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Practical Profits – Day 2 – Exactly What You Need

practical profitsHey guys, it’s day 2 here at Practical Profits in Orlando and I have to say I just saw THE best presentation all weekend. Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better John S. Rhodes took the stage and handed everyone the exact formula for success.

I hope the gravity of what he said comes across in this blog post –  I know I GOT IT. I hope you do too!  Thank you John!

I was so floored at what John had said, after he finished I Left. I got up, checked out of the hotel, and drove home to work on the things he spoke about.

“Sorry Will, Brittany, James and Jason”  – You were up next to speak – I blew you off, I hope you understand

For me and my business,  John nailed it.  I hope he naiils it for you too!


John’s presentation was entitled “Kick Ass Article Marketing“… but in all honesty it should have been called “Creating a Kick Ass Business”!!!!

Here’s are some notes…  it was just brilliant!

Read Dan Sullivan!!!   (it’s not even an affiliate link – just check it out)

What should you be working on right now in your business?

  1. Make a list of things you can’t help but do when you wake up in the morning  (make a  spreadsheet and put this in the first column)
  2. What are you passionate about?  Internal drive and passion (put this in the second column)
  3. Then rank the things you cant help but do and rank them by your passion
  4. Which one of these things are at the top and brings the most value to the market?

Once you answer these questions you will know exactly what you should be working on right now!

Think of your business like math – it’s not that hard you just have to add the numbers (or subtract) to find the answer.

Think – How can I take something I do in my business and put it into a spreadsheet.

Do  you use spreadsheets in your business?  You should!! Its the math of looking at your business through a spreadsheet that will help you succeed.

Can you explain your business on one sheet of paper? Or draw out your business and what it does on a white board?  Why not?

Article Marketing

Get to ezinearticles platinum in 5 days –

SECRET: submit 10 articles all at once! (if its a new account – if not, say if you have 22 articles left to submit.. submit all 22 at once – there’s no guarantees but more times than not it will work)

Increase your article marketing  power

People don’t read they scan (depending on your niche depends on how well they scan – some scan more, some scan less – but everyone scans)

SECRET: bullets, lists, subheads

Mediocre is Awesome

  • Mediocre is awesome
  • Mediocre is cheap
  • Are you trying to change the world with your article?  No.
  • Mediocre is awesome
  • And you can make mediocre better with subheads, bullets and italics and bold.. easy stuff!
  • It doesn’t have to be great or perfect – just mediocre – get it out there!

Do You Really Need These Numbers?  No – its all crap

SEO (350-750 words)

Authority (500-1200 words)

Backlinks (250-350 words)

The numbers are crap and don’t really mean a thing but… longer is better for articles (ALWAYS)

If you want more power and authority write more.. do 500 articles in one niche.  OWN THE NICHE

EZINE says:

  • Minimum length: 250
  • Ideal:  400-750

That’s great! You have a guideline.. use it

Articles and blog posts are assets

SECRET : Turn article into:

DEAD TREE BOOK (CreateSpace)

PDF (opt inn magnet)

You are creating mini assets – you recombine the assets (articles and posts) to make them into something more, something bigger



  • First 50 words put the keyword in
  • Last 50 words put the keyword in  — KEYWORD
  • Done!

Example of titles


Top 3 Ways To Eat Ice Cream


Eat Ice Cream – 3 Ways To Enjoy Your Frozen Fat soup

Keeping the Keyword at the beginning is better – Ezine tells you all of this stuff

Resource box: ?  Just two lines.. period its done . I don’t want to think about it. Its done



Looking for Internet Marketing Help?

Go get information at


That’s it!

Stop pushing traffic to a money page…

Don’t push to a sales page

Don’t redirect to affiliate sales page

Push to a list – push to a squeeze page!!  The money is in the list!

Outsource everything!

Outsource everything!

Create a system – document – create documentation and a process so others can follow



  • How do I write
  • How do I submit
  • How do I track my results
  • How do I … whatever.. document it

TIP: To get indexed faster.. grab the author rss feed in ezine and submit to rss directories

Check out IM automator – just go check it out

Question – Duplicate content?? Answer: Google doesn’t care.. they will just pick the best resource (site with most authority) and list that first

I personally don’t do that.. I don’t want to compete with myself.  For my authority sites I keep all of the content unique – be the authority.

3 types of article marketing

  • SEO
  • Traffic – backlinks
  • Authority

Article for backlinks.. throw it everywhere


For authority – only on my site!!  Ezine will crush you with their authority

CARPET BOMB – even with keywords mediocre is good

I never put content from my authority blog to anywhere else.  You couldn’t pay me to do that!!!







While you’re sitting there learning that new cool tool that you just bought – I’m submitting articles to Ezine and making money.  It’s a cool tool though and you’ve got great ideas – you really do.

But I’m doing it – I submitted 3 articles while you were reading this

2 Responses to “Practical Profits – Day 2 – Exactly What You Need”

  1. Michael says:

    Hey Joe,

    I don’t know who you are or how you got in my inbox, but I’m excited that you are. Your blog post on Practical Profits Seminar was awesome. It’s the best Internet marketing advice I’ve read – possibly ever. I live 6 hours from Orlando but couldn’t make it. My car died and my bank account was empty. After purchasing “Action Offer Box” this morning (for $6.90), I have $1.49 left in my account. But with what I learned from you this morning, I will quickly fill it back up. Thanks Joe!

  2. Joe says:

    Thanks Micheal, I’m glad these tips helped. The conference was amazing… maybe I’ll see you there next time!

    Take care


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