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Win a Free iPOD Touch from Josh Spaulding

This past March for my birthday I wanted an iPOD touch.  My wife bought me an iPhone instead!!  Needless to say it was a great birthday and a great birthday gift from my very special lady!

Well today Josh Spaulding just announced that he is giving away an iPOD touch for FREE!  I can’t believe it!  No strings attached just enter your name to win!  Check it out here —

Those little gadgets have got to be the coolest things ever invented in this century. They are the only ones who have the whole touch screen stuff down.  You can listen to your favorite songs, videos, play some of the coolest games — all in one very cool device.

Have you ever played with an Apple iPOD Touch?  How about an iPhone?  What do you think?

Leave a comment below and let me know what you think and dont forget to enter to win a FREE iPOD Touch from Josh!

The GiveAway is Over – but check out Josh’s great ebook – $5 dollar formula!

3 Responses to “Win a Free iPOD Touch from Josh Spaulding”

  1. Stefan says:

    I love ipod touches I played on my cousins ipod touch and it was so cool and I would want my on ipod touch

  2. marisol says:

    how do people do it to get free things.

  3. Joe says:

    Unfortunately the offer has ended. But visit often as we may feature these again.


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