Review: Godaddy Hosting versus HostGator

I’ve been with Godaddy for quite a while now. I use them as my registrar for my domains, as a hosting provider and as my dns provider. The service offierings are vast and the prices cannot be beat.

However as my business started to grow I really started to notice a few things about Godaddy that made me want to check out other hosting providers and see if I could improve my website performance without impacting the overhead of additional hosting costs.

Introducing Hostgator

I had read about from several folks online and saw that they had a fairly large customer base. I searched on Google looking for anyone having issues or complaints about and didn’t find a one.  I checked their pricing and it was about average – at the time of this writing they offer the first month for $7.95 and each recurring month at $9.95/mo on a month to month basis.  I had sent several emails to the sales team and technical team and both responded very quickly which was very impressive.  My last concern was performance and I wouldn’t really know how that was going to be without actually being a customer and committing to at least one month.  At $7.95 I thought what the heck, let’s give them a try.

Trouble with Godaddy

Now my issues with Godaddy were several. As my websites started taking on more traffic I saw a dramatic slow down in performance of all of my websites.  I have a background in computer networks and was able to perform several onine tests to each of my websites. They all passed with flying colors indicating at least the network was not congested. However things were still slow. Either the webservers themselves or possibly the databases on the back end were overloaded.

I sent several emails to Godaddy support and like with most large companies I  didn’t get a response back for several days. When I did receive a response it was very curt and only stated no problems were visible on their end. Hmmph!  Well, something was not right and I needed to find out what it was. Visitors were starting to complain! Here I Come

Signing up for an account on was very quick and very easy.  Everything was completed via their website and my new hosting account was completely going in a matter of minutes! (easy sign up – check!)

Next I uploaded my root domain to the new site and WOW!  I immediately noticed a GIANT difference! Even my ftp login was lightning fast. Files just flew up to the site even while using ftp and my first site was running in no time. (files uploaded – check!)

Finally I created my subdomains and setup virtual hosting for some of my other domains. Each domain was just as easy as the last. Before I knew it I had a good handful of domains transferred to Hostgator and those websites were unbelievably fast. (sorry for sounding so hypey – but it was such a relief and so exciting to have my websites perform as I thought they should!)

In summary – Godaddy is simple and easy and is fine for extremely low traffic sites that do not have customer concerns.  However if you want that same ease of use, friendly support, AND have the performance to keep up with the big boys you should move to HostGator – you wont be sorry you did!

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