Practical Profits day 1 – The Afternoon Session!

Well I’m back in my room and it the end of the day here at Practical Profits in Orlando.  This afternoon was really cool!  We kicked things off with Tim Castleman who is a blast.  The seminar definately went into over drive when this dude took the stage.  As they said before he came up, this portion is rated M for mature because Tim tells like it is!

I realized I’m not taking notes as much this afternoon, but the entire seminar is going to be given to us later so I’ll wrap this series up with a cool summary for any one who’s interested.

So here are a few notes from Tim Castlemans presentation.

Tim Castleman

Instant product creation

  • Understand your market first
  • Product second

People want to go from unhappy to happy

  • Who are they?
  • What are they trying to achieve?
  • What will it take to get there?

We did a quick exercise at this point where he had us all ask the above questions about our niche market or the market we are seeing the most traction in…

Your typical customer has the follow things in common:

IM Niche

  • They want Zero risk
  • They want to stay Inside comfort zone
  • They like Done for you (lazy)
  • They want Shortcuts
  • they want something Fast
  • They want something Easy
  • they want something Magical
  • They Want the dream
  • They are easily discouraged
  • They want to be Entertainment

Know the market

Understand the ideal self image

Know the customer

Understand human nature

Get the movie with chris rock good hair

It says it all!

Maslows hierarchy of needs

  • Money
  • Self made wealth
  • Relationships
  • Double your dating
  • Health
  • NLP course
  • Productivity

Check out that gives the top 43 thing people want most.

Also check out

The Upsell  equation

  • Basic $7   (turd)
  • Standard $14  (upgraded turd)
  • Diamond $27  (diamond turd)
  • Sale price $14  (on sale turd)

Make a list of twelve steps that take your customers from where they are to where they want to be and you will make money!!

Complete One Product Per Month!!!

  • Keep them small – ebooks, etc
  • 1 year == 12 products

Tim’s presentation was AMAZING!!

Next up was Matt Rhodes and Rachel Rofe’  –  And I feel really bad right now because i didn’t take many notes for either of them.. but I have to say they both had great stuff to say.

Matt Rhodes gave some excellent advise on creating memberships sites and gave some step by step directions on exactly how to kill it with memberships.

Matt Rhodes

Websites that publish information about or link to multiple contiuity

  • Clickbank
  • Asbestweb

Enphasize on headlines, bullets, and title in your copy

The p.s. is the most read part of the sales copy

Upload one month of content before starting any membership site

Stay one month ahead of the oldest member

Offer or resell older archived content from say 9 months ago or older as a bonus to current members.. think outside the box and keep your content fresh

Adsonar (great alternative PPC  site.. can send a ton of traffic toyour site)

Rachel Rofe’

Finally Rachel Rofe’ took the stage.  In my previous post I said I wasnt familiar with her.. but right before she went up I realized I had heard of her and had read a good bit of her copyrighting material.. its good stuff.  She runs — her and a partner.  But it dawned on me I had seen her stuff.

Rachel’s presentation was again fantastic just like everyone else today.  her copyrighting style is very easy, fluid, and simple.  When talks about it, and explains it it seems to logical.. like DUH of course you should say it that way.

But I have to say I have no notes… not like my notes help any one anyway .. lol

The Shark Tank

So the very last thing we did was The Shark Tank.  When I was first told about this.. I was very skeptical.. $500 for 10 minutes to pitch your idea to the entire line up of speakers.

But I tell ya, it was a neat idea.  We all got to hear a couple of interesting ideas.

The best in my opinion was Zane from Hacking Youtube…. he has a video series for Hacking Youtube (That I’m going to get!  it sounds amazing)  but his pitched for additional help makeing it better and taking it up a notch.

I understood at that moment why they called it Shark Tank because the feeding frenzy began… Very cool to watch!

Well thats about it… NOW IT’S TIME TO GO TO THE BAR!!  and hang with these wealth scientists!

More tomorrow

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