Seeing through the Internet Marketing Mis-Information

No matter if you’ve been building an Internet Marketing business for a while or if you just started, you know there is a ton of misinformation from all types of people who say they’re making millions online. And I’m sure if you’re like me you’ve spent money on some ebook or software only to find out it was just crap.

I mean to be completely honest I think my ebook is crap too. I threw it together too quickly and created it based on what all of these “experts” said to do.  Don’t get me wrong, there is some good stuff in it that’s helpful, but it also has a lot a fluff in it.

So where do you turn to get good information to help you build your business?  I tell ya its not easy, but I have been slowly finding some people I truely trust. Each are doing a great job of making a decent living online and I would highly suggest you check each one of these folks out!

The first is Josh Spaulding.  I recently signed up for his coaching program and it is great!  Everyone in his forum are real honest people who will tell you the truth about what they are doing and how they are doing it.  Josh is there every day and quickly answers any question you may have!  He also has some fantastic ebooks you should check out too. The best one so far that I like is his $5 Mini-site Formula.  He takes the process of building a site step by step to show you how to make $5 a day from your website.  It may not seem like much but $5/day really adds up!

Second is Caroline Middlebrook.  She is a great blogger from the UK.  She has some awesome information that she has written about her journey to building a successful online business.

Mark Mason –  This is another very honest guy with great information on his website.  He has several catchy twists on his blog that really makes me want to come back and read more.  Friday Freabies, a weekly updated list of top directories, and an Internet Marketing dictionary are just a few of the cool stuff he has.  He also has a great product for all of you using WordPress for your websites, its called Niche Adsense Themes. They work extremely well with Josh’s $5 Mini-site Formula.

There are many more great honest people out there who truly want to help, you just have to be very careful of who you trust. If you feel like all they do is market to you, unsubscribe. These “gurus” are not there to help you no matter what they say.  And the emails they send really aren’t worth the energy to hit delete.

I’ll be doing more posts soon each featuring a different person who has helped me in some way or another.

Until then I hope everyone has a great and prosperous new year!


  1. Thanks for the plug, Joe. Some good points you’ve made! Paragraph 2 kind of surprised me 😉 See you in the forums.

  2. Thanks Josh! I guess I’m my harshest critic, however my point was that I followed the advice of guru’s by throwing together a bunch of plr content, barely re-written just to entice people to subscribe. Its not how I like to do things but for now it is what it is. I have plans to write another ebook only completely from me and without the fluff. Talk to you soon!

    — Also off topic, Someone I completely forget to mention who is another great person who has helped me out (though she probably doesn’t realize it) is Pot-Pie-Girl. She was one of the first folks in internet marketing I found that wasn’t charging $97 for her ebooks. Her Squidoo Profit System ebook is great and only $7 was and is a great buy! Also Six Step Niche Sites is an awesome read she should really turn into an ebook and sell! – or at least trickly out in an email newsletter.

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