethical internet marketing.  His blog is free for anyone to join and learn and share their successes and failures with making money … [Read more...]

Interview with Brian G. Johnson

I'd like to kick off this series of posts with the interview I did with Brian G. Johnson.  I have to tell you, Brian is one of the BEST guys I know in this business.  He is super successful and he has no problems pulling back the curtain on his business and letting you see the exact method he uses for making his business a success. As a matter of fact his newest endevour, Marketing Easy Street is … [Read more...]

Moving The Free Line – Get Free Expert Interviews

If you ever wanted to know the best way to make money online, hands down the answer is to make your own products.  There are so many different types of products you can make and ANYONE, yes I mean anyone can make their own products. Many people who first start marketing online think they need a ton of experience to create a product.  You don't and I've decided to give you the exact plan for doing … [Read more...]

Paid WordPress Themes: Should You Use Them?

In this fifth and final article of our series as we wrap up our discussion to optimize WordPress and look at Paid Wordpress Themes But first lets wrap it all up. Day 1 we improved our site with proper Wordpress Maintenance, Day 2 we setup our site to rank well in the search engines with Wordpress SEO Optimization Day 3 we changed our Wordpress Layout to make more money. Day 4 we saw how we … [Read more...]

3 Ideas For WordPress Addons That’ll Promote Your Blog Without Extra Effort

Today is day four in our five part series to optimize our wordpress websites. In day 1 we improved our site with proper Wordpress Maintenance, then we setup our site to rank well in the search engines with Wordpress SEO Optimization, next we changed our Wordpress Layout to make more money. Today we need to spread the word about our site using: Wordpress Addons   Wordpress addons … [Read more...]

WordPress Layout Tweaks That Could Boost Your Site’s Earning Potential

Today we continue our series on making Wordpress better.  In our previous two posts we reviewed: Wordpress Maintenance Wordpress SEO Optimization In this post I think its would be a good time to talk about... Wordpress Layout Although content is extremely important for the success of your website, the Wordpress layout also plays a key role in how much you can earn from your blog. … [Read more...]

8 Free Plugins And Settings That Make WordPress SEO Optimization A Breeze

Today is our second article in our series to improve and teak our Wordpress websites and blogs. In yesterdays post we discussed Wordpress Maintenance.   Today we are going to look at tweaking our website or blog to improve it ranking in the search engines. That's right we're talking about ... Wordpress SEO optimization One of the reasons why so many bloggers and webmasters are drawn towards … [Read more...]

5 WordPress Maintenance Tasks That Every Blogger Should Make A Habit

Today I wanted to start a series of posts designed to help you tweak and improve your wordpress websites. But before we talk about changes that you make when you first build a website, lets talk about some things we need to think about for your websites that are already up and running. Wordpress Maintenance Wordpress maintenance really isn't much work at all, thanks to its many inbuilt … [Read more...]