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Adept Mage Membership – WordPress Mage

Adept Mage Membership – WordPress Mage

Wordpress Mage

WordPress Mage is going live on Monday November 23rd 2009.

Before I forget, click on the image to get your FREE copy of <–WordPress Mage Blueprint.

Learn how Greg Jacobs lays out his step by step formula to create a 5 figure a month passive income online.

Get 7 video training modules where you look over Gregs shoulders as he builds profitable wordpress mage sites less than 7  minutes.

Everything you ever need to know about building profitable wordpress mage sites is in the WordPress Mage Blueprint.

I’ve put together a quick video review of the Adept Mage Membership system from Greg Jacobs.  This is currently free for 60 days and comes with a ton of material for jump starting your affiliate web site business.

The Adept Mage Membership program is the  basic membership level of the WordPress Mage system. I’ve signed up to it purely to check it out and to get some really cool giveaways. After the two month trial the membership fees are $27/mo which is still pretty cheap considering what you get.

Domain Mage – Search over 100 thousand enom aftermarket domains to bring you the few domains that have valid pagerank and backlinks.  Saves you a ton of time by finding domains quickly that already have back links, page rank, and age

Article Mage – This is an awesome PLR library. This library consists of over 140k (one hundred forty thousand) PLR articles arranged by tag and category. These are available to be used and re-written for content in your new Mage site

Index Mage – This a cool little tool where you can input your new domain name (and it does a few tricks) to get your site indexed in the search engines very quickly

Keyword Mage – They have indexed and stored over 28 million eBay auction titles sorted by eBay category.  Input the eBay US category # into Keyword Mage and it returns all the times those particular words appeared together within an auction title.  This is powerful because you can then use these “seed” keywords with Affiliate Mage to pull relevant eBay auctions. On the full Master Mage system, these keywords can also be used with Content Mage to pull relevant content and with Posting Mage to mass create pages

Affiliate Mage – An exciting (and FREE) WordPress Plugin, you input a seed keyword and it allows you to pull relevant products from eBay, Amazon and Overstock with your affiliate ID encoded and ready to make a profit.  This is very similar to phpBay pro, however it allows you to bring in amazon and OverStock product items too.  Oh and did I say it was free?

I’ve put together a video review of the Adept Mage Membership check it out.

Download the WordPress Mage Blueprint and the free Affiliate Mage WordPress plugin today before the big launch tomorrow November 23rd.

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Plugins, Plugins, Plugins

Man there have been some really cool plugins coming out lately that are just making our jobs so much easier!! Whether you’re a blogger or affiliate marketer some of these plugins provide the extra functionality you need to turbo charge your site!

So whats one of the most important things you can add to your site to help you create a recurring income stream?   Thats’ right, an email subscription form!  The sad thing is a lot of Affiliate Marketers don’t have an email form on their site.  But with MaxBlogPress and their new plugin for WordPress called the Optin Form Adder this is easily fixed..  This cool new plugin allows you to create an email optin subscription form to your site or blog.  It’s really great for folks who are a little shaky on adding html to their site.  This plugin creates all the code needed for your email form and inserts right into your site page or post. If you use Awebber or are considering it, it works like a charm.  Check out MaxBlogPress Optin Form Adder, it rocks and and best of all its free!

Next up on our list of cool new plugins is phpBay-Search2Post.  This plugin does require phpBaby to be installed however it’s amazing for an ebay affiliate.   phpBay-Search2Post replaces the built-in search function of WordPress.  Anytime someone searches for a keyword phrase,  phpBay-Search2Post will create a new post or page based on that key phrase and populate the page with a list of ebay products for the phrase. Now you can have content generated dynamically on the fly for every search.  Thats right, phpBay-Search2Post is auto content generator creating pages based on exactly what your visitors are searching for!  Now that rocks! This one cost a little bit of money but it’s not too bad, only $15 bucks. If you use phpBay this is a very handy addition

Finally one last amazing plugin I saw the other day was Caffeinated Content.  This little plugin can totally populate your blog with content, comments, images, everything!  It will even back date posts to whatever date you choose.  It pulls relavent content from Yahoo answers, YouTube, and article directoies. In a matter of minutes your empty blog can look like its been around for years.  Now of course all of this content will be duplicate content and be very careful of plagerism. But you can rewrite each post before it gets posted to your blog. If you don’t rewrite the articles, you need to make sure every article keeps the original authors links or you will be violating copyright. I personnally havent purchased Caffeinated Content yet. But I saw it and thought it was pretty amazing. The cost on this is $46 (with coupon code IDEAL40OFF) so I’m not sure I ready just yet to break out my wallet… but I sure am tempted. The only thing I would recommend this for is to possibly seed your blog with some syndicated content or place holder content and later add in your own unique content.  Or if you are testing a new layout this maybe very helpful.

As alot of you know I don’t promote anything that I’m not using.  From time to time I don’t promote things here that I do make a commision off of (afterall I am in affiliate marketing). But I don’t promote it if I havent purchased it myself and highly recommend it.  None of the above links are affiliate links and I’m not being compensated for this post in anyway.  I just thought these plugins looked cool and wanted to tell you about them.

If you use any of these plugins or check them out, let me know. Leave a comment and tell us all what you thought! thanks!

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