Practical Profits Top 21 Tips for Your Business

business tipsMy head has been swirling with everything I learned from this past weekends seminar.  From the sessions themselves to the afterhours conversations.  Lot’s of really great people and everyone eager to share tales of their business.

So much was shared I can’t even begin to write it all here.

So, as I begin working on all of the things I promised I would….  Here’s a list of some of the top things learned at Practical Profits and what we all should be doing in our businesses.

There is so much more than just these 21 tips and if they offer the video for the conference I highly recommend that you pick it up.

  1. To understand what you should be working on in your busness right now : Create a list of things you are passionate about, things that make you get up in the morning.  Prioritize the list based the level of  interest and passion.  Compare that to the market. – John Rhodes
  2. Begin to document everything in your business.  How do you pick a domain name.  Where do you buy domain names.  How much do you pay for domains names.  How do you create a website.  Where do you create a website. How do you pick keywords.  How to you write articles.  How do you submit articles. Document it all! – John Rhodes
  3. Use spreadsheets in your business in as many places as you can — John Rhodes
  4. Write down your business model on a sheet of paper — John Rhodes
  5. Don’t over complicate SEO.  It’s easier than you think.  Keyword in the Title.  Keyword at the beginning of the article. Keyword at the end of the article.  DONE!  — Brian Johnson
  6. Don’t over complicate your resource box or bio box.  Two sentences and you are done. — John Rhodes
  7. Market Research is one of the most important parts to choosing a niche.  It will effect how everything else will go. It’s also the area the people spend the least amount of time. — Matt Levenhaugen
  8. When picking a domain name, get a .com if you can. — Brian Johnson
  9. Use WordPress — Brian Johnson
  10. .COM is King — James Jones
  11. Be real with your readers.  Share your story.  Be yourself — Brian Johnson
  12. Always focus on Content first — Brian Johnson
  13. Understand your market first.  Know your customer — Tim Castleman
  14. This is your typical Internet Marketing customer –  They want Zero risk.  They want to stay inside their comfort zone.  They like stuff done for them (lazy).  They want shortcuts.  They want something fast.  They want something easy.  They want something magical.  They want the dream.  They are easily discouraged. They want Entertainment.  — Tim Castleman
  15. It’s all about the Ideal Self Image for your customer –  They have a desire to change their image of themselves from what it is today to that ideal image.  Its a constant battle and is a constant desire — Tim Castleman
  16. Create or complete 1 product a month.  Keep them small, like an ebook, etc but at the end of a year you will have 12 products — Tim Castleman
  17. Create a product in one sitting — Jason Fladlien
  18. When writing your copy, keep it real, don’t over sell it.  If you have a video on your squeeze page keep it short, under 3 mins if not shorter — Rachel Rofe’
  19. Pen names are good, use them.  One tip to keep them straight is to create a name that reminds you of the niche.  For example if you niche is “truck parts” create a pen name of John Ford.  This way emails and phone calls will let you quickly know what niche this is about — Nicole Dean
  20. Create a product.  Its been two weeks, where your product? — James Jones
  21. Are you worried about sleep?  I only got 4 hours of sleep last night and I went for a run this morning.  It’s your passion that will give you the energy to keep going — John Rhodes

Did you attend Practical Profits or get the video stream?  Have any tips of your own you’d like to share?


  1. You’ve got great insights about network marketing, keep up the good work!

  2. Thanks but I would disagree. I’m not good at network marketing at all… I am trying to improve my Internet Marketing skills however.

    thanks for the gracious words!

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