The Best Spinner Just Got Even Better (the Bestest?)

I really don’t like article spinners.  They are all pretty much junk in my opinion.   Manually creating the code or syntax within most spinner software is a pain, it’s confusing, and hurts my brain.  All are junk except for one.  The Best Spinner.   This is one of my favorite tools for writing content. It really does a fantastic job of creating unique articles out of pre-written content.

But I have to tell you …  The Best Spinner just got better.

The Best Spinner now has a built in Article Directory!

In the latest software update (v1.79) from Jon Leger, he now includes a built-in article directory with The Best Spinner.  One problem with it is that it’s brand new and there isn’t a lot of content uploaded.  The good news for you is,  if you get your articles uploaded, a whole lot of people will be seeing it and using it.  And the deal is, you can use the articles and spin the articles all you want but the links MUST stay in tact.  That means EVEN MORE unique content pointed back to your web site blog and more back links!  Jon is a genius.

The articles in the directory are screened by hand by real people to ensure they are of excellent quality.

You can submit articles to the article directory right from within The Best Spinner or pull free articles into The Best Spinner to be spun and added to your site or blog.

So check it out.  Upload your content and get some free back links going to your web sites.  Or download free content to be spun and submit it to your own article dircectory or blog.  Either way, The Best Spinner is the bestest!

Check it out at


  1. Joseph L Wilson just I need a free spinner or any spinner which offers trial version
    .-= Mallu´s last blog ..The cherubic-faced Mallu beauty Gopika =-.

  2. Hi Mallu,
    I’m not a big fan of spinners and don’t use them much outside of The Best Spinner that just came out. I have a friend who uses JetSubmitter and likes it a lot. It has a 30 day free trial.

    Another thing to try is article submitters. Most article submitters will have built-in article spinners. I also saw a new website called I have never used it or tried it so I have no idea if its any good.

    I hope this helps

  3. I think it works great and I appreciate it

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