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Get Backlinks to Your Site – Deep Linker Pro Review

Get Backlinks to Your Site – Deep Linker Pro Review

My buddy Josh Spaulding released a new toy today.  Yup, Deep Linker Pro went live and so far it looks pretty damn cool.  As much as I would love to stay away from this shiny object, Josh has never disappointed me in the past and today is no exception.

Deep Linker Pro is one of the easiest tools for submitting your websites to directories I have  ever used.  I was really impressed how quickly I was able to add two sites for submission within just a minute or two. Most tools force you to step through one directory at a time in a very painful, manual process.  Deep Linker Pro is fully automated, simply add your website, select the category and hit submit.  It is truly that easy.  I’m at work today, submitting my sites with DLP running in the background.

Just think, SubmitEdge and others charge $15-145 bucks a site to do what DLP is doing for me for a one time cost of just the software alone.  Its pretty cool.

You have the option of automatically submitting your sites, which is what I’m doing right now, completely hands off to hundreds of directories.  There is also a manual mode too for submitting to directories that require captia.  For being a manual process, Josh has made it as easy as can be to step through each of the directories.

For Deep Linking, which is what Deep Linker Pro is all about, there are a list of  “Deep Link Directories” grouped together that allow you to automatically submit long tail deep urls within your site for even more one way back links.

Today is my first day using the tool so I don’t have any real world results as far as improved status in the SERPS.  I have heard from friends who were on the beta test that saw results with just a couple days and were very impressed.

So far, I’ve install DLP without any problem what-so-ever.  It has an extremely clean  interface that’s very intuitive.  And I have setup several websites within just a couple minutes.

If you need more backlinks, like we all do, need to get indexed, or if you use any pay directory submission services… save your money and check out Deep Linker Pro.  I’ll try to leave a comment in a few days to let you all know if I see any improvements!

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My Secret to Massive Website Traffic

The title of this sounds pretty hypey doesn’t it?  Sorry about that.  But if  I got your attention then I hope I did my job.  I suppose a better sounding title would have been:

$5 Dollar Formula and Unique Article Wizard – A killer one-two punch combination!

Either way, today I want to share with you a method I’ve discovered to get some decent back links and see your sites ranking for the keywords you’re targeting very quickly.   What I’m talking about mainly involves off page SEO through organic (search engine) traffic.  Personally I think is the hardest part of building your internet business.

I use a combination of two resources to drive traffic to my sites and have been getting a tremendous amount of success with it.  I hope you can use this to your benefit and increase traffic to your sites too.

I’m typing this up while I’m at work and hoping my boss doesn’t see, but I wanted to get this out and share it with you as soon as I knew it was working so that you could implement it too.

The First Step – Use the Best Article Directories

There is a free report out from Josh Spaulding called The $5 dollar formula.  If you haven’t read his report, you’ve got to check it out – it’s FREE and will absolutely help you understand what you need to do to get enough traffic so that you can make $5 dollars a day.  $5 doesn’t seem like much but if you do the math – $5 x 30 days = $150/month.  Now rinse and repeat 50 more times – $150 x 50 = $7500!!  Can you quit your day job and live on $7500/month?  I know I can!  Download Josh’s free report here:  http://www.joesinternetmarketing.com/recommends/5dollarformula

Josh’s $5 Dollar Formula is a very specific way to doing article marketing.  It involves alternating sending articles to a very specific small group of article directories and then a large group of article directories when you launch a new site.  There’s way more to it then this, but you get the point.  Again, download Josh’s free report here so you can follow along: –   http://www.joesinternetmarketing.com/recommends/5dollarformula

I follow Josh’s plan exactly but add a slight twist to it – I change up the second step for  submitting articles to a large number of article directories to submitting articles by doing an Article Blast.

Step Two – the Article Blast

To do an Article Blast I use a paid submission service call Unique Article Wizard.  You can use any article submission service or software, I think Josh recommends using Automatic Article Submitter for this step.  But I personally have found UAW to be the best and easiest way to submit my articles to hundreds of article directories and blogs.

Essentially what I’m doing is using a combination of a manual submission following Josh’s formula using the directories he suggests, along with automated submission using UAW. This isn’t a far stretch from the $5 dollar formula at all, but what I’m seeing is that using  UAW as this second step really adds to the success of the $5 dollar formula.

What UAW does is take your articles and creates dozens of unique versions of those articles and submits a unique version of each article to hundreds of article directories, ezine publishers, blogs, etc., It’s an amazing process that saves me a ton of time and floods the internet with unique articles and links back to my sites.

The results I’ve seen so far are really impressive. I’ve launched a brand new site about a week ago and already I’m seeing fantastic traffic for multiple keywords phrases.

It’s Not FREE

The biggest draw back to using UAW is that is costs money.  $67/month for the service.  Please understand,  you don’t have to use UAW if you don’t have the money.  As a matter of fact DO NOT use it if you don’t have the money! You can use Josh’s $5 Dollar Formula alone and will see major improvements to your ranking and traffic.

But, if  or when you can afford UAW I would suggest you give it a try.

Have you ever tried to submit your articles to hundreds of directories by hand? It really sucks.  Even submitting to 40 directories is tough and time consuming.  I’ve tried some submitter software and they just aren’t 100% reliable.  See this review of article submitter software.  With UAW – I submit my articles to UAW  and they are in-turn submitted to literally hundreds of directories and websites for me. No hassles.

Leave a comment below and lets discuss this some more.  If you’ve got a way of your own that works well, let us know! I’d love to hear about it.

I’ve got to get back to my day job before my boss catches on what I’m doing!!   Talk to you soon!

Submit your article to hundreds of sites

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