Tim Castleman and Ideal Self Image

tim castlemanTim Castleman was one of the amazing presenters at Practical Profits in Orlando.  In this quick post and video Tim tells everyone about ISI (Ideal Self Image).  This was a really enlightening concept that was so true.

Everyone has two images of themselves.  Your true image of how you really are today.  And the image of where or how you would like to be in the future.  The image of yourself, that your work toward everyday, this Ideal Self Image (ISI) is what powers so many money making niches.

Think about it – Weight Loss, Diets, Workouts, Forex, Stock Trading, Make Money, Work from Home, Relationships and Dating, etc. are all super powerful because they all revolve around you ISI.

Tim explained how he used to weigh much more than he does now. He has lost a ton of weight but still he continues to want to loss just a little bit more weight.  It becomes a never ending struggle.

Another example is money.  No matter how much money you tend to make or have, people always seems to want more.

Here’s a short clip of Tim Castleman at Practical Profits talking about Ideal Self Image
The video is a bit shaky (sorry about that)

If you tune into any early morning T.V. you’ll see a ton of infomercials.  Its these same niches targeted by these infomercials that are full of hungry buyers, its what fuel these infomercials.  TIP – these are good niches to get into!

Tim explained that he learn much of this from Dan Sullivan. If you listen you hear Tim thank John Rhodes who also emphasized that everyone should check out Dan Sullivantim castleman
.  Do you think we need to do what these guys are telling us to do? :-)


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    Conrad Stuart

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