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automationI need to vent here!

My last couple of posts I wrote about the Affiliate Mage System and Master Mage Systems recently launched by Greg Jacobs.  Well the launch is out and honestly I was very shocked and I feel I need to apologize for adding to the hype.

When I found out how much he is charging for this system my jaw just dropped.  Priced at $1297 I could not believe the audacity.  Even with a $300 discount using coupon code “LetMeIn” only brings this down to $997.  Still this is way way too much!  Granted it looks like a good product but it is way overpriced. I’ll explain why.

Almost everything in this package can be purchased with existing services or plugins and will cost you a tenth of what this is priced at!

So today I’m going to review some alternative ways to autoblog and add some WordPress Automation to your business with out it costing you a thousand dollars.


Firepow is a great tool for managing hundreds of blogs.  Andrew Hansen was one of the first to do this and continues to deliver a high quality product! Firepow allows you to quickly build an armada of WordPress blogs each prebuilt with a nice complement of plugins designed to optimize, SEO, and promote your niche. If you haven’t had a chance to check it out I encourage you to do so.  Price on Firepow is about $100 bucks/ month

WP Robot

This is in a nut shell a suite of wordpress modules that fit together to do almost everything that the Master Mage System can do.  Autopost articles to your blog, translate articles to produce unique content, auto embed Flickr images in to each post, auto embed your Amazon, ebay, Clickbank affiliate products into your posts, auto emend YouTube videos, create Yahoo answers posts, and a whole lot more. I havent fully tested this one yet but so far it looks very promising  :-)  Price is about $140 bucks.

Rolling Your Own

There are certainly more ways to skin this cat and accomplish more for less.  There at many different plugins out there that will allow you to make up your own combinations to automate much of your blogs.  If you own PHBay, PHPOstock, Autoblogger, CARP, Caffeinated Content, etc., the list goes on and on… you can set yourself up with a very nice auto-blogging system that will make you a nice chunk of change.  Many Many Internet Businesses have been built on these exact tools and have done very very well.

Just please remember, no matter what anyone tells or what you read in a sales letter,  there are no push button successes.  They all take work.

What kind of WordPress Automation have you put together on your sites? What tools are you using to make your life easier and to help you make money.  Share your ideas, we would love to hear it!


  1. I dunno if its my computer or what, but your website didn’t pop up correctly. I’m using google chrome so yea… anyways, really nice review, thanks a ton. I’ll def, end up using firepow.

  2. Thanks for tips but can you share some free plugins?
    .-= Mallu´s last blog ..The cherubic-faced Mallu beauty Gopika =-.

  3. The best blog automation tools unfortunately aren’t free. Of the tools I’ve experimented with, WP-Robot in my opinion is the best tool you get can. Personally though blog automation tools will only help you so far. You need to have good quality unique content on your website to gain any trust with Google and the search engines. With out unique content your site or blog ends up looking too spammy and you never receive the traffic you’re looking for.

    Thanks for the comment!

  4. Hi Joe, I need some help please.. I am unsure whther to get firepow or wprobot… I want to create over 100 sites in niches that have steady traffic and less than 50,000 competition. I want to monetize with adsense, amazon,ebay and affiliate offers.. I want to incorporate squeeze pages in some sites that i can collect emails also cpa offers.. any advice on what would be best insofar as wprobot or firepow to build the sites?


  5. Hi Jamie,
    Well WPRobot and Firepow do two different things. Firepow will certainly allow you to quickly create 100 websites – and it lets you administer them all from one convenient interface. Though as amazing as it was when it was first released lately there maybe some better alternatives to what firepow provides and save you the $100/mo that firepow will charge you.

    Blog cloning has really taken a turn for the better and could actually be something you may want to look into. Check out my latest post on Blog Cloning

    For autoblogging – WPRobot is by far the best autoblogger software I’ve used. Its very easy and will allow yous to slowly building a site in a natural looking way on autopilot. If you have the money you could combine the two – firepow and wprobot but thats a big chunk of change to spend all at once.

    If think if it were me, with a goal like you described… I would build up one site the way I want it, with wprobot and any other plugins you like, set all the seo, themes, etc, then clone it 100 times using wp twin. –then let them simmer for a couple months and see what you’ve got.

    100 websites is going to be a lot of work no matter how much automation you throw at it.. but it would be an interesting project to see what happens.

    Good luck!


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