The Curse of Being Unemployable

As you start seeing success as an affiliate marketer or in any area of Internet Marketing you start to see a change in yourself and the way you look at the world. That entrepreneurial spirit bites you and things  just aren’t the same anymore. Going to work becomes much more of a chore, and it’s not the job so to speak, it’s just the fact that you’ve become unemployable!

You’re Unemployable

I would say the hardest period for building your business in Internet Marketing is during what I like to call the gray period. You’re making money, maybe $500 a month – maybe $1500 a month, you’re able to pay for your web hosting and email auto-responder and possibly even afford to outsource some day to day tasks. It’s an exciting time, because your fledgling business is off the ground and running. The problem is, you’re not making enough money to quit your day job.

I know because that’s where I’m at today.

It’s a very frustrating time. You’re seeing some successes but you’re also feeling the failures. You can tell you’re at the cusp of something amazing – As Chicken Joe said in Surf’s Up – “You can feel it in your nuggets”

But How Do You Break Free?

Here’s a list of things you can do to get yourself to that Escape Velocity

  • Create a product around something that you know
  • Be Consistent
  • Create a product around something that you don’t know
  • Stay Motivated
  • Create another new product about our experience in Internet Marketing
  • Start a PLR Business
  • Create a product on how to start a PLR business
  • Start an Article Directory
  • Create a product on how to start an Article Directory
  • Do some offline consulting
  • Create a product about doing offline consulting

Do you see a pattern?  The idea is that we all have experiences and have learned a lot through our own passions.  There are a lot of people out there who will pay to learn what you know.  It doesn’t matter what it is, everyone has experiences that someone will pay to learn about.  The problem is you just have to sit down and create the product around it.

Are you feeling Unemployable?  Leave a comment and let us know what you are doing to try to hit your Escape Velocity!

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