What Are PLR Articles and What Can You Do with Them?

I’ve been using PLR content for a while, either when I’m in a bind and need some content quickly, or I need some help with one of my news letters, or I simply need some content for the article directories.

Good PLR content is not easy to find. Much of it is old and way over sold – which seriously dilutes is value. One writer who is fantastic and that I have had the pleasure of using her PLR Content is Nicole Dean! She constantly and consistently writes exceptional content for many popular niches.  I’ve been using her stuff for years and I’m proud to have been given the opportunity to feature her with this guest (PLR) post. Enjoy!

What Can You Do With PLR Articles?

by Nicole Dean

You may have seen the term Private Label Rights or PLR articles
being tossed around frequently lately. PLR articles are articles you
can buy (usually in packages or as part of a membership) that you may
edit and use as you wish. Unlike free reprint articles, you are not
required to link back to anyone else’s website which makes them
appealing to many web publishers.

Once you understand the concept behind PLR articles, you can see
why they are appealing. Most people can envision the value of adding
the articles to their websites. But, did you know there are more ways
to use PLR articles than that?

1. Add them to your blog.

Similar to adding PLR articles to your website, you can take
excerpts and use them on your blog for fresh content. Whether you take
a portion and use it as a “tip of the day” or use the entire article,
PLR articles can be a huge time saver for you.

2. Send them in your newsletter.

Need content for your newsletter? PLR articles are an option. Of
course, if you’re developing a relationship with your readers, you may
wish to edit the articles to make them your own voice. However, you can
pull a section from a PLR article – use it as inspiration — and whip
out a newsletter in minutes.

3. Start an ecourse

If you purchase a package of PLR articles based on a theme, it’s
quite easy to turn them into an ecourse simply by adding them to your
autoresponder. Something as simple as “Five Ideas for Kids Lunches” can
become a 5 day ecourse to grow a big newsletter list.

4. Use them in your podcast

Take a PLR article and use it as inspiration for a podcast. Add the content and you’re done.

5. Send them in a print mailing

Direct mailing is huge. If you have a list of postal mailing
addresses, put together a free report from PLR articles and send it

6. Create a special report

Simply bulk together some PLR articles that have the same topic,
and make them flow into a special report. Turn it into a pdf file and
give it away to your website visitors.

See how easy that is?

The only hard part is finding a high quality PLR service
that fits your niche. Look around. Make sure the
PLR package or membership you choose provides you with high quality
articles so you can create something you’ll be proud of.

Nicole Dean welcomes you to check out EasyPLR.com – where you’ll find high-quality PLR articles on niches sold in very limited quantities.

I highly recommend this PLR site for the best PLR on the web.


  1. Thanks Joe, I have been selling PLR articles with a WordPress theme recently on Warrior and it allows people to get a small niche site up, quickly.

    I also advise they quickly rewrite the articles for originality.
    .-= Forest´s last blog ..How To Avoid Going To The Supermarket =-.

  2. Forest you should post a link to your plr site themes – I’d like to check it out!

  3. Although I actually own one of the biggest PLR websites on the web, I have made a decision to use it in another way. Reworking PLR information products and submitting them to Amazon Kindle is a terrific way to produce a repeating income which will last for years. There isn’t any less complicated method to become a written and published author.

  4. Thanks.. that’s a good tip but beware that Amazon is cracking down on PLR ebooks and can detect duplicate content. I had a PLR ebook submitted and it has since been deactivated even after expressly telling them that the work was mine.

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