Web Hosting Comparisons – Finding Top Rated Web Hosts

Before you choose a web hosting service provider who is perfect for all of your needs, you may not need to do any research at all. Just log on to the web and look around. Within minutes, you’ll find a ton of hosting providers eager to make you their customer. Some of them even offer free web space to go along with the deal! Really – Webmasters have it easy when it comes to opting for a web space.

But be honest with yourself – Without doing any real web hosting comparisons, do you think you would be able to find the right web host for your website? You need to understand that a website is a long term asset, it is important for you to find the right web hosting provider to call your cyber-home. The best way to do this is simply compare the same features across different web hosts, to understand which web host will work for you.

The message is this – It’s Important to Compare!

While comparing web hosting providers, here are some key things you should take into consideration

  • How much web space do they offer – Really, all that you want to know from your web host,is how much web space or disk space can they offer you. This is not to say that a web host offering more space is better, but at the same time, this is a good place to start with.
  • What are the Language, Operating System and Database Support they offer – It is time to get a bit technical here and understand what the support is provided by the web host. Some web hosts who offer Linux hosting web services would focus on supporting PHP-MYSQL, WORDPRESS, JOOMLA and other such applications, while a Windows based Web Hosting service would offer .NET applications support.
  • How is their customer support and what is their service up time – Service up time is often a concept that is played around with a lot, by web hosting service providers. Most of them promise a 99% service up time, but often ignore the time taken in maintenance activities.
  • Finally, the role played by the customer support team in helping you manage your web space is important to understand. Let’s face it – In dealing with a web host, there are only some things you can control. For all others, the customer support team should come in handy.

These should ideally be the points you should think of, when you get to compare web hosting service providers.  But again – These would only come into play when you get to compare them.

Do more comparisons to find the recommended web hosting that works for you. Check out RecommendedWebHosting.org and see which companies are the Top Rated Web Hosting Companies available to you.

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