Practical Profits – After Hours Practical Advice


That’s my head throbing from a hang-over!!  LOL

I think I got to bed around 2:30am?  and now we’re up for another day full of great stuff.

After hours here at Practical Profits was a blast.    It’s really a cool feeling getting together with all of these people who have the same or similar goals and desires.

Sharing your successes and failures really helps inspire and motivate you!

Airius MediaIt also helps when there’s free beer!!

Whoa –  Some of the guys from Airius Media who were here attending rolled in two kegs, some Makers Mark, Vodka, Rum…oh yeah and Cigars (I think- lol) Its a bit of a blurr…  Needless to say It became a party at the pool last night for sure.

I did get a chance to talk with a bunch of  people who I think are doing an amazing job.  Ronnie from, Bryan Zimmerman, and Nicole Dean were here too along with so many folks all were really great to talk to

One word of advise.. the food here at the Crown Plaza is not the greatest… It’s not horrible but for the money… its not great either.  I had the breakfast buffet for $13.95… ummm. yeah.  It was so so.

Well I look and feel like hell but its worth it.. THERE IS SOME GOOD STUFF TODAY

I’ll try to do one more post today.. but blogging with a hangover can be painful and dangerious..haha!

More about Practical Profits soon!


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