Tweet Out Your Blog Posts Automatically

twitterfeed-logoTwitter is really catching on like wildfire. People love it because it’s so simple. You just type in a short little text message and you broadcast to everyone what your up to. There’s no drama of which friend is at the top of your freinds list, no snow ball fights, no one emailing you back, no chat, … none of that. Just a simple one way communication from you to your friends.

Website owners and bloggers are catching on too. They know this is a great way to quickly let everyone know your blog has been updated. And webmasters love promotion. The challenge is to automate it so every time you make a new blog post everyone gets to know about it.

There are several different ways to automate tweeting out your blog feed to twitter. There is TweetLater, Tweetfeed, and TwitterFeed. There’s even Twitter Updater WordPress Plugin to tweet out about your blog post.

Out of all of these, my favorite is TwitterFeed. It has much more control then all of the other. It’s very simple to setup. The hardest part was getting setup with an OpenID ( is very cool, BTW -but I’ll save that for another post.) You set how you want it to check for new posts, and filters on keywords, you can even prefix your tweets so follks know that this was an automated tweet. However the best thing I like is that its stable. I had been using TweetFeed for a little while, until suddenly I realized that none of my posts were getting tweeted. –sigh– So off I go in search of another way to make my presence in the world known :-)


Setup is extremely easy:

  1. Add your blog rss feed – For WordPress users is usually your domain followed by /feed
  2. Set the update frequency – you can have TwitterFeed ping your blog every hour or every day.  Keep this one low – mine is set to every 6 hours.
  3. Choose to include Title or Title & Description
  4. Shorten URL’s – this is handy- it really saves on space
  5. Post based on date of GUID
  6. Set any prefix if you want
  7. Filter keywords – you might not want every post getting tweeted. Filter it out here

Thats it!

Check it out and oh by the way… ITS FREE!!!


  1. Awesome this is going into my arsenal right now! Twitter is an amazing site. When I discover a guru’s name I look for them on twitter.

    This way you know you are tuning into real internet marketers making REAL money!

    Great Post

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