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Run WordPress on Your Desktop Using XAMPP
This post is the first in a series of posts I'll be doing to show you how to setup and run WordPress on your desktop or laptop. You may wonder why on earth would anyone want to run WordPress on their desktop? Well there are a lot of reasons why you might need WordPress running on your desktop. One really good reason that we are going to check out here today is to create a sandbox to help you redesign [...]
Moving BANS sites to WordPress
Ah the gold ole days.  Google would rank your sites, eBay would pay nice affiliate commissions and you could do it all by using Build A Niche Store (BANS).  Those were the days. Today its all about WordPress.  And many of us still have BANS sites out there.  But how do you migrate your sites from BANS to WordPress without making a total mess of your website?   It can be a little tricky.   So [...]
ReviewAZON Review – Do We Really Need Another Amazon Plugin?
I first heard about the ReviewAZON Wordpress plugin almost a year ago.  Mark Hansen from NicheStoreBuilder.com had reviewed it and raved about it.  My first thought was "Do We Really Need Another Amazon Plugin?"  I mean really?  We have phpZon, Amazon Autoposter (now part of WPRobot), and more recently Affiliate Mage.  All of which work great for pulling in Amazon product listings to your blog.  [...]
Review Commission Ritual – Brian Johnson
Hey guys and Happy New Year.  It's been a busy beginning of 2010 for me that's for sure... and long while since I've posted here on my blog.  I hope you're doing good in your businesses and things are looking up for you! In thie past several weeks I've been refocusing on affiliate marketing and looking at my webs ites to see what can be done to better target buying customers and improve conversions.  [...]
Real WordPress Blog Automation
I need to vent here! My last couple of posts I wrote about the Affiliate Mage System and Master Mage Systems recently launched by Greg Jacobs.  Well the launch is out and honestly I was very shocked and I feel I need to apologize for adding to the hype. When I found out how much he is charging for this system my jaw just dropped.  Priced at $1297 I could not believe the audacity.  Even with a [...]
How to Handle Ping Backs
Many people who have Wordpress blogs or websites that are created using Wordpress will often get notifications or emails telling them that they have a ping back.  But what is a ping back and how should you handle them? When Wordpress was first created, the developers added a feature called a ping back that notified webmasters when another website or blog linked back to an article on their website. [...]
Adding nofollow To Your Blogroll Links
Hey Everyone, Its been a while since I've posted anything to my blog and I'm really sorry.  I've have been the busy Home Improvement guy lately.  I've been busy re-wiring some of the electrical throughout my house, I've installed an over the range microwave, installed some ceiling fans, and ran data cable throughout the house.  I've been up in the attic way too many times.  But I'm happy now and [...]
Plugins, Plugins, Plugins
Man there have been some really cool plugins coming out lately that are just making our jobs so much easier!! Whether you're a blogger or affiliate marketer some of these plugins provide the extra functionality you need to turbo charge your site! So whats one of the most important things you can add to your site to help you create a recurring income stream?   Thats' right, an email subscription [...]
Retain Your Visitors – Add Games to Your Sites
This is one of the coolest ideas I've seen and I really don't know why anyone hasn't thought of it yet. If you're wanting to keep visitors on your site longer (and who doesn't want that?), give your visitors something fun to do while they are there. Add some cool games to keep them entertained. With HeyZap you can embed directly into just about any web page, blog, Wordpress.com, Blogger, etc. They [...]
WordPress for easy content management
One of the simplest ways of adding, editing and managing content on your website has got to be WordPress. For those who are not familiar with WordPress, WordPress is a free blogging software that has really taken off like wildfire in the blogging community.  There are tons of free plug-ins and themes that allow you to change Wordpress from a typical blog to a full blown content management system. [...]
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