Practical Profits – Day 1 – Morning sessions

Practical ProfitsWell here I am at Practical Profits in Orlando!  Its warm and sunny and beautiful here.

So far the conference has been great.  Meeting everyone in person is a little different then talking to them on the phone and emailing. People look a bit different then you think they might.  But everyone here has been super nice!

The first person I met was Rachel Rofe.  When we finally went into the conference, I took the first seat I could find and ended up sitting right next to her. I don’t really know Rachel, I’m not on here list and didn’t even know who she was until other people were coming up to her.   She is extremely nice and told me she was going to speak about copyrighting!  Which, I dont know about you, I need some serious work on.

The conference started a little behind schedule as they were streaming the entire thin out the Internet. I think this may be the first time any one has done anything like that.  I’m a geek, so I thought it was very cool.

First up to speak was  Matt Levenhaugen.

Here are a few notes I took from this mornings session.  they may not make sense so i will need to come back here and clean things up a little.  But I wanted to share with you some of this cool stuff!

Energized Markets

Market research the most important of the process.

EVERYTHING you do after will depend on it


Niche website

Cpsites  – category position site – build hot products around a a category – affiliate, etc

Review site  – blog format, etc

Ebay amazon cj sas ls cb

Affiliate marketing –




Amazon movers and shakers

eBay popular keywords/ebay pulse


cbengine – movers and shakers

Once  you’ve found it – take more action than the next guy.

Testing marketings

Online/offline – placing ads

Product development

Create short reports to test the market

Measures the interest



That was about it for Matt.  There of course was a ton more but these were some highlights for me.

Next up was Brian Johnson.  Many of you know I’ve been following Brian for a while.  He gave a great presentation entitled hostile niche takeover.  Pretty cool stuff!! I took some video of the Q and A session with Brian that I will post when I get home.

For now here are some of the notes from Brian Johnsons presentation:


Hostile niche takeover

Are you giving people on your list stuff  that will keep them connected with you!

Share your story

Offer value

Help people succeed

Take it STEP by step

The Evolutioner system

Get a .com

Use WordPress

Get a Nice theme

Use basic seo plugins

Don’t over analyzie it!!!!


Subscribe to comments

Subscriber magnet? paid

Kb robots text

Link cloaking plugin

All in one seo

S3 video shield

Simple system for driving more free search enginer traffic

1.       Worthy seo optimized content

2.       Links to your site

3.       Time

It just takes Content, Links, Time!  Easy

Be real… share YOUR experience based on what your’e currently interested in

Get better

Share new methods, marketing, themes, plugins, new product.. something you just tried and share what happened!!!

Blog every step of the way.. blog blog blog.. each post is every step of the way..

Transaction content –> light bulb!

Still keep in mind SEO … when posting include keywords that people are actively searching for

Content first then keywords…

Before you hit the publish button reread the post and think about the keywords

Confirm search traffic and check secondary terms

Keywords in the…

  1. Title tage
  2. Description tag
  3. In the url
  4. In the blog post
  5. In the anchor text
  6. In the alt tag of an image


Content matters

  • Be original
  • Be authneitc
  • Share real
  • Share your story

Content links time

Content links time

Content links time

Then slowly add layers as you learn

Learn each one before moving on

Layer #1 – Video

Keep it simple, the basics

  • Give people what they want
  • You tube 2nd place tie for traffic
  • Branding
  • Story telling, connecting with people
  • Double edge sword
  • It’s a powerful Sales, marketing and traffic tool

Layer #2 – more video

  • Understand youtube first
  • Solft host videos for the easier rankings
  • More traffic
  • More optins
  • Etc
  • Amazon s3
  • S3 flowshield plugin – helps with your sitemap for indexing – must have
  • Google video sitemap plugin

Layer 3

Give away profits

Keep adding layers

Tell people how you made your first dollar

Create a personal connection and the light bulb moment

People with them look to you for guidance

Differentiate yourself.. be real and tell your story

  • Yourr experience, perspective story
  • Video  is best (can be a screen capture)
  • Case study
  • Tutorial or marketing strategy
  • Always over delivery
  • What you put I is what you get out


Make sure your doing more than your learning!!!

Make sure your doing more than your learning!!!

Thats it for this morning we are breaking for lunch and dont have internet down in the conference room (which totally sucks)

I’ll write more tonight if the bar and drinks dont get me first — lol


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