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My Secret to Massive Website Traffic

The title of this sounds pretty hypey doesn’t it?  Sorry about that.  But if  I got your attention then I hope I did my job.  I suppose a better sounding title would have been:

$5 Dollar Formula and Unique Article Wizard – A killer one-two punch combination!

Either way, today I want to share with you a method I’ve discovered to get some decent back links and see your sites ranking for the keywords you’re targeting very quickly.   What I’m talking about mainly involves off page SEO through organic (search engine) traffic.  Personally I think is the hardest part of building your internet business.

I use a combination of two resources to drive traffic to my sites and have been getting a tremendous amount of success with it.  I hope you can use this to your benefit and increase traffic to your sites too.

I’m typing this up while I’m at work and hoping my boss doesn’t see, but I wanted to get this out and share it with you as soon as I knew it was working so that you could implement it too.

The First Step – Use the Best Article Directories

There is a free report out from Josh Spaulding called The $5 dollar formula.  If you haven’t read his report, you’ve got to check it out – it’s FREE and will absolutely help you understand what you need to do to get enough traffic so that you can make $5 dollars a day.  $5 doesn’t seem like much but if you do the math – $5 x 30 days = $150/month.  Now rinse and repeat 50 more times – $150 x 50 = $7500!!  Can you quit your day job and live on $7500/month?  I know I can!  Download Josh’s free report here:  http://www.joesinternetmarketing.com/recommends/5dollarformula

Josh’s $5 Dollar Formula is a very specific way to doing article marketing.  It involves alternating sending articles to a very specific small group of article directories and then a large group of article directories when you launch a new site.  There’s way more to it then this, but you get the point.  Again, download Josh’s free report here so you can follow along: –   http://www.joesinternetmarketing.com/recommends/5dollarformula

I follow Josh’s plan exactly but add a slight twist to it – I change up the second step for  submitting articles to a large number of article directories to submitting articles by doing an Article Blast.

Step Two – the Article Blast

To do an Article Blast I use a paid submission service call Unique Article Wizard.  You can use any article submission service or software, I think Josh recommends using Automatic Article Submitter for this step.  But I personally have found UAW to be the best and easiest way to submit my articles to hundreds of article directories and blogs.

Essentially what I’m doing is using a combination of a manual submission following Josh’s formula using the directories he suggests, along with automated submission using UAW. This isn’t a far stretch from the $5 dollar formula at all, but what I’m seeing is that using  UAW as this second step really adds to the success of the $5 dollar formula.

What UAW does is take your articles and creates dozens of unique versions of those articles and submits a unique version of each article to hundreds of article directories, ezine publishers, blogs, etc., It’s an amazing process that saves me a ton of time and floods the internet with unique articles and links back to my sites.

The results I’ve seen so far are really impressive. I’ve launched a brand new site about a week ago and already I’m seeing fantastic traffic for multiple keywords phrases.

It’s Not FREE

The biggest draw back to using UAW is that is costs money.  $67/month for the service.  Please understand,  you don’t have to use UAW if you don’t have the money.  As a matter of fact DO NOT use it if you don’t have the money! You can use Josh’s $5 Dollar Formula alone and will see major improvements to your ranking and traffic.

But, if  or when you can afford UAW I would suggest you give it a try.

Have you ever tried to submit your articles to hundreds of directories by hand? It really sucks.  Even submitting to 40 directories is tough and time consuming.  I’ve tried some submitter software and they just aren’t 100% reliable.  See this review of article submitter software.  With UAW – I submit my articles to UAW  and they are in-turn submitted to literally hundreds of directories and websites for me. No hassles.

Leave a comment below and lets discuss this some more.  If you’ve got a way of your own that works well, let us know! I’d love to hear about it.

I’ve got to get back to my day job before my boss catches on what I’m doing!!   Talk to you soon!

Submit your article to hundreds of sites

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The Best Spinner Just Got Even Better (the Bestest?)

I really don’t like article spinners.  They are all pretty much junk in my opinion.   Manually creating the code or syntax within most spinner software is a pain, it’s confusing, and hurts my brain.  All are junk except for one.  The Best Spinner.   This is one of my favorite tools for writing content. It really does a fantastic job of creating unique articles out of pre-written content.

But I have to tell you …  The Best Spinner just got better.

The Best Spinner now has a built in Article Directory!

In the latest software update (v1.79) from Jon Leger, he now includes a built-in article directory with The Best Spinner.  One problem with it is that it’s brand new and there isn’t a lot of content uploaded.  The good news for you is,  if you get your articles uploaded, a whole lot of people will be seeing it and using it.  And the deal is, you can use the articles and spin the articles all you want but the links MUST stay in tact.  That means EVEN MORE unique content pointed back to your web site blog and more back links!  Jon is a genius.

The articles in the directory are screened by hand by real people to ensure they are of excellent quality.

You can submit articles to the article directory right from within The Best Spinner or pull free articles into The Best Spinner to be spun and added to your site or blog.

So check it out.  Upload your content and get some free back links going to your web sites.  Or download free content to be spun and submit it to your own article dircectory or blog.  Either way, The Best Spinner is the bestest!

Check it out at TheBestSpinner.com

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The Best Spinner Review – Is it the BEST spinner? – Plus 1 More

I’ve been putting off writing this review to let some of the hype die down a bit.   If your email box is anything like mine, last week it was lit up with everyone talking about The Best Spinner from Jon Leger.  Today I want to tell you guys my experience with this article spinning/writing tool and if it’s worth the annual $47/year recurring cost.

Created 40 articles in under an hour!

The first time I used The Best Spinner, straight out of the zip file, I was able to take 2 articles in two separate niches and spin them both into 20 articles each.  I did this in the space of about an hour for the whole thing.  Each article was spun to about a 70% unique state which is fantastic.

The interface of The Best Spinner is very easy to use. You simply paste in your article text, tell it to identify all synonyms, and from there you can begin the very easy process of creating the spinning syntax (a fancy word for code) that will alow you to generate all of your newly spun articles.

Personally I hate spinning, the syntax gets confusing, it hurts my brain, I just don’t like to do it!

Normally, creating by hand all of the nested “or” statements is really a pain in the butt to do, but The Best Spinner does all of this for you.  It does this on the fly.  All of the needed spinning syntax is created for you, ready to be  pasted into your favorite article submitting software.

The true power of The Best Spinner however, lies in the back end database full of user contributed synonyms built from everyone else using the product.  As users of The Best Spinner add their own synonyms to the collective database, these alternative words and phrases are available for your to use in your articles.  This allows you to create very unique articles super fast.

One of my favorite features of The Best Spinner is the “Replace Everyone’s Favorites”.  Using this feature, you can replace the words or phrases in your article using those in the collective database from everyone else who uses the tool with the push of a button.  You can choose the quality level of the replacement, (good, better, best) but this also will effect how unique your spun articles will be – Best is less unique, Good is more unique.

So the big question is – “Is The Best Spinner really the best spinner?”

The short answer is absolutely.  The Best Spinner is not the complete answer to article re-writing.  It is still a good idea to paraphrase sentences or paragraphs to give your articles your own personal flair as well as uniqueness.  I also don’t like the annual recurring cost of the product.  You know that this time next year, anyone who still uses the product, will have an unknown bill come out of their paypal account because they forgot about the purchase.  I’d like to see a monthly recurring cost model instead.

Overall, TheBestSpinner is a fantastic product that should definitely be in your bag of tricks for publishing good content to the web.  At least worth a try at only $7 bucks.  Just remember, if you stop using the prodcut, cancel your subscription or you’ll find yourself out the $77 annual fee next year.

Side Note  – A Quick Take on Scribe.

Right now as I write this article I’m using another new plug-in called Scribe.  It’s in beta and is brand spanking new.  So far it looks really cool.

Scribe is an SEO optimizer for your blog, that plugs into WordPress and analyzes your articles to ensure each one is search engine optimized for the keywords you are intending to target.

Lately, the folks at Scribe have been going through some technical issues with their internet provider which in turn is causing issues with people using the plugin.  They are working through these issues and I will be writing another post on Scribe later.  So far I like it a lot.  But we shall see…

The SERPs are the true test. I’ll write more later

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