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Moving BANS sites to WordPress

Ah the gold ole days.  Google would rank your sites, eBay would pay nice affiliate commissions and you could do it all by using Build A Niche Store (BANS).  Those were the days.

Today its all about WordPress.  And many of us still have BANS sites out there.  But how do you migrate your sites from BANS to WordPress without making a total mess of your website?   It can be a little tricky.   So here are a few tips to help show you how you can move to a WordPress blog without too much headache.


Before you do any work on any of your websites you need to back things up. I can’t stress it enough. Always, always, always do a backup! Simply ftp into your site using filezilla (or your favorite ftp software) and copy down the entire contents of your website folder.  If you have an addon domain or subdomain, just copy the folder of your addon domain.

Now that you have everything backed up, if anything goes wrong you can just copy it back and things should be back to normal.


There isn’t an EASY button to push to move everything from BANS to WordPress.  It’s a very manual process. The two systems are not compatible.   The easiest way to move things from BANS to WordPress is to do it by hand.  First build a WordPress site.  Then copy all of your articles and content (either cut and paste or just type it in) to a new WordPress posts. Finally rebuild any of the product pages.  It can take a while do to, but look at it this way, it will give you a chance to really make the site better.

So the first thing we can do is begin by installing WordPress in a new directory under your BANS site.  I usually call this new directory “blog”  or “newsite” or something that isn’t used.  What this does is it allows you the freedom to build and design your new WordPress site without disturbing the live BANS site, especially if the BANS site is making money.

Once you get your new WordPress site built and everything is tested and looks good, we need to do another backup. This time we need to include the new WordPress site you just built.   You don’t have to copy everything down if you don’t want to.  Just copy of the new “blog” folder (or whatever name you gave it)  to your home computer.

Now comes the fun part

What we are going to do delete (scary part – scary music) everything in your website folder EXCEPT the new “blog” folder. Be very careful. Go to the folder that has your website,  select all files except the “blog” folder and hit delete. Your heart should be racing right about now!   Don’t worry you have everything backed up right?

This next step is critical – Log into the admin dashboard of your new WordPress site and go to the settings tab.  Change the WordPress address (URL) and the Blog address (URL) to be at the root of your domain (removing the “blog” directory name).

Next move all of the files from the “blog” directory up to the root of your website.  This would be the folder above your blog folder.  Do this by select all files in your blog folder (not the blog folder itself) and move them to the parent folder above your blog folder.

Once your finished open up your site in your browser and  you should see your new WordPress site where you BANS site once was.

This sounds more complicated than it really is and really is a bit hard to type out so I’ve recorded a quick video showing exactly how I move a WordPress blog from a directory called blog to the main folder for my site.

I have to say I really love working with WordPress.  It’s so flexible, versatile, and easy.

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Review: Build a Niche Store

Review: Build a Niche Store

When I first heard about Build a Niche Store, or BANS as many people call it, I was extremely curious to see exactly what it was and how it could help me monetize some of my stagnant domains that I owned.

You see, when I first learned about BANS I was actually looking for a domain parking script. Many of my domains that I owned were simply parked with GoDaddy until I could get the time to build a site on them or figure out what I was going to do them. I was looking for  a script that would build a simple web page that could contain links or ads to other similar sites (And of course make a few pennys while I was at it).  My end goal was to hopefully just cover the cost of the domain registrations. I also really didn’t like the fact that GoDaddy was cashing in (even if it was just a few cents) on my dormant domains.

Then one day I came across http://www.domainparkingmoney.net. Brian Johnson, the owner of domainparkingmoney.net, had some very nicely done videos explaining about the benefits of BANS over domain parking scripts.

Now to start off, BANS isn’t cheap. It costs $97 and if you really don’t have an extra $100 bucks to spend it can be kind of tough to cough up.  But I decided to give it a try.  And to this day I’m so glad I did!  It has easily paid for itself several times over.

When I first got my BANS software, I was immediately impressed to find out that not only could I set this up for my .com, .nets, etc for my domains here in the United States, but I could also set it up for .co, .uk, .de and many domains in other International countries. Now I had my business hat on and I could really see the potential with this.

The installation was very simple for me, the documentation was very clear, and everything you needed to know to build your store was included. It walked you through every aspect of getting the files copied and getting your store initially configured.  The only slight issue I had was that my hosting provider was GoDaddy, and much of the documentation was not written for someone at Godaddy, but they did give some helpful tips if you were on a Godaddy server.

Probably the most confusing and scary part of the install, especially if you are new to websites and how they function, is the database creation piece. But I really feel the user manual walks you though this without any issues. Plus, BANS has a very large forum that is very active.  If you have any issues what-so-ever you can post a question there and someone will respond within an hour or so.

All-in-all, Build a Niche Store is a fantastic product, making setting up an eBay affiliate store a breeze. Most any niche will make at least a few dollars, and the software will easily pay for itself and the cost of your domains.  I highly recommend it for anymore who wants to start an online affiliate business or to put some unused domains to work.

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How It All Began

Well, to be honest, I never intended to venture into affiliate and Internet marketing.  I really was just looking for a good domain parking script. I just wanted a way to display ads on my unused domains and not have Godaddy get money for traffic going to my domains.

I happened to be lucky enough to run across a really great domainer and Internet marketer named Brian Johnsonhttp://www.domainparkingmoney.net. He had some really great information and was not trying to sell a bunch of useless software.

Brian had some great information for using a product called BANS (Build a Niche Site), instead of just using a domain parking script. Now, I had never heard of BANS, and had to google it just to get an idea of what it was about. But man, what a great product!  If you are just starting out in this business it’s a perfect way to start slow and make money quickly.

So I took several of my websites and put BANS on them. Before I knew it I was hooked. My domains were breaking even and easily paying for themselves.  Since then, it has become an obsession and my business is growing nicely.

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