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Run WordPress on Your Desktop Using XAMPP

This post is the first in a series of posts I’ll be doing to show you how to setup and run WordPress on your desktop or laptop.

You may wonder why on earth would anyone want to run WordPress on their desktop? Well there are a lot of reasons why you might need WordPress running on your desktop. One really good reason that we are going to check out here today is to create a sandbox to help you redesign a live website.

If you have a live WordPress website with a lot of visitors, there are times when you may need to improve the design or layout. But how to do you do this without impacting all of your readers and customers?

Operationally you always want to work on your site during non-peak hours. The web is open 24 hours a day and that means your website is too. To find the the best time to work on your website, fire up AWSTATS in your CPanel and look to see when you have the least amount of visitors to your website.

You lowest traffic day and hour will depend on your readers and your niche.

To make it easy to redesign our web site without worrying too much about the time of day we work on it… we are going to use an open source application called XAMPP that allows us to easily run an Apache web server, a MySQL database and PHP together on our desktop or laptop.  All three of these are the key ingredients for running WordPress.

In the following video I show you where to find XAMPP and how to get it installed.

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Moving BANS sites to WordPress

Ah the gold ole days.  Google would rank your sites, eBay would pay nice affiliate commissions and you could do it all by using Build A Niche Store (BANS).  Those were the days.

Today its all about WordPress.  And many of us still have BANS sites out there.  But how do you migrate your sites from BANS to WordPress without making a total mess of your website?   It can be a little tricky.   So here are a few tips to help show you how you can move to a WordPress blog without too much headache.


Before you do any work on any of your websites you need to back things up. I can’t stress it enough. Always, always, always do a backup! Simply ftp into your site using filezilla (or your favorite ftp software) and copy down the entire contents of your website folder.  If you have an addon domain or subdomain, just copy the folder of your addon domain.

Now that you have everything backed up, if anything goes wrong you can just copy it back and things should be back to normal.


There isn’t an EASY button to push to move everything from BANS to WordPress.  It’s a very manual process. The two systems are not compatible.   The easiest way to move things from BANS to WordPress is to do it by hand.  First build a WordPress site.  Then copy all of your articles and content (either cut and paste or just type it in) to a new WordPress posts. Finally rebuild any of the product pages.  It can take a while do to, but look at it this way, it will give you a chance to really make the site better.

So the first thing we can do is begin by installing WordPress in a new directory under your BANS site.  I usually call this new directory “blog”  or “newsite” or something that isn’t used.  What this does is it allows you the freedom to build and design your new WordPress site without disturbing the live BANS site, especially if the BANS site is making money.

Once you get your new WordPress site built and everything is tested and looks good, we need to do another backup. This time we need to include the new WordPress site you just built.   You don’t have to copy everything down if you don’t want to.  Just copy of the new “blog” folder (or whatever name you gave it)  to your home computer.

Now comes the fun part

What we are going to do delete (scary part – scary music) everything in your website folder EXCEPT the new “blog” folder. Be very careful. Go to the folder that has your website,  select all files except the “blog” folder and hit delete. Your heart should be racing right about now!   Don’t worry you have everything backed up right?

This next step is critical – Log into the admin dashboard of your new WordPress site and go to the settings tab.  Change the WordPress address (URL) and the Blog address (URL) to be at the root of your domain (removing the “blog” directory name).

Next move all of the files from the “blog” directory up to the root of your website.  This would be the folder above your blog folder.  Do this by select all files in your blog folder (not the blog folder itself) and move them to the parent folder above your blog folder.

Once your finished open up your site in your browser and  you should see your new WordPress site where you BANS site once was.

This sounds more complicated than it really is and really is a bit hard to type out so I’ve recorded a quick video showing exactly how I move a WordPress blog from a directory called blog to the main folder for my site.

I have to say I really love working with WordPress.  It’s so flexible, versatile, and easy.

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ReviewAZON Review – Do We Really Need Another Amazon Plugin?

ReviewAZON ReviewI first heard about the ReviewAZON WordPress plugin almost a year ago.  Mark Hansen from NicheStoreBuilder.com had reviewed it and raved about it.  My first thought was “Do We Really Need Another Amazon Plugin?”  I mean really?  We have phpZon, Amazon Autoposter (now part of WPRobot), and more recently Affiliate Mage.  All of which work great for pulling in Amazon product listings to your blog.  Not to mention phpBay and phpOStock  used for eBay, and OverStock.com listings respectively. So, to make sense of it all I simply had to write my own review of ReviewAZON.

So whats so great about ReviewAZON?

I recently had the pleasure of being on a Web Conference with Brian Johnson of Commission Ritual and Brad Hanson, the creator of ReviewAZON, to find out for myself what was so cool about ReviewAZON.

Right away I could see the amazing appeal of this plugin.  The pages and posts it creates look very professional and just plain fantastic.  ReviewAZON can pull every bit of detail that Amazon has on its site for the product and lay it out perfectly for anyone wanting to setup a review type of web site.   The admin  interface is laid out very logically and includes some nice features making it immediately stand out from the crowd.

  • There is a built in search functionality that allows you to quickly find product items for your niche and add them to your pages or posts directly from Amazon.com without having to leave the admin page.
  • There is a nice templating feature that give you full control over the layout of the product listing.
  • Built-in SEO that allows for cloaking of all links and images pulled from Amazon.com
  • Support for multiple languages and international Amazon sites like Amazon.co.uk and Amazon.de
  • There is also built-in integration for both phpBay and phpOstock plugins!

With ReviewAZON, you can create three different types of posts,  a full post for the entire product, and an inline listing that embeds one product in to your existing post for a multi-inline listing embedding several products into your post.

Finally one of the best features in RreviewAZON is the bulk creation tool.

With the bulk creation tool you can search for products in your niche, hand pick the exact products for your reviews, each one creating a separate review post,  then either post them all immediately or drip them out to your website for a more natural (google friendly) growth.

The Web Conference was a little long, going over some tips and strategies for using ReviewAZON to promote Amazon.com products. There were several methods shown to clearly make money with Amazon.com.  Brad pointed out how you can use PPC to take advantage of trend based social events to put a site up quickly and get traffic there quickly without having to wait for your site to bubble up in the serps.  Brian, on the other hand, explained how to use organic traffic easily to be able to do the same thing only without the cost of PPC.  The difference is that organic traffic does take more time and that with PPC you can get your site in front of hungry buyers faster.

Toward the end of the call Brad did mention some new features that are going to be included in the next version (free for anyone who already owns the plugin).  The biggest feature to note will be the addition of product comparisons. This new feature will let you compare all of the Amazon stores together for a given product giving your readers the best price available for that product!  Pretty cool stuff.

Needless to say when the conference call was over I had to get ReviewAZON for myself.  For only $79 its a great buy! Right now, thanks to Brian Johnson and Brad,  if you purchase through my link you can get 35% off of the regular price of $79.  Thats $27.65 off right now. To get your discount click here and then use this special discount code for ReviewAZON at check out : brianjohnson35.

After I downloaded my copy of  ReviewAZON,  I tested it and was able to setup a full website of Amazon.com product listing in just minutes. And they looked amazing. Right now what I’m doing is now going back and adding ReviewAZON to all of my sites.

If you are an Amazon.com affiliate or would like a great way to promote products on Amazon.com you really need to check out some of the videos that are out on Brads ReviewAZON site and see how cool it looks for yourself.

Again check out the videos and get the 35% discount.  From what I understand it’s only for a limited time so if you are considering it you may want to take advantage as soon as you can.

Again, click here and enter the code brianjohnson35

If you do buy it, or if you already have it, let us know what you think of ReviewAZON.  Like it? Love it?  Hate It?  Let us know I’d love to hear what you think of it and how your using it.

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Review Commission Ritual – Brian Johnson

Review Commission Ritual – Brian Johnson

commission ritualHey guys and Happy New Year.  It’s been a busy beginning of 2010 for me that’s for sure… and long while since I’ve posted here on my blog.  I hope you’re doing good in your businesses and things are looking up for you!

In thie past several weeks I’ve been refocusing on affiliate marketing and looking at my webs ites to see what can be done to better target buying customers and improve conversions.  Of course more traffic is always helpful, but if that traffic doesn’t convert you don’t make any money so then all of your work is wasted.

To help me refocus, I’ve been using a product released by my good friend Brian Johnson called Commission Ritual.  He released Commission Ritual back in July (I think) and I’ve been wanting to check it out ever since the launch.  Well I finally got around to it and man am I amazed! For $4.95 you just can’t beat the great material you get.

I first learned about Brian almost 2 years ago when I came across a video he had done where he talked about the success he was getting using an ebay affiliate software called Build A Niche Store (BANS).

A lot has changed since then, BANS is gone, but Brian is continuing time and time again to release really excellent material to help me (and a lot of other people) make money online.

The first product I ever purchased from Brian was SEO Press Formula.  This was an awesome set of videos that walked you through setting up your WordPress website and showed you how to get it complete optimized for search engines.  I still use the information he taught in that product to this day!  SEO Press Formula was well worth the investment.

This past July Brian released Commission Ritual and again he hits home with money making information for affiliate marketers.  As I mentioned earlier the price for Commission Ritual is $4.95 which is amazingly cheap for the amount of material he gives you.  Don’t be fooled though, there is a rebill of $92 bucks seven days later – but for the first week you get a chance to be enlightened to how you can turn your existing websites around using his method and start earning more commissions.

He also goes through how to set up groups of websites for maximum commission and income.  He reviews how to find keyword rich domain names, how to target buying keywords, as well as includes lots of optimized themes for wordpress to get a jump start on bringing in organic traffic.

Commission Ritual is a full coarse on setting up and optimizing affiliate websites with wordpress using organic search engine traffic. This is turn is used to help you make money using either eBay, Amazon, Commission Junction or any other affiliate network you want to subscribe to.

The one draw back I would say to the program is that it is focused around WordPress so if you build sites using straight html you may find yourself wanting a different product. The product is focused at the less technical folks too so if your an experienced marketer some of the material you may already know.

I have many many affiliate web sites and the material here has really helped boost my traffic by increasing my  organic search ranking in the search engines.

Commission Ritual has a ton of video instruction for you to follow that leads you every step of the way. He also has a nice active user forum called the commission ritual inner circle membership with well over 1000 posts to help answer any questions you may have (and Brian is there and answers them himself).

Brian has really helped me and my business make money online and he can help you too.  Check out Commission Ritual… for $4.95 (less than the price of a burger at Wendy’s) you can see for yourself and put some of his tips to use.  I think you will be pleasantly surprised in the (search) results!

Check it out here – Commission Ritual

commission ritual

I was recently on a conference call with Brian Johnson and Brad Hansen from ReviewAzon which was really cool. Needless to say next week I will be doing a review of Brad’s ReviewAZON plugin for WordPress and how I’m using it to build some awesome looking affiliate sites in just minutes!

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Real WordPress Blog Automation

automationI need to vent here!

My last couple of posts I wrote about the Affiliate Mage System and Master Mage Systems recently launched by Greg Jacobs.  Well the launch is out and honestly I was very shocked and I feel I need to apologize for adding to the hype.

When I found out how much he is charging for this system my jaw just dropped.  Priced at $1297 I could not believe the audacity.  Even with a $300 discount using coupon code “LetMeIn” only brings this down to $997.  Still this is way way too much!  Granted it looks like a good product but it is way overpriced. I’ll explain why.

Almost everything in this package can be purchased with existing services or plugins and will cost you a tenth of what this is priced at!

So today I’m going to review some alternative ways to autoblog and add some WordPress Automation to your business with out it costing you a thousand dollars.


Firepow is a great tool for managing hundreds of blogs.  Andrew Hansen was one of the first to do this and continues to deliver a high quality product! Firepow allows you to quickly build an armada of WordPress blogs each prebuilt with a nice complement of plugins designed to optimize, SEO, and promote your niche. If you haven’t had a chance to check it out I encourage you to do so.  Price on Firepow is about $100 bucks/ month

WP Robot

This is in a nut shell a suite of wordpress modules that fit together to do almost everything that the Master Mage System can do.  Autopost articles to your blog, translate articles to produce unique content, auto embed Flickr images in to each post, auto embed your Amazon, ebay, Clickbank affiliate products into your posts, auto emend YouTube videos, create Yahoo answers posts, and a whole lot more. I havent fully tested this one yet but so far it looks very promising  :-)  Price is about $140 bucks.

Rolling Your Own

There are certainly more ways to skin this cat and accomplish more for less.  There at many different plugins out there that will allow you to make up your own combinations to automate much of your blogs.  If you own PHBay, PHPOstock, Autoblogger, CARP, Caffeinated Content, etc., the list goes on and on… you can set yourself up with a very nice auto-blogging system that will make you a nice chunk of change.  Many Many Internet Businesses have been built on these exact tools and have done very very well.

Just please remember, no matter what anyone tells or what you read in a sales letter,  there are no push button successes.  They all take work.

What kind of WordPress Automation have you put together on your sites? What tools are you using to make your life easier and to help you make money.  Share your ideas, we would love to hear it!

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How to Handle Ping Backs

imagesMany people who have WordPress blogs or websites that are created using WordPress will often get notifications or emails telling them that they have a ping back.  But what is a ping back and how should you handle them?

When WordPress was first created, the developers added a feature called a ping back that notified webmasters when another website or blog linked back to an article on their website. This was great back in the days when reciprocal links were a big deal and really helped your site popularity. But today the searches engines don’t treat reciprocal links with the same weight as they once did.  Now it all about natural One Way Links. Don’t get me wrong reciprocal links aren’t totally bad but you should limit the amount of reciprocal linking you are doing in the promotion of your website.

So what do you you do when you get a ping back?

Like most people who receive a ping back, you’re excited that someone has linked to your article or blog. Your first instinct is to accept the ping back and allow the comment to be posted on your blog.  But, the danger here is that when you accept a ping back, WordPress will  add a comment on the post that was linked to and a reciprocal link is created.

In most cases you DO NOT want to approve a ping back. There are exceptions to this of course, especially when you actually know the person who is linking to you and you WANT to send link juice their way. But, for the most part, accepting a ping back only causes your article or blog to loose link juice.

What are you thoughts about ping backs?  Do you agree? Let me know your opinion.  Its comments like yours that make website come alive.

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Adding nofollow To Your Blogroll Links

do-not-enterHey Everyone,

Its been a while since I’ve posted anything to my blog and I’m really sorry.  I’ve have been the busy Home Improvement guy lately.  I’ve been busy re-wiring some of the electrical throughout my house, I’ve installed an over the range microwave, installed some ceiling fans, and ran data cable throughout the house.  I’ve been up in the attic way too many times.  But I’m happy now and all those project that have been buggin’ me are finally finished!

But hey I wanted to show you a cool WordPress plug-in that fixes some things with the blog roll of wordpress thats always bugged me a bit.  Have you ever noticed that anytime you add a link to your blog roll that the link is a DOFOLLOW link? I’ve never understood why the WordPress developers havent added a NOFOLLOW option to the relationship attribute for links within the blog roll.   Plus just having the ability to control page rank is a must have for any website.

In the standard wordpress link options, down about half way you will notice a section called “Link Relationship (XFR)” This is where you can set the relationship attribute for any of the links within your Blogroll. But oddly enough “nofollow” isn’t in this list of options.


WordPress has all types of link relationships that can be set.  Every kind EXCEPT nofollow.  What the heck?!?

Well, Andrew Shell has developed a handy little plug-in that will allow you to add NOFOLLOW to one link, some of the links, or all of the links in your Blog Roll.   Its as simple as installing the plugin like any other plug-in.  After it’s installed, You’ll see a new option under the  Links section of the WordPress dashboard to set the nofollow attribute for each of the links in your Blogroll.


Now you can manage your link juice, page rank, and not be penalized by Google for “selling links” all with one little free plug-in.  AND.. This is way better than manually adding links to your sidebar and hand coding rel=”nofollow”.

Is this handy or what?  Let me know. Leave a comment here and let me know if you have any favorite plug-ins to wordpress that you like.

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Plugins, Plugins, Plugins

Man there have been some really cool plugins coming out lately that are just making our jobs so much easier!! Whether you’re a blogger or affiliate marketer some of these plugins provide the extra functionality you need to turbo charge your site!

So whats one of the most important things you can add to your site to help you create a recurring income stream?   Thats’ right, an email subscription form!  The sad thing is a lot of Affiliate Marketers don’t have an email form on their site.  But with MaxBlogPress and their new plugin for WordPress called the Optin Form Adder this is easily fixed..  This cool new plugin allows you to create an email optin subscription form to your site or blog.  It’s really great for folks who are a little shaky on adding html to their site.  This plugin creates all the code needed for your email form and inserts right into your site page or post. If you use Awebber or are considering it, it works like a charm.  Check out MaxBlogPress Optin Form Adder, it rocks and and best of all its free!

Next up on our list of cool new plugins is phpBay-Search2Post.  This plugin does require phpBaby to be installed however it’s amazing for an ebay affiliate.   phpBay-Search2Post replaces the built-in search function of WordPress.  Anytime someone searches for a keyword phrase,  phpBay-Search2Post will create a new post or page based on that key phrase and populate the page with a list of ebay products for the phrase. Now you can have content generated dynamically on the fly for every search.  Thats right, phpBay-Search2Post is auto content generator creating pages based on exactly what your visitors are searching for!  Now that rocks! This one cost a little bit of money but it’s not too bad, only $15 bucks. If you use phpBay this is a very handy addition

Finally one last amazing plugin I saw the other day was Caffeinated Content.  This little plugin can totally populate your blog with content, comments, images, everything!  It will even back date posts to whatever date you choose.  It pulls relavent content from Yahoo answers, YouTube, and article directoies. In a matter of minutes your empty blog can look like its been around for years.  Now of course all of this content will be duplicate content and be very careful of plagerism. But you can rewrite each post before it gets posted to your blog. If you don’t rewrite the articles, you need to make sure every article keeps the original authors links or you will be violating copyright. I personnally havent purchased Caffeinated Content yet. But I saw it and thought it was pretty amazing. The cost on this is $46 (with coupon code IDEAL40OFF) so I’m not sure I ready just yet to break out my wallet… but I sure am tempted. The only thing I would recommend this for is to possibly seed your blog with some syndicated content or place holder content and later add in your own unique content.  Or if you are testing a new layout this maybe very helpful.

As alot of you know I don’t promote anything that I’m not using.  From time to time I don’t promote things here that I do make a commision off of (afterall I am in affiliate marketing). But I don’t promote it if I havent purchased it myself and highly recommend it.  None of the above links are affiliate links and I’m not being compensated for this post in anyway.  I just thought these plugins looked cool and wanted to tell you about them.

If you use any of these plugins or check them out, let me know. Leave a comment and tell us all what you thought! thanks!

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Retain Your Visitors – Add Games to Your Sites

This is one of the coolest ideas I’ve seen and I really don’t know why anyone hasn’t thought of it yet. If you’re wanting to keep visitors on your site longer (and who doesn’t want that?), give your visitors something fun to do while they are there. Add some cool games to keep them entertained.

With HeyZap you can embed directly into just about any web page, blog, WordPress.com, Blogger, etc. They offer 3 different screen sizes to accommodate your page layout. There’s even a WordPress plugin to add a game to the sidebar of your WordPress blog

For the games, they are multiple categories of games to choose from. They offer Sports, Shooter, Strategy, Puzzle, and more. Give it a try and see what it does for your retention.

Do you think adding games to your website will help retain visitors to your website or blog?  Leave a comment below and let me know your thoughts?

heyzap.com – embed games

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WordPress for easy content management

WordPress for easy content management

One of the simplest ways of adding, editing and managing content on your website has got to be WordPress. For those who are not familiar with WordPress, WordPress is a free blogging software that has really taken off like wildfire in the blogging community.  There are tons of free plug-ins and themes that allow you to change WordPress from a typical blog to a full blown content management system. You can strip it down to only a single sales page or build it out into a commercial e-commerce website.

I started using WordPress and continue to use it today to help with adding and managing content on my websites.  There are so many helpful features and plug-ins; I can’t even begin to tell you how helpful it is. It does take some getting use to though. The basic install is very plain. It requires a new template or skin to be installed to jazz it up.  Don’t worry they are freely downloadable and easy to install. 

Getting WordPress Installed

Most hosting providers, including Hostgator and GoDaddy, have WordPress available as an automated install. This greatly simplifies getting your website up and running much quicker. They even get the database stuff working for you so you dont have to worry about that. If your provider doesn’t offer this as an install simply head on over to WordPress.org and download the latest install package. There are tons of documentation to help you get WordPress going. If this seem a little too “techy” for you, you might consider switching hosting providers.

Integrate with Build a Niche Store

If you have BANS installed you can integrate it with WordPress to give your websites a nice interface for your content. Mark, over at The Niche Store Builder, has done a great job of integrating WordPress and BANS together into a seemless website and has lots of videos to show you how to tweek it to fit almost any WordPress theme. Now you can have the best of both worlds! A killer content system and a killer eBay store.

Personally I think adding WordPress to your websites adds a level of professionalism and gives you the flexability and easy content management you need to run a profitable website.

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